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Girls Are from Venus, Guys Are from Hell

Novel By: BUgirl13

A bet can change everything.

Aiden Klein is an arrogant - stunningly attractive, asshole. And damn proud of it. ‘Girlfriend’ is a scary word for him. He’s been to 6 different high shools yet was still able to graduate. His mother is fed up with his behavior and sends him to live with his father to start off his first year of college at UCLA. Perfect. Ladies and minimal clothing. What hedidn’texpect to happen was Layton Montgomery.

Layton is shy, sweet, and gorgeous. Going to UCLA(like her father)and living the model lifestyle her parents would be proud of…which she hates. Being perfect holds a lot of standards.

Layton can’t stand Aiden the moment she first meets him yet is attracted to his bad-boy image.And there is something about Layton that makes Aiden want to be‘cringe’committed. A single bet can make these two different people fall together… or completely crumble apart.

There will be EXPLICIT language and sexual scenes! You've be warned :) View table of contents...


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Girls Are from Venus, Guys Are from Hell: 1
I like girls that like to party
I like girls with class and money -the hit
Aiden's pov
I rolled around on the unfamiliar bed trying to find the goddamn blankets to pull over my head. The sun was so bright in this room. "Shit," I mumbled, unable to find anything with my eyes closed. I slowly opened my eyes then regretted it. Bright sun and a night of drinking mixed together do not go very well. I looked to my left and saw Cee wrapped up in all the blankets. I grabbed the edge and pulled them roughly away from her and onto me. Whatever, don't hate because I'm not chivalrous.
I heard her groan and roll over so she was snuggled right to my back, "Aiden," she whined, "Why'd you take all the covers" she said as she tried to snuggle with me.
I rolled my eyes, "because you were hogging them all fucking night."
"What time is it?" she mumbled.
Jesus, am I her fucking maid? "I don't know, find a clock," I said before shutting my eyes again. But of course all I could hear was her moving around her room, searching through piles of clothes.
"Damn…you have to leave Aiden," she said walking back over to the bed.
I rolled my eyes, "What time is it?"
Too fucking early, "Why do I need to go so early? I want to sleep,"
"Well…unless you want to meet my dad like that? He'll be here at 12,"
"Oh…yeah, no thanks" I don't do dads.
"Okay well…" she said.
"C'mere?" I mumbled into the pillow. I knew the giddy look she'd have on her face; all girls do when you show them the least bit of attention.
"Yeah," she said sing-songy as she sat on the edge of the bed.
"I need your help with something" I said finally turning over to my back.
Her face all of the sudden got serious, like this was some life-altering request, "What is it?"
"Well you see I've got this problem in the mornings…"
"Yeah?" she said, still as serious as ever. It was so hard to keep a straight face.
"I've got this morning wood thing…" I trailed off and wagged my eyebrows, "that I think you're mouth could cure" and I winked.
Finally realizing what I was implying she rolled her eyes, "You're such an asshole!"
I laughed because of course she did it anyways.
"So maybe we could go to dinner tonight or something? Then hit up Rouge night club?" Cee asked me once we were both dressed.
"I have plans for dinner," I told her, lacing my shoes.
"Oh…well how about after? Or we could hang here? My dad has plenty of tequila and ablsolut…and probably some four loko?" she said trying to lure me in. I was pretty tempted…four loko was my shit.
"Doubtful" I said.
"C'mon, I go back to my mom's tomorrow"
Thank god. I met Cee a week ago at some random club. She was wearing this short little dress that barely covered anything; of course I was interested. I'd hung out with her like 3 other times, purely to get shitfaced and have sex, since she was good for both of those. But like all girls she was starting to get clingy and wanted to go on dates and all that bullshit. No thanks.
"Listen, I've got shit to do tonight but if I'm free I'll hit you up, k?" I said hoping that would appease her to leave me alone.
"Okay, you should totally come up to LA soon though! We'd have so much fun!" she gushed because that's where her mom apparently lives.
"We'll see," I'm pretty sure this chick thinks we're getting married.
"Okay, well text me then" she said showing me the door.
"Right," I said then walked out of the door and out of her life then got into my car.
When I pulled up to my house I cringed, looks like my mom and sister were back from their weekend away earlier than expected. I walked inside quietly, hoping they wouldn't hear me and I could make it to my room so it looked like I was still asleep.
"Nice to see you've been being responsible, Aiden" my mom said not lifting her head up from checking the mail in the kitchen.
"Oh, uh hey" I said scratching my head.
"So who were you with last night?" she asked finally looking at me.
"A friend's place" I said hoping that would appease her. Of course not.
"Which friend?"
This was my mom, the lawyer, always asking 1,000 questions, "Cee's place"
She lifted her eyebrow in curiosity, "You don't know her, mom" I affirmed.
"Her? Are you actually dating someone now, Aiden?" she said sarcastically.
"Don't be ridiculous," I corrected her, she just raised her eye brows and rolled her eyes, "So why are you back so early?"
"Weslynn wasn't in to the whole spa thing," my mom rolled her eyes again.
"Surprise, surprise" Weslynn is my younger sister; she's going to be a junior in high school this year. She's about as girly as I am. Not that she's particularly a tomboy, she does like clothes and make up and shit, but she could care less about appearance for other's sake.
"She told me she was going to go put blue streaks under her hair. Her gorgeous black hair she's going to dye, I can't get through to that girl" she sighed.
"At least she's not doing drugs?" I suggested
"Why…are you?" my mom said with wide eyes.
"Mom," I said, giving her a pointed look.
She narrowed her eyes at me, "Anyways I need to talk to you"
This can't be good, I thought to myself, "What's up"
"You're going to move in with your dad" she said as if it were nothing.
"Before UCLA starts up, you're going to live with your dad"
"UCLA? I thought I was going to San Diego State?" I said utterly confused.
"Yes, well you were. But since you got kicked out of six different schools this year -"
"I got kicked out of three! I left the others" I said, defending myself.
She looked at my pointedly, "That's still three to many. Not to mention you're completely irresponsible. All you care about is girls and drinking. I'd rather have you going somewhere where you'll have family close by to keep an eye out for you. You need to get out of this town and away from the negative influences it has on you, Aiden. I'm just looking out for you." she said with a sincere look.
"It's my college though; shouldn't I get to pick where I want to go?"
"Yeah, well you fork over the money to pay for it and then we'll talk" she smirked at me.
"Fine," I said and rolled my eyes. UCLA was my second choice anyways, it was on the beach and there were plenty of hot girls and drinking. It's not like my dad was some big strict person. We got along rather well. We saw each other at least once a month since LA was 4 hours away from where I lived, "When am I going?"
"Tomorrow" my mom said as if it were nothing.
"What the fuck mom!"
"Watch your words" she said shooting me a glare.
"Sorry," I said, besides from this random 'you're moving' thing, my mom was pretty cool, "What about Weslynn?"
"What about her?"
"Is she coming?"
"She's going to visit your father next week but she'll be coming back here for school, obviously"
"Won't she miss me though" I smirked.
"Don't make me gag" Weslynn said walking into the kitchen.
"You know you love me"
"Right," she said grabbing a drink from the fridge, "Shouldn't you get to packing?" she smirked.
I flipped her the bird when my mom wasn't looking and walked upstairs to pack my life away.
Layton's pov
I was sitting on the couch in my room with Bryn, my boyfriend trailing kisses across my jaw and down my neck thinking about…nothing. Isn't that strange? Shouldn't I have butterflies or something when my boyfriend's making the moves? The truth was that I'm just not in the mood. Bryn always wants to 'hook up' or whatever but I don't want to go too far with him and I'm definitely not ready to have sex with him yet!
I could feel Bryn try and shift himself over me so I was laying under him on the couch, "Maybe- maybe we shouldn't do this here"
"Huh?" he questioned onto my neck.
"My parents are in the other room, you know" although that other room was way on the other side of the house.
"I don't think they care" he said lifting his face from my neck and winking at me before latching hip lips onto mine.
The thing about Bryn is that he's really attractive. Like really, really attractive. When I met him last year I was all drooly over him because he just looks like a god. Not to mention his family is incredibly wealthy like mine and it seems like everyone knows him or has heard of him. What girl doesn't want a boyfriend like that? So after getting to know him over a few months we finally started dating, with of course my dad's blessing (he all but forced it on me) and we have been for about 6 months.
Bryn is pretty sweet and dotting most of the time, but sometimes I feel like he just dates me to keep up appearances and to 'get some'…although he's not getting much and I'm pretty sure he's starting to get aggravated by it. I'm just not ready yet.
When Bryn's hand starting sneaking up my shirt, I knew it was time to probably stop him, "Really Bryn, we should stop"
He sighed and lifted his face to look at mine, "what's the big deal? We've been together for awhile now…shouldn't you be ready?"
I shifted underneath him, slightly uncomfortable by his forwardness, this is how he always is, "I don't know…I'm just not ready" I shrugged.
"But-" he started but was interrupted by knocking on my door. He sat up quickly and I got up and opened the door.
Thank god it was my sister, "What's up, Layna?"
"Dad said dinner was done and to tell you that Bryn was more than welcome to stay"
I looked back at Bryn to get his answer, hoping he had a family dinner so I wouldn't be forced to talk with him after dinner, "I actually have dinner with my grandparents tonight, thanks though" he said with his charming smile, the one he always put on in front of everyone else.
"Ok, I'll walk you to the door," I said as he stood up. He shot me a semi-glare but walked with me downstairs anyways.
When we got to the door he turned around and look at me, "So I'll see you at UCLA tomorrow to show you around right?" he said tightly. Bryn was two years older than me meaning he would now be a junior at UCLA and of course my father thought it would be a brilliant idea to have him show me around a campus that was right by my house.
"Right, I'll be there around 11" I nodded.
Like usually Bryn leaned forward for a goodbye kiss, although this one was unlike the usual peck. His arms swarmed around my waist holding me tightly against him and his tongue plunged into my mouth. His kiss was hard, demanding, and controlling and I didn't like it. I pushed against his chest and he finally released my mouth, "Jesus, Bryn," I scolded him.
He smirked, "See what you're missing?" he winked then walked to his car and drove away.
I walked into the kitchen with a scowl on my face; I hated when Bryn acted like a pigheaded jerk. I sat down at the table with my sister, mom, and dad. We didn't have any other siblings even though our house was big enough to contain at least a dozen more. We always joked that they ran out of 'Lay' names to go along with 'Layton and Layna'
"So, Layton, before you go on your tour with Bryn tomorrow I set you up an appointment with Dr. Swenson who's the head of the business department and then Coach Wilson wanted to talk to you about cheerleading auditions," my dad smiled proudly.
I groaned inwardly, I didn't want to cheer in college. I did it all through high school and hated it then as well. I just wanted a break from tumbling and having bruises on my body from falling out of stunts. And even more so I didn't want to be a business major, but my dad wanted me to follow solely in his footsteps so I could one day help him with the company he owns. No thanks.
"I thought we talked about me not cheering in college; at least the first year," I said quietly, picking through my food.
"Oh but honey, you're such a beautiful cheerleader!" my mom gushed.
"Yeah, but I wanted to focus on school work, make sure I don't drag behind, you know?"
"Well, you can talk to the coach and see what he has to say and we can talk about it later" my dad said nodding his head, "Also, your mother talked to Lacey Stephenson and made an appointment with her to go over options for Sororities and rushing this Thursday"
I definitely don't want to rush, "I have plans to go on the boat with Celia Thursday," I told my dad.
He gave me a look, "You can reschedule with Celia, this is your future Layton, you should take more focus on that," he said in a hard tone.
I shot Layna a look and she rolled her eyes with me. She get's just as much of dad's wrath as I do about high school and extracurricular activities.
"Oh Preston," my mom exclaimed, "Did I tell you that our new neighbor Tripp Klein's son will be staying with him then attending UCLA this fall? I thought it might be nice if Layton introduced herself and kind of helped him out. Tripp is such a nice guy,"
My father raised his eyebrows, "I didn't hear that, dear. Although I'm not sure Bryn would appreciate Layton spending time with another boy" he said with a smile.
"I'd love to meet him," I told my mom.
A/N I do hope you like it :) I've already written the next chapter! My goal is to do every other day updates! Let's hope I can do it!


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