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The Mess of Love

Novel By: BUgirl13


These are the lives of three couples in their last year of high school. One utterly lost in a relationship, one her by the relationship, and one just starting a relationship.

Hadley and Liam have been dating for 3 years, constantly bickering, yet madly in love. Will their love be enough to keep them together?

Ella and Gavin have been dating for 2 years, but their relationship has begun to change as Gavin changes from an endearing boyfriend to a hurtful boyfriend...Ella getting the blunt of the hurt.

Haulston and Noah are just starting a relationship which is completely new for him, is Haulston the girl that will keep him on the edge and wanting to commit?

----Adult Material, be advised. I put this as romance but their are sexual scenes throughout the story-----

FYI, I'm horrible at summaries, and I've never written before so this could be dreadful :) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 17, 2010    Reads: 2,984    Comments: 15    Likes: 6   

***This is my frist novel and could be awful! Let me know if I should continue :)***

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"Jeez Liam, I have stuff to do" Hadley said while Liam continued to kiss her collarbone, trailing little kissing all the way up the her jaw while they were sitting on her bed, papers and applications laying all around them.

"Yeah babe, I have stuff to do too…" Liam lifted his head and replied with his devilish smirk and wink of the eye

Hadley sighed and shook her head; sometimes Liam was too immature. Of course, like every girl in high school that's why she fell for him. Not that he isn't good to her, or have any charm, but c'mon what girl can't get enough of the immature, cute boy. But boy was exactly the problem. She was growing up, getting ready for college, and here was Liam, just wanting to get in her pants.

Hadley met Liam in middle school since almost everyone she was in high school with had gone to the same middle school, thanks to their parents who would only send them to the best private schools they could afford. Hadley and Liam didn't really even start talking until freshman year of high school, where, yet again, their parents sent them to a boarding school two hours from there houses with dorms. It was like college; only with rules and teachers that stuck their noses in things that didn't concern them, and of course the drama and bitchy girls and conceited boys.

Hadley and Liam only started talking because they were forced to be debate partners for their history class freshman year. No one, no one could argue better than Hadley… until she met Liam, who just etched on her nerves. But Liam found it hilarious, he knew what kind of temper Hadley had and he just loved to push her buttons, which was why it was such a shock when he finally came around to asking her out right before their summer started.

Liam was a jock, plain and simple. He played rugby and loved to do recreational hockey. Although he wasn't a huge macho man, he had his fair amount of muscle that kept more than just Hadley dreaming about him. He had dark brown hair, almost black, that was curly/wavy with ice blue eyes to die for. His smile was gorgeous when he actually chose to show it. A strong jaw, straight nose, and 6'1 Sexy was a good word for him.

Hadley on the other hand was editor of the school paper and on the speech and debate team. She worked hard for everything she had, never trying to use daddy's money to buy her way into anything, which she could hardly say for the rest of her class. She had short brown hair that lay above her shoulders, naturally straight and thick. She had full lips and high cheekbones with light grey eyes. Some would say they're a perfect pair physically. Emotionally they were a wreck, put filled each other out perfectly.

"Seriously Li, I have to finish editing this paper, and finish up my essay for my Dartmouth application, which I'm sure you haven't even started, so instead of trying to seduce me, go make yourself useful" Hadley replied with a role of the eyes.

Liam gave her his famous sad eyes, knowing it would only be seconds before Hadley gave in. "Please babe, I feel like I haven't even see you in forever."

"Liam! Really? You're pleading with me for sex? Really?" Hadley said, trying to fight the grin that was forming. She just couldn't help it Liam was just too adorable. "And you were just with me all last night."

"But Had, we were with Gav, Noah, and El. We weren't alone. Together. Really together." Liam said smiling, flashing his gorgeous pearly whites, that never needed braces.

"Sometimes I think you only want me for sex." Hadley joked

"Wow Hadley, thanks." Liam replied, almost looking hurt. "You know I love you, and we're not just having sex… we're, yah know…"

"No…what? Please do share." Hadley replied with a smirk

Liam glared at her then shyly looked towards the floor "We're making love." He replied with a slight smile and his cheeks beginning to blush.

Hadley fell back onto her bed in a fit of giggles. Liam was so sweet sometimes, and extremely adorable, especially when he blushes, which was rare.

Liam took the opportunity to lie partially on top of her. Hadley looked up at her adorable boyfriend, still slightly laughing. "Sometimes Liam, you're too adorable."

Liam didn't like that at all. "Adorable? Adorable? Babe… let me show you how not adorable I can be" Liam said narrowing his eyes and grinning a sexy smile.

As Liam bent his head to start kissing and nuzzling her neck, and Hadley thought, like she did every time Liam kissed her how she was so glad she saved herself for someone she truly loved, even if he did piss her off like none other.

They had waited until she was ready, which was 10 months into their relationship. Although Liam was ready the first month they started dating, he waited for her, only giving a slight groan when she moved his hands back up to the safe zone. When it did finally happen, it had been a week after he had told her he loved her and gave her a beautiful necklace with three diamond studs linked together. Although it had hurt, she couldn't deny how she loved the intimacy of them being together and waiting so long for their special moment. She really did love Liam more than anything.

Liam trailed his kisses to her mouth, one hand on the side of her cheek, then other making slow circles where her shirt had ridden up. Liam kiss started to become more demanding has he kissed her harder and ran his tongue on the seem of her lips. Hadley finally opened her mouth to welcome his tongue and he quickly began to explore her mouth, making love with her tongue. Liam began to grind into her too clothed thigh while his hand found his way to bra. Liam quickly sat up and lifted off her shirt before she even recognized what he was doing. He came back down and began to move his hands further south as his lips made contact with the curve of her right breast.

Hadley could feel his stiff erection pressing against her thigh as his hands finally slid underneath the fabric of the tights she wore. And that's when Hadley decided they should probably stop now, or Liam never would. She needed to get stuff done before she met up with her best friend Ella later that night.

Hadley grabbed Liam's hand and he definitely took it the wrong way. Switching their grips, he led her hand to the front of his jeans. "Liam, I moved your hand for a reason."

Liam groaned and dropped his head on top of her chest. "Hadley, why do you lead me on if you don't want to finish?"

Hadley slightly felt guilty but then slightly glared at him "You're the one that came in here and started kissing me when I specifically told you I had things to do, and this", motioning between the two of them, "was not one of them."

"Well then why did you continue to kiss me? I mean god Had, you had to know it would lead to something." Liam replied, annoyed.

"Sorry that I like kissing my boyfriend." Hadley rolled her eyes "next time I just won't let you in. I didn't know we couldn't be in the same room without you trying to grope me. Or even kiss me without wanting to jump my bones"

"Babe, don't pull that card." Liam slowly rolled off of her and fixed his jeans so his erection was a little more comfortable. "I guess I'll head out since you're too busy for me."

Hadley rolled her eyes "Whatever you say Liam."

"Are you coming to my room tonight?" Liam asked hopefully

"Seriously?.....no I'm not. I have plans with Ella anyways." Hadley said, trying her best not to get angry with him.

Liam let out a long sigh, "I get it, I get it… I'll see you at dinner babe, love you." Liam said as he bent to kiss her forehead.

"Love you too, bye." Hadley said, never being able to hold a grudge against him.

Hadley spent the next hour finishing editing the piece that was going in the school paper in two days and getting more of her application essay done when she got a text from Ella.

Ella- Wanna go to dinner with gav, li, noah, and me? I think noah is bringing someone with him?

Hadley- yeah, ill meet you in the lounge in 5, who's the girl?

Ella- no clue? I didn't know he was even seeing someone, did you?

Hadley- nope, see yah

Hadley couldn't hide her surprised expression as he was thinking of whom Noah would be bringing to eat with them. Even though her and Liam and Gavin and Ella were dating, Noah was still there closest friend, but never wanted to have a girlfriend. So saying he was bringing someone to eat with them was quite a shock.

Hadley grabbed her bag, and left the room.


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