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my suckish life or is it?????

Novel By: butterflylashes

Tags: Box, Note, Love, Awesome, Book

layna was an ordinary girl and longed for somthing more entriquing in her life then she finds a box on her bed... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 11, 2011    Reads: 50    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

I was sitting on my bed just staring at the floor. Could my life get any worse? my boyfreind just broke up with me my mom is starting to get drunk and go out all night and my dad... wellI dont know about him. him and mom divorced a long time ago due to sexual disengagment wich I just made up. But it means they want a better sex life so they divorced. Anyway, theres this guy online and guess what? hes stalking me.I mean im not a tom boy or an emo (though i do love black and stuff but i enjoy other colors too). Im not a perky blonde but i do have cool hair (a boy said it to me once)I am a borderline tomboy that is a girlygirl and tomboy so i like both things.I have really dark thick brown hair lots of people mistook my hair for black. everyone used to tell me looked exactly like my mom but now they dont because I added a bunch of blonde highlights in my hair,I wanted all blonde but mom said it would look "fake" if i dyed it all blonde. So I have blonde brown thick hair. Its not that long but its long enough,I have brown eyes with a tint of green in them (you can really see the green in my eyes when im happy). But as you can tell so far im noone special.I am normal but im not an invisible, or a popular, or a nerd, im just a person who has my freinds and talks to them. Really and truly im so un-speacialI cant tell who invisables are to nerds,and nerdsare to populars,I cant identify wich is wich, so I just stick with whomever I meet when I go to a new school that wants to befreind me.I have always loved reading books and I have always had a dream boy ifI wer ever to meet my soulmate,I would hope for him to have jet black hair and emerald green eyes.I want him to be a bad boy yes, but also not perverted( he doesnt actually have to be a bad boy as to just look like one you know with leather jackets and all). But mostly I just hope he is cute he doesnt fart or to any of that in public, and is not perverted in public( although most of my friends are perverted).

So, as I was saying I kinda liked having a stalker( you know as long as hes not the type of stalker that he kills you)I smiled to myself as I thought of that. as I turned away from the computer,I saw a box on my bed.

I slowly made my way towards the box.I opened the box and there was a note, it read- dear Layna I am your helper, I've watched you for a while and I've decided to grant you a wish, you have always wanted romance, romance, and more romance, so I will give you that, but let me warn you... love is painful.

The next morning, every boy at ur school, age appropiate,of course, will fall in love with you the minute they see you, you will be the most beutiful girl to their eyes.

Enjoy ur journey on the path of love!-helper.

I snorted at the note thinking how rude that was. For someone to try and write a fake note like that? It was probably my little brother reading my diary again, tryin to mess with me.I sighed as I got into the bed for the night. Well,another suckish day tomorrow.I thought, as I fell asleep that night. Oh i had no idea how wrong i was....

chapter 2....

I woke up in the morning to the sound of my alarm clock, I moaned. I didnt want to get up. My little brother came crashing into my room, without asking. 'Get out!' I said whilst i threw a pillow at him.

He dodged it and smiled a silly grin. Then told me id better get up before he throws a bucket of ice cold water on me.(he got that off of hannah montanna).

I gave him my evil glare,the one that said you throw water on me, ill make your life a living hell.

He backed out of my room after that. I sighed and got out of bed and sauntered over to the closet,I decided on wearing a hot pink top,black skinny jeans, and black flip,flops.

I went downstairs aftter grabbing my bag,then ran outside to catch up with haley. Haley is my best friend, She usually drives me too school. its not that I dont have a car, I do, its just that i dont feel like-

driving it. When I found haley she smiled at me and asked what was up. I told her my little brother was annoying me and I told her about the little stunt he tried to pull last night,the one with the "helper"

I sighed. When we got to the school and I got out of the car, all of a sudden I felt like everyone was staring at me. Oh, no,I thought. Was there somthing on my face? did someone spread a rumor about me??

I whispered to haley and asked why they were all looking at me. she whispered back that she had no idea. I got desperate to know soi grabbed the nearest guy I could and asked him why they were looking at me.

He just stared. I slapped him full in the face and then he woke up from his frozen daze or whatever. 'Ow'! why'ed you slap me?!' he asked. cuz ur not answerin my question! I told him.Shouldnt you go ask your boyfriend or something? he snapped bitterly. 'My what?!' oh come on! a girl like you has GOT to have a boyfriend he said. Looking me up and down. I was pissed by then so I started walking off. As soon as i entered the school there was caouse. I didnt know what to do. I went over to my best friend jayden, to see if maybe he could help me. He was really shocked when he saw me.Then he asked," have you done somthing new? you look amazing". He said. I laughed at his compliment. "thanks and no", I havent done anything. A group of boys walked by then and when they saw me they whooped and hollared and said call me! and stuff like that. That was.... weired. I said.

yeah somthin weired is happenin said jayden. All of a sudden a girl walked up and slapped me full in the face." You took my boyfriend away you coniving bitch!" she screamed. what?'! I was shocked and I was holding my cheek. I looked around and saw girls starting to glare at me. What the hell was goin on???

I looked around me then ran into the bathroom. when I got in there I started to cry. why me? why did she slap me? why was everyone looking at me? why did everygirl hate me? what did she mean by steal her boyfriend?

I dont even know her OR her boyfriend. All of a sudden I remembered the note I quickly pulled it out to re-read it but instead I found another note on there-Dear layna I see you have already experienced what it feels like

when youre liked- jealousy boys will probably be breaking up with their girlfriends for you and their might be more slapps to the face to come... I warn you to be prepared. and ready for when more drama is going to let loose. sincerley-


I crumpled up the note and threw it across the bathroom. Ok I guess im going to have to make a plan... I sat down and tried to think of how I was going to get out of here alive when thank goodness- haley came in with a black oversized t-shirt and baggy jeans. Ok Im not gunna leave you hangin ur my best friend. ok everything is a massacre out there I told the teacher you were home sick so put this on and lets get outta here.

your the best I said. 'ya i know' now put the outfit on!' I quickly threw on the hoodie and jeand and hid my face with the hood of the hoodie.

When I stepped out of the bathroom thankfully noone noticed. Until when i was about halfway to the door down the hall a guy stopped and asked If I was the 'tottaly hot girl' that walked in earlier. I used the best dude voice i could and told him no i wasnt' but unfortunatley he pulled my hood off my face and screamed loud enough for the whole school to hear- 'I knew it!!'

I did the only thing I could to get him to shut up- I kissed him. He seemed surprized at first but soon melted into the kiss. I also melted into it thinking about how soft his lips were. Haley grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the school.



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