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Heather and I have been bff's since kindergarden till in junior high we were broken apart. this new guy comes in, acting all high and mighty... and then when shes just jokin around he bribes her grabbes me.. and startes kissin me!!! and im like, what the!!!! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 29, 2011    Reads: 22    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

I was busy doing my homework as fast as I could before the bell would ring, signaling the beginning of class. "Did you not do you're homework again, star"? asked my best friend Heather. Heather and I have been best friends since kindergarden. When she walked up to me and said; Star is a funny name! I got really huffy and said that feather was a funny name too. Most girls would've hated me after that, but she just giggled and said "Im not feather! its Heather silly!! " then she laughed and gave me half a cookie. and at that moment,we became best friends. Suddenly,just when I was finishing the last problem on the homework assignment, the bell rang. Mrs. Mathsfield, seeing me finishing the last problem, knowing now I didnt do it last night, gave me the evil eye. I smiled innocently and batted my eyelashes. Heather just giggled and poked me in the shoulder. Class! Mrs Mathsfield yelled, which only made Heather laugh harder, Mrs athsfield always yells when she talks, like she thinks we are all going to start yelling and throwing partys and dancing on desks or whatever. We have a new student! she yelled. His father is very high in power and rich so be nice to him! she said. "Wow not very beat around the bush-y huh?" Heather said. "Yeah" I smirked. "Just then,, a tall, dark, and handsome guy walked in"... "his hair as black as midnight.".. "his eyes as green as when the sunlight hits the well nourished grass on the aparment buildings lawn, and makes the dewdrops shine like the grass is sparkling and shedding jewls"......the guy who was showing the teacher his schedual, looked over at heather while she was saying all that stuff, acting like a narrorator. And I nearly peed my pants, I laughed so hard . The guy was lookin at her like, what the hell? and she kept on narrorating!!! "He looks over at me with dark mysterious eyes and with his lips as red as a rose" ... "and gives me the... what the hell look." she said. I started laughing at the same time she did, and so did the rest of the class. Then, like his butt was on fire, he slapped a one hundred dollar bill on her desk and whispered shut up to her. Then, he turned to me, grabbed me by my shoulders, and kissed me on the lips.


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