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The Ballet Dancer

Novel By: ButterflyWings

Eylin Thatcher is a dancer. A ballet dancer. She has the passion to dance, to express her emotions from in or out. But, what happens when she meets Eric Lis, an arrogant, self centred man who has a way with women? They suddenly begin to fall for one another, but Eric has a secret. A secret that could condemn their relationship, a secret that could change their destiny. Forever. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 17, 2013    Reads: 63    Comments: 12    Likes: 4   

A/N: - Hey there guys! So this is my first chapter to this romance novel, I hope it's good enough. But, like always ... comment, I also need to hear your feedbacks. The story is set in the 1960s so they didn't have any cell phones, just the old fashioned phones and oh... the t.vs were in black & white.I thank you for reading...

Chapter One

''Everyone's invited to my birthday party!'' Serene smiled, throwing out all her birthday posters out whilst others hurriedly ran to read it.

''Gosh, Serene. Your messing up the hall,'' Eylin began.

''Oh come on,'' Serene said, twisting her curly brown hair. ''Make sure you wear something nice.''

''I will,'' Eylin said, obviously annoyed. ''But, I must ask my parents first.''

''Are you serious?'' Serene laughed, a vain and cruel laugh. ''Obviously they'll say no, I mean your parents hate my parents.''

''That's not true, it's just that...'' Eylin stopped herself, she couldn't risk her relationship with Serene. Yes, Serene was a party animal, always in a lot of trouble and the worst thing was her mother encouraged her.

''Besides I invited a lot of hot boys, especially Eric,'' She giggled.

''If you really like him, you could just tell him,'' I smiled.

''No, boys have to make their move.''

''Why?'' Eylin asked suspiciously.

''Because.'' Serene huffed, ''Why do I have to tell you everything. We just do the flirting, they come to us... voila!''

''Okay fine,'' Eylin said. ''But, how am I going to sneak out?''

''Instead of going to school you'll be at the party, duh,'' Serene laughed.

By this time Eylin was pretty annoyed of her best friend Serene. Serene always mocked her and Eylin just kept quiet, besides everytime Eylin tried to defend herself she would always be shamed by her friend Serene. Eylin and Serene were cousins. Eylin was pretty sure that the fact that Serene would hang out with her because they were cousins.

''Why do you like Eric so much?'' Eylin asked, ''I mean he's like twenty something and we're only sixteen.''

''Thirty one actually,'' Serene began to get annoyed and Eylin could see that. ''Because, he's rich!''

Eylin laughed out so loudy that all the pupils began to grow quiet.

''I mean, really?'' She whispered, ''How could you love him for money and he's thirty one for God sake.''

''Because love doesn't give you anything, you need to be wise. Your so naive, yet so small.'' Serene laughed and patted Eylin's head harshly and walked off.

Eylin didn't follow her, the bell rang for lessons and Eylin went alone. She felt sick, her thoughts were all on the party and Serene's crush Eric. And the last thought planted in her head like a seed... What was she going to wear?

A/N:- Hey there! Please do comment, I really need your feedbacks. Also when you do comment tell me if it's a good story structure and if so will you read it? I need to make sure that what I post will be getting enough reads/comments/likes!


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