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The Ballet Dancer

Novel By: ButterflyWings

Eylin Thatcher is a dancer. A ballet dancer. She has the passion to dance, to express her emotions from in or out. But, what happens when she meets Eric Lis, an arrogant, self centred man who has a way with women? They suddenly begin to fall for one another, but Eric has a secret. A secret that could condemn their relationship, a secret that could change their destiny. Forever. View table of contents...


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Chapter Two

Eylin sat on her bed, fidgeting as she did so. Ever since she was with Serene she was very self concious on what to wear. One bad move, that all it took to set Serene off. Eylin moved closer to her wardrobe, inspecting each dress she had. She had no clue on what type of dress she had to wear, there seemed to be no dress code. She took out a cream dress and began moving to the window. Eylin was pretty despite her self conciousness. But, she put the dress in her bag and hurriedly walked to school.

''Bye, mum!'' She shouted and walked off.

''You take a long time sorting yourself out, Eylin!'' Jeffery scowled.

''And?'' Eylin asked trying to act normally.

''You better be on time after school or I'm leaving,'' Jeffery continued, then paused for a reply.

''Actually you don't have to wait for me, I've got to revise,'' Eylin said, hoping to deceive her brother.

Jeffery walked closer to her, circling her, and soon Eylin felt like she was being followed by a swarm of bees. Her breathing became louder, and faster.

''What's this?'' Jeffery took out her cream dress, and began waving it about.

''Give it to me!'' Eylin shouted. ''You can't do this!''

But, Jeffery took the dress and ripped it. The sound of it felt like ripping paper to Eylin. Her heart quickly sank, reaching down to her stomach. The weight of the force hit her stomach and she began to build up tears in her eyes. Jeffery throwed the cream dress and it slowly drifted to the cobbled streets, it floated down like jellyfishes. She couldn't bear the torment, Jeffery was more of an asshole than a brother. How could he do this? She ran faster than she could ever imagined, though Jeffery didn't follow her. She wanted to get away, but she stopped at the sight of Serene. Serene was in a turquoise coloured dress which matched her caramel brown hair, and her white complexion. The dress cut to about her thighs and she wore no tights to cover her legs.

''Where are you going?'' Serene asked, ''Your wearing your uniform?''

''My idiot brother ripped my dress!'' Eylin shouted, wiping away her tears.

''Really?'' Serene gasped, clapping her hand over her mouth in a sarcastic manner. ''Come one.''

''I'm not coming,'' Eylin said. ''Can't you see my uniform!''

''Eylin are you serious? You can't let me down!'' Serene begged. ''Besides no one will notice the uniform, come one.''

Eylin looked up at Serene and saw the look in her eyes. Serene was begging her to go to a party, and in the look she seemed really excited for this. So Eylin ignored the fact of her unappealing attire and took Serene, hand in hand and walked to the party.

The moment they got there, Eylin wished she hadn't come. Everyone was dressed up in a variety of colours and they were dancing, chatting, laughing, drinking -it was chaotic. She soon felt a hot burning wave wash over her and began to blush. Everyone was looking at her and laughing and she didn't know what to do. She hurriedly walked to the corner of the room.

''What's wrong?'' Serene began to sing along and dance infront of Eylin, trying to make her jealous. Eylin stared at the floor, she felt humiliated and betrayed.

''Eric's here,'' She squealed. She ran to the crowd of dancers and began dancing infront of him. But, his attention was to someone else and Serene followed his gaze. Eric was staring at Eylin and Eylin didn't know what to do. She looked down, her cheeks blushing red. She felt like a schoolgirl, but that changed when Eric looked at her. Serene's face fell, she felt embarassed.

Eric got up and walked over to where Eylin was, he stood next to her, almost touching and Eylin felt her heart skip a beat. Should she move? But, before she could make her mind Eric asked her a question.

''Can I share a dance with you?'' He looked deeply into her eyes and he knew the answer before she even said it.

Please could you guys share me some feedback and hit the vote button, it would really help! I hope you enjoyed this chapter, I always like good critique.


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