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The Girl With The Shattered Reflection

Novel By: C22

Alexis Kinsella,A girl who was is a nerd Is now moving from Brooklyn to New York City with her Mom & Little sister,Amanda.
Alexis decides to take advantage of the situation by reinventing herself from dork to Diva.
But will her plan backfire when she reveals her true identity to a certain someone?
Only one way to find out. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 25, 2012    Reads: 55    Comments: 9    Likes: 3   

Images of Alexis & Soon-to-be characters are going to go up soon! :)

The Girl With The Shattered Reflection

"Move,Dork!"Tod Reeds,My ex boyfriend, said as he squished me to the window so he could sit in the only open sit in the entire bus.

Of course.

As usual for whenever I hear Tod's voice nowadays,I turned up whatever music I was listening to.Right now it was Beautiful by Eminem .

Lately I've been hard to reach,I've been too long on my own.Everybody has their private world where they can be alone.Are you calling me?Are you trying to get through?Are you reaching out to me,Like I'm reaching out for you.

I nodded my head to the beat as Eminem began to rap.I've always loved Eminem because he spoke the truth.I've watched his inspiring movie ,8 Mile, at least a hundred times & I bet I know more about him than I do myself.He's kept me from driving myself insane when my life took a sudden dip down after Tod dumped me & got everybody to hate me and call me names like 'Whore,bitch & Dork.'I concentrated on teh lyrics again instead of my annoying thoughts that popped out of no where.

Don't let 'em say you aint beautiful.They can all get fucked just stay true to you.I think I'm started to lose my sense of humor ,everythings so tense & gloom.I almost feel like I have to check the temperature of the room.Just as soon as I walk in , it's like all eyes on me & I try to avoid any eye contact .Cause if I do ,Then it opens the door for conversation ; Like I want that.I'm not looking for extra attention ,I just wanna be just like you.Blend in with the rest of -

It got really complicated to focus when Tod started squirming & shifting in his seat.If he so much as dared to move one more inch ,I'll -

"Damn it,Alexis!"He complained."Are you really so fat that you're taking all the space?"

"Shut up.I'm not fat."I hissed menacingly.

"Damn right you are!"He rolled his eyes.

Angrily ,I punched his gut and was satisfied when he let out a loudoof!

I was finally able to concentrate after that.

♥ ♥ ♥

After I got home,I was prepared for angry screaming about me being 'late' from Mom , but all I heard was Mom squealing in the phone.Nowthat's weird .I haven't heard Mom crack a smile once since Dad left her for some slutty teenager 3 months ago.My 5 year old sister,Amanda,didn't seem to be in a good mood like Mom.

"But,Moommyy,I don't want to go!I don't want to go!I.Don't.Want.To.Go!" She cried,throwing a tantrum.Her face was red and she was stomping her feet.It was actually kinda funny,You know,minus the yelling part.

"Amanda ,You are going to New York with us whether you like it or not!"Mom looked at me."Oh!Alexis!I didn't see you there.Be a Dear and pack for you & your sister ,will you?"

"We're moving?"I asked,Unable to believe it.

"Yes!I got a job there as a writer & I hope to make alot more money than working as a waitress at Denny's like I did."

I was running to my room 2 seconds later.

Me & Amanda shared a room,So I didn't need to switch rooms once I finished.

Finally!I would be able to leave Tod & the rest of that awful school!I I would never have to see anyone I didn't like & people wouldn't call me names I didn't like.This was the best thing that has ever happened to me!I half expected Ashton Kutcher to jump out of my closet and yell , "You just got punked!"
Thankfully,that didn't happen.What did happen was me packing my clothes & Amanda's in just a few hours.Now,I just flopped on my bed,sighing happily.

I started imaging all the possabilities of starting fresh.No one knowing my past or status.It seemed to good to be true.I had a chance to reinvent myself.To reinvent Alexis Kinsella.Practically a dream come true.

I could wear heels to school like I used to.I could make new friends and sell all my other clothes to get the money to get new ones.It all seemed so simple.My hair was already naturally blonde & my blue eyes could be something people drooled over.I just needed makeup.In truth ,I never use makeup.My clear tan skin never needed any & it was a pain to take off the mascara after the day.But that was the point .Reinventing myself.It was decided right then,on my blue bed.I,Alexis Kinsella, was reinventing myself.

I just hoped no one would find out..


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