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My name is Caprice and I’m a part-time student and part time entertainer. Yeah, you read that right, a night time entertainer in a club called Pop. No, I’m not a prostitute. I’m a dancer and there’s a big difference between being a dancer and being a prostitute.

No, this is not a prostitute story. This is a story of how I made my life better, conquered my fears and how I faced life's challenges with plane tickets and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

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"Taurus has this amazing quality of bearing emotional and physical pain, even for years, without grieving or complaining."

Ever heard of star signs? You know the one you read about in magazines, e-mails and maybe even in your daily horoscope messages. Stars are everywhere. They're the blanket in the sky and they are the shiny stars that glitter in the dark night sky enveloping people with a sense of wonder.

What are these things that glitter in the night?

Why do they seem to sparkle so brightly without a care of what's happening underneath?

Why are these beautiful stars shining only at night?

Is their beauty only meant for the night? Are they really what they seem?

Do they really shine only for me?

No one really knows. No one really knows but me.

October 5,2011 - 2:38 AM

I met him on the way home one Friday evening. It was awfully cold and I only had a black leather jacket under a black glittery dress. It was an understatement to say that it didn't protect me from the cold night. It literally invited the cold night air to take a kiss of my fair skin thoroughly exposed for the night to see. I just came from a girls night out with my friends and needless to say, I was dead drunk to the point of thinking that everything was just a dream.

"Oops!" I giggled to myself as I tumbled into a rock which caused me to nearly tumble on my face because of my killer Louboutins. I expected to fall on my face any second now until I realized that nothing was happening to me.

Huh? I looked up and saw a blurry image of a man holding my arms to prevent me from completely falling on my face.



"Hahahahhhahahaha!" I started to laugh. Here I'am nearly passing out from my drunken state and here was this guy who stopped me from falling on my face.

I looked at his face again and this time I could clearly see his features more closely. The guy didn't actually look bad under normal lighting but now I wished that I haven't seen his face at all because by now, he would've also seen mine which by now probably looked like a new species of Panda with eyeliner and eye shadow completely mixed together with sweat and tears.


Why would I shed tears on a girl's night out?

"Miss, are you okay?" the guy asked worriedly looking like a complete gentleman. Hah. Don't get fooled by the outer appearance. You've been fooled too many times.

I stood up straight, or atleast I was trying to. It's just that my heels are killing me! I sat down on the ground and removed them from my feet without giving a care.

Ah. Relief.

The guy was still standing infront of me looking more perplexed than ever. I bet he's wondering whether to just ignore me and walk away or be the gentleman than he claims to be and get me a cab to my apartment.

"I-I'm finnneeeeee…" I slurred as I tossed my expensive good for nothing heels to the sidewalk. Who cares? It's not even mine.

"Look, Miss whatever your name is. I can't just leave you in the middle of the street at night specially when you seem to be drunk. I'll call a cab for you." He said seriously as he grabbed my hand and helped me stand up. I almost fell but luckily he caught me just in time.

"I ssaaaiiiddd I wasss fiinnneee! Limme alone!" I yelled.

God, what the fuck is wrong with people?! Don't they know the meaning of privacy?

I threw a fit at him but he just ignored me and hailed a cab for me.

He ushered me inside the taxi and the taxi driver looked hesitant on taking me home because after all, drunk people are the worst customers for taxi drivers with them vomiting and all.

The guy said to the taxi driver to wait for a second as he went to the sidewalks and got my Louboutins and tossed them inside the taxi.

"Hey Mr.! You should atleast give me the cab fare!" I yelled as I climbed on the taxi seat.

He only had that 'are you kidding me kind of look' and grabbed a wad of bills from his wallet.

"Thanks!" I yelled chirpily as I got back to my normal sitting position. I looked at the rearview mirror and the taxi driver was giving me dirty looks.

"Where to?" the middle-aged man asked.

"34th Street, Boulevard." I replied as I drifted off to oblivion.


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