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What A Pretty Fat

Novel By: candyalonte

Maribeth Skye has been the perfect fat saddo. Kids always tease her and do the worst of pranks. Ever since middle school its been like that. but now she's changed completely. Will she be able to face her past again? What will happen to her? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 29, 2009    Reads: 673    Comments: 25    Likes: 7   

"Maribeth! Maribeth! Maribeth! Curly Tops! Curly Tops! Weirdo! Fat Saddo!" the kids chanted altogether towards me.

I was covering my ears with my fat fingers as I tried a new way to distract myself from crying.

Every freaking day of my life started that way. Ever since I entered Middle School, people have been torturing me about how fat Iam or how weird I look. When I was thirteen, I was chubby. no, that's how I put it mildly but people call me FAT. The fat weirdo. Saddo and the ever so famous Fat Cow. You name it, been there, done that, definitely felt stupid. There were times when I'd hate myself for eating so much but I always turned back to my only comfort.

Like most fairytales, I didn't have a Prince charming to save me from my evil Step Mother or a handsome young Prince to wake me up from my deep slumber. no. I was alone in this hell-raised world.

I was always the girl who gets called as the "Fat Cow" while I do my groceries (let's not forget the ocassional tripping of fruit stands) or when I eat outside, people would always stare at me like they're saying, "Should you be eating that?" Im so sick of it. But yet again, I turn to my only comfort.

The cycle never really ends. I eat, get teased, get depressed then eat again. It's sick really but I can't seem to stop my self.

Food was my only comfort. Nobody was there for me. Well except for Anne, my bestfriend since kindergarten. She wasn't fat but she accepted me for who Iam.

But like everything else, all good things always have to come to an end.

Anne went to Europe together with her Mother to continue her studies there. We still keep in touch and she still knows every dillema in my life. She's the only one I can share my outburst with. I miss her so much. Anne Sterling.

Today was the last day of Highschool. No more Hell. No more "Fat Cows", atleast for now. I'll be hiding in my cubby hole never to be seen again. Ofcourse that's not really true but you get the picture.

I walked out of the stupid small classroom and rushed outside of the campus but I bumped into someone as I hastily made my way out. He came bouncing to the floor with a loud BANG!

"Im so sorry!" I nearly gasped from my panic attack. Things like these are just not Cool.

"Watch where you're going next time fat pig!" The guy, who I now recognized as Guji Terlington AKA jock with his gang of stupid jocks snickering at me and throwing nasty comments. People were even taking Guji's side and said nasty comments as well.

I didn't think twice and ran away from the scene catching a glimpse of my old toyota car and shoved my big ass inside as hastily as I could. Just to get away from this embarrasment as tears rolled down my pink freckled covered chubby cheeks.

I drove away from school and stopped into a local grocery store and bought just about all the flavors of Ben & Jerry's that they have. The cashier dude looked at me weirdly. Whatever. Im used to that look anyway. Years of having people look at me like that. You'll get used to it too if you were me.

I arrived home safely. Thank God I didn't pass over angry men driving pick-up trucks yelling about how fat Iam.

I dropped the heavy bag of Ben & Jerry's and quickly got changed into a more comfortable outfit. I opened my computer and opened the first Ben & Jerry's i could get my hands on. Yum. New York Super Fudge Chunk. I shoved a spoon full in my mouth and logged into my IM. I scrolled into my contacts and found ilovenerds AKA my bestfriend in the world, Anne Sterling. I clicked on her contact and sent her a smiley face.

crappydappyB&J: :)

ilovenerds: Hey hot stuff!How're you? I miss you b*tch.:D

crappydappyB&J: Im fine but a little down in the dumps. :(

ilovenerds: Why? Tell me who the fuck*ng person is and lemme kick their a$$.

crappydappyB&J: nah. its not important anymore. So you coming back here in NY? imissulikehell.

ilovenerds: my mom told me were going for a visit, so yeah :D We are so gonna catch up on each other when we arrive there!

crappydappyB&J: Omigod! You serious? You better be! When are you coming?

ilovenerds: The day after tomorrow:p haha. Hey gotta go Mabe moms calling me to pack. mwah. :*

crappydappyB&J: Bye! Can't wait to see you ! mwah :*

ilovenerds is offline.

Iam so excited that Anne is coming home! She is so gonna fill me up with her latest news. I just can't wait! I felt instantly better and I quickly finished up my B&J and went to watch TV. My parents are never home. They go to all these business meetings we rarely even see each other now. I won't be surprised if they forget that they have a daughter back here in New York.

** well thats it for today guys. :p hope you like the 1st chap. :D coomment are welcome. xD


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