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Day's light, Night's fleeting dream.

Novel By: Candymyne

They find themselves transported... simply running, not knowing where to go, evoking a sheer drive of instinct. Its an orange forest of gold, it's autumn winds push her impulsively as she runs for the enticing thrill of being chased. He runs after her with a sweet warm smile that expresses his intentions of excitement and lust, it evokes a carnal and veracious appetite for her body, yet at the same time he experiences a powerful sense of affection and tender feelings of amorousness towards her. Her sweet scent is an alluring and welcoming cherubic hymn that entices a strong drive that erupts the hunter within. Could he be in love? View table of contents...



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They find themselves transported... simply running, not knowing where to go, evoking a sheer drive of instinct. Its an orange forest of gold, its autumn winds push her impulsively as she runs for the enticing thrill of being chased. He, for the sweet adrenaline of the intense hunt. She's far ahead, leaving fragments of sweetened, passionate feelings ablaze her trail. The alluring scent left behind her is the unmistakable strong guide. He needs to become part of her, what's a castle worth if its walls are missing and lacking something precious to protect? He's an impulsive fortress, a rushing tower that craves for her. She, a priceless jewel in need to be safely free. She wants to shine her light, eagerly anxious to display her beauty in ambiance, to be guarded and protected. The atmosphere around them shifts with every step, as if the land itself follows, knowing their need for an environment in which to release, relax, and let go. This place has become a bittersweet longing the two have only dreamed of, a place to open themselves and to receive emotion along with the sweet relief of a calming peace.

This sanctuary allows them to fully explore who they are, they extensively become more perceptive of their surroundings Sanctioning them to release their spirits free. This enchanted forest was specifically made for them, they feel an eagerness that excites and compels within them, a strong urge to attain completion in their souls. This is an island, its surrounding waters seclude them from the rest of the world, trees awaken with life as they twist and shift, carving a labyrinthine maze which only augments their thrilling chase. In the center of this land lives an ancient tree, itself being the very soul of this forest. Its roots twist and touch everything, they are the arteries and veins that flow with the essence of life. Multicolored leaves are set adrift in the wind that floats around them.

Sweet golden light pierces the treetops, gliding down to the ground as if the beams believed to be submerging underwater. The soft earth imprints every step ever taken, relentlessly refusing to forget every memory passed by, it is the entrusted historian here keeping records and guarding ALL tales of old.

She runs, summoning an adventurous desire that dares him to catch her, knowing that he's not far behind. She sprints at top speed with each step, resonating waves that pulse as her heart palpitates remnants of love. They run aggressively and sporadically, charging adrenalin through their veins, and yet their hearts remain in unison with the steady pace of one. She wants to be chased, to be wanted, to be touched, and to be loved for who she is. Always wanting someone she can give her all to, someone who deserves what she has to share, someone that will teach and show her new things, to make new exciting memories and experiences with.

The need to be truly be accepted, she desires most to be protected, to be touched and loved in a way that beckons to him. She knows her soul calls out to another, yet she does not posses the ability to call out to him without words. He runs after her with a sweet warm smile that expresses his intentions of excitement and lust, it evokes a carnal veracious appetite for her body, yet at the same time he experiences a powerful sense of affection and tender feelings of amorousness towards her. Her sweet scent is an alluring and welcoming cherubic hymn that entices a strong drive that awakens the hunter within. Could he be in love? He questions the fine line between spiritual love and lustful infatuation. Is he immersed in obsession? He vaguely sees her hair dance in the wind as she fades between the shadows, all he knows is that for this moment, he must catch her.

He tries to catch up to her, feeling eagerness build up inside of him more and more with every step he takes. Each passing second, he feels that she is calling out to him, as if the whole of his being is crying out a euphoric, resonant melody of passion just from her unadorned sight. The way she runs fascinates him, it excites and arouses his immense curiosity. Her laughter is an outburst of joy that sings mesmerizing hymns high up into the heavens. The girl lets out a sweet, delicate sound that emotes from her inner being, and almost seems as it were to coerce him into following her. The wind caresses him like the soft tips of feathers that electrify his skin as he runs. Earthy dust is kicked up on every stride she takes, falling lowly like twinkling snow that shimmers in the winter sun. The girl turns her head to look back, the bright light around her makes her face a resplendent flame that

flickers as her hair dances. Her eyelash sets the tone to her eye like darkened velvet curtains on a theater. Those emerald eyes she has completely stun him, piercing into his very soul. She smiles at him… she opens her mouth to speak.

"ALEJANDRO!! Get up, you're late!" He is abruptly awakened by a distant and familiar voice, it's the voice of his younger sister. He opens his eyes and realizes he was asleep. He then begins to feel anger from being woken up so aggressively, he then closes his eyes trying desperately go back to the girl. He focuses and imagines himself back to the forest of gold. He's slowly floating; descending in the air. The breeze allows him to immerse himself and begin to run again. He feels an overwhelming panic, he wants and craves her; that every cell in his body screaming for the girl. He feels torn and incomplete, as he can't feel nor find any trace of her.

("she's still here") he declares in repetition in his head while he continues to search. He knows that he must not lose faith; she's everything he ever desired. He then remembers that giant tree in the center of this autumn land, he begins sprinting with all his might, chanting "She WILL be there!" over and over. The mighty tree comes into view, this colossal guardian oversees the whole island. He hears a sweet voice in the distance, it appears to be humming a tune he's never heard before. His heart skips a beat, "She's here!" he says out loud and rushes with all his strength to get there.

"HEEEEY!!!! Wake up!! I'm taking the car, and I don't care if you have to walk! He hears his younger sister slam the door on the way out. He stares at the ceiling only being able to utter one word. "Damn…" he sighs and remains there laying in shock, his skin still feels the warm electric breeze. He feels as though he hasn't stopped running. He can faintly hear the crackle of the leaves he stepped on and the warmth in his hair from the suns rays. His eyes focus on the white boards lined up vertically next to each other in the ceiling. Its raining, he can almost hear every individual drop hit the shingles loudly on the roof. There is almost no light in his room. A dark blanket of shadows dance as the lights radiate from the cars on the street below. The image of the girl's smile and green eyes is imprinted in his mind. He then takes a look at his alarm clock. ("Six A.M on the dot.") stumbling to get up, he steps on his ps3 controller then kicks it to the side, it lands on the black leather bomber jacket that he hasn't worn for days.

"who was she…" he asks himself out loud as the alarm goes off.

*ring* *ring* *ring* *rin-- he slams the alarm clock with his hand, feeling numbness pierce through his palm.

"Oh! I'm late!" he rushes to the closet hallway grabbing and yanking a skinny white short sleeved dress shirt off one the hangars, making some of his other shirt and jackets fall to the closet floor. He darts back inside his room and finds the black western yet casual pioneer pants he wore yesterday, he stubs his toe as he looks for some clean socks on the floor, the pain quickly begins stabbing him, pouncing and throbbing as he slides into his socks. He puts on his high-top converse that seem to take forever to get on, he grabs his cell phone and black affliction bomber jacket with the black wolf fur around the neck his mother bought for him and heads downstairs.

He almost trips down the steps as he decides to jump over that last few, he lands hard feeling shocks on the sole of his feet. Grabs the house keys from within the key jar and goes out the door turning the latch so that it locks behind him. The sky is mostly a grey tone. The air is dry, and the breeze is cold as a result of the Arctic front. Puddles are spread all over like reflective mirrors to an opposite dimension. The grass still heavy with water droplets shimmers as cars pass by. The theme has been set, gloom and grey reign here. This is a concrete jungle, tall buildings reign here like kings of the rain forest, at the bottom, cars and people move back and fourth on a set trail.

At the mid level balconies make flying gardens and small restaurants elevate, at the top of the canopy rest makeshift living spaces that accommodate all kinds of entertainment and pleasures. People flock to roof tops to where the most underground dealings take place. This is the cement Venice, old stones and bricks make this place and its inhabitants remain in the past. He takes a good look around, he panics as he looks for the his old 72' Dodge Charger, then realizes that his sister took it just minutes earlier. "Alana!" he whispers in anger under his breath as he begins to run across the street hoping he can get to class on time.

Just then out of nowhere he gets tackled by a small lightweight girl who, to his surprise is able to knock him on to his side, almost tripping over a puddle. She's wearing a white winter jacket with gray fur around the rim of the hoodie, it has big, grayish white puffballs at the end of the strings coming down to her pockets. She has brown eyes and dark hair, her fair tan skin looks paler because of the cold. She has dark blue designer jeans with interloping stitching going down the side of her legs, her boots are white with grey fur around the top rim with two big white fur balls hanging and swaying side to side from them as she steps.

"Good morning loser, you look like crap!" said the petite girl as she helps him dust off his pant legs. "What is wrong with you, you ugly little midget!" he replies in annoyance. "That's cold… excuse me for trying to liven up your morning with some fun." he takes a good look at her from head to toe.

"You have a twisted sense of fun.. Anyways I'm late and I have to get to class, later." he takes off running again although he still hears the girl talking as she takes off after him. "ALEX!! MR.JOHNSON CANCELED CLASS TODAY!!!" she screams at him making all the passers by stare at them both. He then slows down his strides beginning to walk slower and slower. "wait wha?" he says in total confusion.

"Mr. J said he was canceling todays quiz remember? He said so last night, didn't you check your email?" he replies with an annoyed look in his face "I turned my computer off early last night." she then slaps him on his forehead and yells out "TAGG YOU'RE IT!" the small brunette girl takes off sprinting back towards the direction of his house, "catch me loser!" she says smugly as she jumps over the puddles on the sidewalk. He smiles and takes off after her, he runs at top speed knowing that he can easily catch up. As he runs he is suddenly bombarded by images that begin to compile from the dream he had earlier. He feels a tremendous amount of pain on the upper left side of his chest that forces him to a complete stop. Everything goes black, he knows that he's standing, yet he feels as though he's floating on water.

Small gentle fluid currents caress his skin all through his body. Light begins to return to him realizing that he's back in the golden autumn forest. He then sees his petite friend become the girl from his dream right before his eyes, he feels the same feelings of intense arousal and infatuation for her. Trees begin to sway, the sweet warm golden light touches his face.

He begins swimming through the forest, eager and wanting and longing to chase the emerald eyed girl that now seems to be standing in front of him at a distance. He calls out to her. "Hey! Who are-" he is suddenly interrupted by a car horn that goes off loudly as a car swerves, almost hitting him. In his moment of awe, he failed to realize he was standing in the middle of the street, but in his trance all he could see was the forest and the girl, where his panicked friend now stood. Another car horn blares, snapping him back completely into reality. He reacts quickly and runs to the side walk next to the street.

"What happened to you? Are you ok? Seemed like you blanked out there." She looks him over in concern for his mental state. He takes a good hard look at her completely examining all her features. "Dude why are you looking at me like that?" she asks in vain as he begins to walk past her without an explanation back towards the front door. He's in disbelief of what just occurred moments earlier, he utters a few words to the girl without even turning his head "Listen Magaly, I don't feel well, let's hang out later ok?" she replies as she stands there confused about what just happened.

She begins walking off into the street calling out to him one last time "Bye" he walks to the entrance without giving her a reply, and with that she continues on her way. He tries to open the door, but notices that his hands are trembling, he grips them tightly. He's dazed and perplexed at his shaky state, but soon dismisses it. He then inserts the key into the knob, turns it, opens the door, and goes in. He shuts it behind him and rests his back on its flat surface, he suddenly gets a very painful migraine that forces him to grab his head tightly with both hands, but its too late, his agony is too strong, he slides down on the door and tries to reach for his cell phone inside his pocket. He thrashes about for a few seconds with the immense pain in his head, he stumbles and drops to the hard floor and blacks out.

It's dark… completely pitch black. He can't feel anything, it feels as though he's sinking in arctic water. His body feels numb, the pain from moments earlier has dissipated, his descent is steady and fast. He feels cold, completely frozen with no feeling in his body. Its feels as though he's falling forever, never ceasing to stop descending towards a cold and abyssal depth. This chasm is much too suffocating, the intensity of the darkness attacks him. The sheer intoxicating anxiety works in tandem with the black abyss. Is his mind slipping into a state of mania? He comes to a stop, no longer sinking..

He wonders if he has reached the bottom, soft sand that dances in fluidity, it touches and caresses his body as though many soft hands were slowly traveling on the surface of his skin. He sees a glimpse of light pierce the darkness from where he descended from. His mind is drowsy and his eyes are blurry. He tries to concentrate on the small ray of light that fights the black depth with all its strength. In his mind and heart he calls out to the light, his mouth wont open… the light exposes a small, reddish-brown leaf as it continues to gain territory. It floats, swaying side to side descending very slowly, but to him, hope comes along following right behind.

It resembles an angel's feather sent especially for him, a sweet message that incites him to believe that there is still hope. The leaf falls and lands gently on his lips, before he can react he sees more multicolored leafs fall as the light begins consuming the light even more. More and more leaves fall as if thousands of angel's send him personal messages in each feather. Soon the falling leaves begin to stroke life into the darkness as if they were brushes, they paint a sweet fantasy that he soon recognizes. Each stroke illuminates the black canvas with many colors that fill his soul with intense and mesmerizing emotions of love. The island forest of orange and gold is emerging as his heart paints the place where he chased the girl with the sunshine smile and emerald eyes. The leaves finish forming and shaping this paradise as they reach the ground, everything is where it should be.

He can smell the salt in the air around the small island, he hears the waves crashing far in the distance. He notices that he's laying in a bed of sand that dances as the wind takes it for a waltz. Far towards the center of the island he sees the gargantuan tree that watches over everything, standing taller than any castle tower. He stands up; the numbness in his body is gone. He feels the warm sun play with his hair as if the beams of light were fingers toying with each of his reddish brown curls.

He begins walking to the huge tree, the mischievous breeze pushes him to hurry, as if it wanted him to play tag. He begins walking faster and faster, picking up speed. The evasive wind won't allow itself to get caught. He suddenly begins to feel his heart palpitate so hard he can literally hear the thumps explode from his chest. He also notices another thumping along with his, but it seems to be off beat. He continues running with all his strength, he notices that both of the thumps are beginning to get louder as they approach one another. Every step also makes its own rhythm as he steps on the prismatic leaves that crackle and disperse in his path.

(She's here, I can feel her) his thoughts proclaim like a song in endless repetition. He darts through the huge roots, bobbing, weaving and jumping as a surge of laughter explodes from within. He hears a hum at a distance; his heart skips beats as his ears pick up her sweet melody. He breaks through the final brush and comes to a clearing. A crystal blue pond surrounded by White Lotus Flowers encircling the giant base of the tree. It's a watery cave; a submerging entrance to the inside of the tree's heart. Without any hesitation he runs and plunges in. The water feels so warm, his wine brown eyes light up as the neon blue luminescence of this aquatic pass show him ancient Atlantic ruins that dwell here.

Stone mermaids come to life to guide him, these are the fairies of the water. They take his hand and take him through a system of tunnels with warm and cool torrents that push them at top speed. It feels as if he's flying through the water. The fish that dwell in this aquatic dreamland welcome him with alacrity. Some glow, some expand, and others look like aquatic airplanes bigger than buildings. The underwater plants glow and illuminate the way; they shine with all different shades of green. The massive chorals make a complex living quarters for all the beautiful types of marine life. Strange music can be heard here, it feels as through sound waves become one with his body as if the water itself was a tune amplifier. At the bottom, soft white sand dances a rhythmic ballet; giant sand dunes go up and down into deep trenches like the imprint of a huge snake slithering to a light melody. The mermaids show him high up through the stalagmites that there is an opening that flows to the surface. They release his hands, the strong current takes him to the top.

To his amazement he begins to pick up incredible speed! The rush is unimaginable, the sheer pressure excites his every senses, he feels a surge of electric charges from head to toe. In a matter of instants he EXPLODES into the surface like a mighty geyser! High up the inside of the tree is a giant pulsating crystal that illuminates the whole interior. He is awed as his eyes scan the inside of this colossal tree.

Being literally suspended in the air by the string force. The wind surrounds him, it feels cool and warm at the same time. It revolves around him like a double helix, drying him completely as it gently carries him to the ground. Before he can even place one foot down, he hears the girl humming that strange tune. She sits on a bench made of precious stones and marble, she appears to be wearing a long black dress that resembles that of a princess, it has intricate stitching and leaf designs that place her as a part of this mighty tree.

Without saying a word he walks up to her, he can't believe his eyes; her splendor is too mesmerizing! The light from the crystal resonates in the black dress she wears. The shadow she casts seems to come alive as she continues to hum. It dances to her enchanting melody, making strange patterns on the ground. Her emerald eyes gleam as though they seem to invite him closer, the shine on her lips awakes a strong appetite that brings out the urge for a taste. Her soft, smooth and gentle skin illuminates her entire figure as if her body had been glorified like an angel. He stands before her, his body feels completely weightless. She stands up slowly, still humming the strange tune that entices his ears. He places his right hand on her waist. She tilts her neck slightly inviting him to feast in all his love.

He places his left hand on her cheek as her humming reverberates his skin. His lips trail the curvature of her shoulders as he kisses up to her neck. She places her right hand on the back of his head, the curls of his hairs wrap around her fingers as she plays and teases them. The scent of her body electrifies his sense of smell. His hands explore her hair, running his fingers through every strand, and down to her upper back. She is a siren that has him completely under her spell. She loves the warmth of his breath as it wraps around her neck. His hands explore her waist and abdomen, his fingertips leave a lime neon trail on her dress as they travel. Her left hand caresses the back of his shoulders, she feels overwhelming joy and peace. Her tune picks up the tempo as he begins to give her a massage, a sweet magic touch to celebrate sensuality.

His hands are powerful, they can create or destroy. Just by the simple touch, he is able to feel what she feels, he becomes more in tune with her body. He kisses her ears, then makes his way to her cheeks, she does not cease her swift melody, his touch only intensifies the rhythm.

He continues to kiss all around her lips, he teases her, lightly testing her fortitude to resist. She suddenly stops, then gazes into his dark wine colored eyes. She can see her own reflection in them. "Am I what your soul longs for?" She asks. Surprised to hear her speak for the first time, he is hesitant to reply. She looks at him, patiently awaiting an answer. "You.." He begins to speak in a smooth deep tone. She suddenly feels a surge of cold tingles go down her spine. "You are what I never realized I always wanted." she lets out a moan at his reply and looks away as she cannot contain her composure.

She then hugs him tightly, she begins to proclaim. "I think that I feel Lov-" she is cut of by a sharp, ear piercing scream that seems to emanate from every direction. Another scream suddenly surrounds them again, then another, and another. The howls now become too loud, both of their ears begin to hurt. Alejandro suddenly realizes that he is being awaken, in his despair and panic, he asks her for her name. "Tell me your name quick! Before I wake! Please!" She opens her mouth again to speak, he listens. "My name is.. Lily-"

"Lilynette! Lilynette! Hey wake up! Hey! Hey! Hey! You're slobbering on the paper!!......

She hears her classmate utter as she abruptly opens her eyes. "The bell just rang, time to go home". She lifts her head up and turns red as she realizes that she's drooled on her now wet homework. "Is it already 4:30?" she asks while rubbing her eyes in a daze. "Wow sleeping beauty you're so cute and clueless! Hahahahahaha" her friend laughs in amusement.

She stands up putting her homework, notepad and books into her backpack. She's wearing her school uniform which consists of a black button up dress shirt and a golden emblem of her high school with the letters "HC" interwoven in a stylish and unique design, and a golden necktie with her initials on the inside. Her skirt is navy blue with golden stitching on the sides, her black socks went up to her knees, and had gold elastic stripes around the rim. She wore black dress shoes that shined reflecting the light above on every step she took.

Her hair was tied back into a ponytail with a gold ribbon tied into a bow, it was light brown with a tint of red. Her bangs cover the left side of her face complimenting her striking green eyes. Her lips are rosy and full, the gloss she applies daily make them jump like a ballerina standing out in a beautiful theater whenever she spoke. The two girls begin walking down the school hallway and out the door. They're met by two other girls that bring them ice-cream cones as the come out. "Argh, you got me vanilla…" The girl next to Lilynette proclaimed in annoyance. "Elda you specifically told me to get you vanilla!" one of the girls snapped back. "I had said that I DID NOT want vanilla!!! You always do this Estella!" Elda says, speaking at a much louder tone, attracting the other students attention.

"How Unladylike of you girls, you should be more reserved. People are watching, and plus I have an image to maintain. Oh and by the way Elda, only dumb trailer trash says 'I HAD SAID' hahahahahaha" the girl laughs smugly. Estella and Elda both yell back at the third and fourth girl in spite for being reprimanded.

"SHUT UP ALICIA!!!" Both girls say in an aggravated manner and in unison.

Alicia begins to walk away with a mischievous smirk on her face, "You're both an embarrassment, hehe" She takes Lilynette's hand as she begins leading her down the street. "Come on Lils, we shouldn't hang with the like of these buffoons." Before she has a chance to react, Elda and Estella begin pulling on her hair, calling her all sorts of obscenities. "Take that back you ugly witch!" Elda says with angered face. "Lets tickle her!" Estella says as she begins twitching her fingers towards Alicia with a twisted smile on her face. "STOP you neanderthals! Let go of me you brute!" She yells as both girls begin tickling her. "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME!!???" Elda proclaims now angered even more. "YOU UPTIGHT BIT-" she's cut off by Lilynette as she motions their attention towards her. "Hey you guys, everybody is staring at us…" the four girls stop their shenanigans and begin walking down the street embarrassed for all the commotion they caused.

Fifteen minutes go by as the four girls split, and each head their own way home. "Bye, see you tomorrow!" They all say in unison as they start walking off into the distance. Lilynette starts walking down the hill on her usual route home. She always cuts through the meadow and reaches the edge of the cliff by the ocean. She lives in a South American island off the coast of Chile called "Isla de Chiloe" and her small town of a mere six thousand inhabitants is located towards the southern tip. None the less Queilen is her home. She was born and raised here all her life. The town thrives off the sea; a paradise for beach and seafood lovers. She continues walking on her usual route. The meadow that she walks through has an ancient statue of a golden eagle standing on the hilt of a giant stone sword with its wing expanded, ready to take off. The meadow has tall grass that goes up to her waist, it's soft and smooth and submissive to the wind around it.

She undoes her ponytail, letting her hair dance in the wind as she heads down the last trail to her home. She lives in a poor yet rural area, technology isn't common here, only people that deal with specialty trade businesses have cell phones. Life is simpler, happier, and more peaceful than it is in the mainland cities. Most of the island is dominated by ranches through the vast countryside. This place is a paradise on its own; there is no noise pollution, the skies are clear. and the stars dance every night. The air is fresh and clean, people here are friendly and helpful, almost everyone in the community pretty much knows each other.

The sun is beginning to hang low in the sky. She sees her house up ahead; it's a small, white and green three bedroom house with a huge backyard. There are many modern accommodations that still haven't found this small town. People are used to working hard, yet living am unstressed life.

She opens the slightly rusted metal gate to her yard and walks in, closing the latch right behind her. She pushes the front door open, and is greeted by her mother, who is already working on dinner. "Hey welcome home, come and help me with this new recipe, I just can't get it right." Lilynette takes after her mom, green eyes and light brown hair, but she gets her stature from her father, she is the tallest girl in this small town standing at five feet seven inches tall. "Did you follow the recipe step by step, or did you get 'creative' again?" she asks with a silly smile on her face. "I just thought it would come out better than how the chef made it on TV." Her mom says as she gives Lilynette a small taste of her calamari soup. "Mmmm delicious!" Says the girl as she forces herself to swallow the awful soup. "It can be better though, let me add a little bit of spicy to it." She says as she subtly tries to fix her mothers cooking.

Four hours later she goes into the bathroom as she gets ready for bed. She takes a hot shower, and almost slips on the floor as she comes out of the tub. The girl stumbles and grabs hold of the sink, keeping herself steady. She wraps a towel around herself, and uses her hand to wipe the residue from the mirror in a circular motion. She picks up her toothbrush and squirts too much toothpaste by accident. (Oh great…) She takes some toilet paper and wipes the counter and sink clean, then throws it into the garbage basket next to the door. She looks at her face in the mirror and begins making funny faces making herself laugh, she notices that a pimple in coming in on her forehead. (not now…) she applies the appropriate cosmetic ointment, and finishes getting ready for bed.

She says goodnight to both of her parents, and goes into her bedroom. She walks over to her desk and sits down. She picks up her diary from the secret compartment under her desk, and picks up her Hello Kitty pencil and begins writing. At first she doesn't know how to start describing the dream she had. She contemplated on just making it into a small summary, but she knew that the experience was so real that she had to document it in great detail.

(Why is this happening to me?) she begins to questions herself as she starts sharpening her pencil. She closes her eyes and begins to focus on the dream sequences from earlier today. ( I must do my best to remember.) She encourages herself, and takes deep breaths to relax. In her mind, she begins to recall the inside of the huge tree; they way it looked, felt, and smelled. She sees the wonderful images of the surreal fantasy land. (This is way to real and vivid to be just a dream.)

Spring, October 15, 2011

Dear diary.

Today I had another dream about that same boy from the golden autumn forest, this time I found myself in complete darkness. I awoke inside the giant tree in the middle of the island, it was so unreal… There was a huge crystal that seemed to be throbbing and pulsating, as if it was alive. I think it was the heart of the tree. There were roman pillars all around me, covered in the most beautiful floral vines that I have ever seen.

There was an old marble bench with precious stones embedded on it and decorated with intricate patterns making flower shapes. I appeared to be wearing a black dress that resembled that of a mixture between an old Victorian-era princess dress mixed with the Gothic Lolita style.

Every time I touched it, my hands and fingers left green trail marks on it that slowly dissipated. It had black roses that seemed to somehow move within the dress itself, almost as if it was a living skin. I remember sitting down and feeling a strong urge to sing. But I didn't know what to sing, so I started humming; and before I realized it, this AMAZING melody came out of me. It was as though I've always known that tune. But I honestly have never heard it before!? I can recognize it, yet something tells me it doesn't exist... it just came surging out from the deepest part of my soul.

I couldn't hold myself from humming, it was as if someone else had taken over my mind and body. It felt so wonderful!! I just cant believe that that sweet sound was coming from me. I also remember feeling someone else's heartbeat; it began to pulsate along with mine as it drew closer. Yet somehow I just knew that it was 'HIM', for some reason, I felt so strongly for that boy. I don't even know who he is, and at the same time, I can feel as though I always longed to be with him.

After a while, my heart began to resonate a strange yet soothing sound as I continued to hum. I remember that 'HE' suddenly showed up as I was humming, I had a compelling urge to hum for him. To demonstrate something beautiful, to somehow give him a piece of me. The way he kissed my neck was just too uughh!! His curls wrapped around my fingers, the way his lips came so close to mine, the way he teased me with them sent chills down my spine! He gave me intimacy I've never felt before… Just as we were getting closer, and I was beginning to feel so good, an eerie scream interrupted our bliss.

A few seconds later the screaming became louder and more frequent, he asked for my name. I think he knew somehow that I was about to wake up. But the strange thing about it was that the way he insinuated it was if 'HE' was going to be woken up. This dream was so real it's scary… Well either way I WANT to see him badly…. I hope I find him in my dreams again.

(wow, I took up three pages…)

She closes her small diary and hides it in the secret compartment under her wooden desk. She crawls into bed and closes her eyes, trying to imagine the forest of gold. She begins to drift slowly, the warmth of her bed makes her tune out everything around her. She relaxes her body completely, her breathing begins to become softer and softer. She feels as though she is laying on a bed of grass that caresses her skin as the tips of the long, verdant blades sway with the wind. The warm breeze massages her skin as it travels to and fro, going all over her. The sun uses its rays to tickle her like small fingers dipping into the surface of water. She opens her eyes to an endless, ocean blue sky. Right before her very eyes, an entire world opens up. She can hear the sound of waves thrashing against rocks, as if there were foal playing and making a loud ruckus.

As she sits up, the grass tickles her, playing between her fingers. She sees the golden-red and orange trees surround her. They blow their leaves, commanding her to rise and follow. She stands up; far into the distance, she can see a small figure running towards the huge tree. Her heart skips a beat when the thought if it being 'him', crosses her mind. She takes off running without thinking twice. As she gets closer, she can't tell if its him or not. He is definitely much faster than he was before. He darts between the trees ahead of her. In her mind she begins to contemplate calling out to him, but every time she opens her mouth, nothing comes out. She is just too shy, (I can't bring myself to do it… Oh why, why, why, why, why, why!!!) she is literally screaming in her mind not realizing the boy had just spotted her, and is now running in her direction.

Seconds pass as the realization hits her like a ton of bricks. (He's coming this way! I don't know what to say!!) She panics even more when she hears his voice calling out to her. "HEEEEYYY!!! LILY!!" He runs at top speed. She can tell if he is ecstatic to see her, yet she is compelled to turn around and start sprinting away from him. (What am I doing?) She now sprints with all her might, she feels herself getting red with embarrassment. Looking up ahead, the vista opens up; a vast endless beach that guards the southern part of the Autumn island welcomes them in their epic chase.

He wonders why the girl he's been desperately seeking turn away from him. (did I say something wrong?) He questions himself while boundless energy begins to build and charge up inside his veins. Before he can even realize it, the inner hunter within him has surfaced. He now picks up speed, running in all cylinders like a cheetah chasing a gazelle. "HOOO YEAH!" He yells as he now focuses on her like a hawk honing in, ready to descend upon its pray. She can hear him getting closer and closer, building up anticipation and anxiety within her. She is suddenly overtaken by the joyous pleasure of being chased. Laughter bursts out of her like a sweet release that's been waiting to emerge for an eternity.

"CATCH ME!" She calls out loudly, looking back and making sure he heard her. He is tracking her like a Spanish bull with one single thought in mind. He laughs along with her, enjoying the thrill of running next to the crystal water along the edge of the beach. As he gets closer, she can hear his panting right behind her. He is so close that she can feel his breath on her neck. The sweet warmth excites and compels her to become wild. She turns around again, only to be pounced on by him. They land on the soft sand rolling all the way into the shallow ocean water. Before she can react he climbs on top of her like a hungry lion. He takes one deep look into her eyes and kisses her. They breath fast through their noses, both of their hearts are racing, the kiss seems to last forever. The water only goes up to her ears, she can feel warm water holding her in place; she's cornered, trapped between him and the land itself. And she LOVES IT!

She can see his eyes closed, yet she feels as though he's looking into her. The way his lips move make hers short out as if someone threw some exposed wires into the water; electricity pulsates in rhythm with their hearts. *shock* *shock* *shock* This is an ever lasting kiss they will never forget. He runs out of breath, he separates his lips from hers, she starts crying instantly… He's confused to see this amazing girl right before him cry.

"Why are you crying?" he asks, analyzing her every feature. He hurts intensively as he sees her tears meld with the ocean, "Because.. You stopped kissing me!"

Without wasting a second more, he takes a deep breath, and kisses her again; his lips tell her everything without words. In his mind, through his soul, and to her heart. He tells her- "I can't fathom ever seeing those tears again, I writhe in pain if you even hurt a tiny bit. For you, I will never breathe again…" She feels a true connection with him, and he to her. They both suddenly hear screams just like before, she separates her lips from his. And in a quick burst, asks for his name. "Tell me your name!" he stares deeply into those sweet emerald eyes he loves, "Ale-"

"He's waking up now, please give him some space...."

An unknown voice advises several people around him. "He's opening his eyes" He can tell that voice belongs to Magaly, one of his good friends. He has known her since the eighth grade, but was never too close to her. "Hey sunshine, you ok there?" He recognizes the voice of his best friend Gavin, who is two years older than him; he has blonde hair and crystal sky blue eyes, his skin is pale, yet slightly tan on his face, neck, and forearms due to his work in the sun. Alex opens his eyes completely, but the the bright lights in the room temporarily hurt his eyes as they begin to adjust. "Alejandro!" His sister comes and gives him a hug, wrapping her arms around his neck tightly. She and his mother are they only ones who call him by his entire first name. "I'm so glad you're awake now! I was so worried that you weren't going to wake up!" She was a short girl of seventeen, she had brown reddish curly hair just like his, but hers was styled and straightened at the tips. It was long and shinny, reaching down to the small of her back. "I can't breathe you troll, get off me!" She ignores his comment and grips tighter. "Nice necklace there sun-" He is suddenly interrupted by Alex's angry tone. "You call me sunshine one more time, I'll throw this girl on your neck!" They both start staring at each other intensely. After a few seconds, all four burst out laughing very loudly. "Seriously though Alex, you were out since yesterday morning."

"The doctor said that there was no way to know for sure when you would wake up." says Magaly as the nurse picks up his chart at the end of his bed and show it to him. "You were found by your younger sister and luckily she called the paramedics in time. Have you been drinking excessively, or doing any drugs?" The nurse asks him, raising one eyebrow as she scans his face, analyzing it. "Well sunshi-ermm Alex? Have you?" Gavin asks, giving him a funny look, "Naughty! Naughty! Hehe" Magaly adds again as she puts an arm around Alex's younger sister Alana. "Hey yeah! Have you been drinking or doing drugs!?!??" His sister asks in an angered tone. "No I have not!" He says in a annoyed tone. "The only other logical reason for black outs in young men your age are due to stress and extreme fatigue. We'll keep you here another night and run some tests. I have other patients to attend to and rounds to make, but if you need anything. press the red button on this remote, and the nearest nurse will come as soon as they can." She hands Alex the egg white remote and heads out the door.

"Hey, where's dad?" He asks his younger sister, wondering why he isn't here with the rest. "He's... working, so he couldn't come. She turns her head slightly towards the window, hiding her face from her older brother. "Oh... working.. " He utters under his breath just as Magaly sits on the side of bed. "Move over fatty" in a slightly excited tone. "Who you callin fatty?" He takes one look at her as her eyebrows curve downwards on her face, as if she was just called ugly. "I mean you're not fat, and you're really pretty today by the way!" He says with a smile, crossing his fingers hoping he made the save. She gives him a hard look, as if to reprimand him for insinuating that she was fat. "Well you DO eat like a fat pig." Right away, his sister begins to laugh hysterically. Her laugh is interrupted by the sound of Gavin's phone ringing.

He quickly picks it and answers, "Hello? Yes he's awake now, bring me some too please! Alrighty bye." Before he had a chance to put his phone away, Magaly asked who it was brown nosing. "That was my mommy, and she's bringing over brownies for me and you can't have any!" Gavin says in child like voice. "Are you sure she said they were JUST for you?" Alex inquired "Yep!" Gavin quickly answers back. "Anyways Alex I have to go, dad will be home any minute.. call me before nine tonight." Alana gives him one last hug goodbye, and heads out the door. "Hey wait, you're my ride!" Magaly gives him a wink and runs after Alana, just as soon as she leaves, Gavin begins talking "Hey bro, I think Magaly likes you, hehe." While looking at Alex making a kissy face. "Do you think?" He quickly responds back, "Yeah she was the first one here." He adds "Naw, she came here walking and was already in the room when me and your sister got here. You know a girl likes you if she watches you sleep creepishly! HAHAHAHAHA" Gavin says as he closes his eyes from laughing so hard. "As you know, she IS really cute, and has a nice body for a shortie. You have my blessing, my son!" He adds jokingly. They both laugh for almost two minutes straight. "I never thought of her that way." Alex says while sitting up on the bed, "Its raining even more than yesterday, and the sky is dark and grey, how depressing." Looking at the endless blanket of grey in the sky. "Something on your mind sunshine?" Gavin stands up from his chair and walks over to the window. "You gotta stop calling me that, it reminds me too much of her.." Alex utters with a saddened tone in his voice.

"Sorry, force of habit." Gavin puts his hand on the glass leaving a hand print as he breathes around it. "You know I wish I could have done something back then, I saw her pass by that night and I could have offered a ride home.." Gavin's voice begins to start cracking up. "That's enough.. I can't talk about it!" Alex begins to yell at him scornfully. As a few seconds of uncomfortable silence go by, a tear rolls down Alex's cheek as he looks down at his lap, clenching his fist. "There was nothing that nobody could have done!!" He screams... Gavin just stares at him. He opens his mouth, but there is nothing he can say. He takes off his silver necklace with a wolfs head, and places it in his left hand. "I want you to have it." Alex looks up at him with red watery eyes. "It's yours now, keep it and don't try to give it back." Alex looks at the silver wolf as it shines reflecting the bright light. "And here is something I've always wanted to give you." He takes off his silver ring that he always wear on his left ring finger. He gives it to Alex with a warm smile in his face. "Don't look at the engraved inscription on the inside if the day comes when I can't be there for you, promise me." He takes a good hard look at Alex as he awaits his answer. "I promise." Alex is able to lift the corner of his mouth slightly in an attempt to smile. "Good, now put it on." Just as he puts on the silver ring, Gavin's mom walks into the room.

"Hey baby, how are you feeling?" She comes in slightly wet from the rain outside. She then places a tray with about a dozen chocolate fudge brownies on the table near the entrance, and goes over to Alex's side, sitting down next to him as she gives him a mighty hug. "Oh sweetheart, I'm here now." She gives him a kiss on the forehead, and leans his head on her shoulder. "Geez mom, you'd think you love me that much!!!" Gavin says with a big goofy grin. "Shush up boy! He's still my baby" Alex then hugs her tightly as he buries his head in her upper shoulder. He starts to cry silently... "It's ok, go ahead and let it out." Gavin walks out of the door saying that he's going to get some coffee for the three of them. "Mrs. Jones, you've been like a mother to me! Thank you so much for looking after me all this time... I know I've been ungrateful, and I'm sorry!" He says in a cracked voice reveling intense pain with every word. "Little sunshine, you know that I love you, and you ARE my son!" She says in the most tender and motherly voice that gives him peace and comfort. He now begins to cry harder and wraps his arm even more tightly. She takes his hand and begins to stroke his hair. "Baby, she was my best friend, just like you and Gavin... Every time I look at you, I see her, and you know what?" She places both hands on his cheeks, looking into his teary brown eyes. " I always see her smiling when I see this face." She says with the most heartwarming smile in the world, and for him, its exactly what he needed. "Now if you ever need anything, you come right over, and I'll help you in any way I can ok. ...Oh, I have an idea; how about you, your sister and father come over tomorrow night for dinner!" Her tone gets happier as she stands up and begins walking over to the table where the brownies are. "Look here baby, I made all of these just for you!" She picks up the fudge brownies and lifts the plastic cover off.

Gavin walks in with three cups of coffee. "Careful, they're hot!" He says with two drops leaking from his left sleeve. Mrs. Jones takes two of the cups from her son. She walks over to Alex and hands him his coffee. "Here, have some of my home made chocolate fudge brownies." She places the plate next him on top of the bed. "Yum!!" Gavin proclaims as he reaches for the biggest one. "Wait your turn boy" She slaps her sons hand as he reached over. "Ouch ma, not cool!" Alex then begins laughing at Gavin for being reprimanded. "Hahahahahaha" he then grabs the biggest piece and takes a huge bite out of it. "That's what I like to see." Mrs. Jones smiles as she wipes away some of the chocolate smeared on Alex's face. She turns to Gavin, now offering him some. "Here, just one so you don't spoil your dinner." He takes one as he begins complaining about how Alex is being treated better than him. Alex sticks his tongue at him while Mrs. Jones scolds her son for trying to be greedy.

A few hours pass, Gavin and his mom get ready to head home. "Bye dear, call me if you need anything." She says smiling as she walks out the door. "Later bro" Gavin waves as he follows suit. He reclines on his bed and begins thinking about the dream he had while he was out. He only utters one word as he looks out the window. "Lily..." He hears his cellphone vibrate as he sees it light up inside his pants on the small counter next to him. He pulls it out from his pocket and sees that he's missed a few messages and two calls. He slides the touch lock on his screen, and examines the missed calls. He can't tell who called because the number says unknown. He then checks his text messages and begins to read.

:Text received today 2:39 Pm (843) 244-3565:



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