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Cupid is Blind

Novel By: Caterina

Sequel to Cupid's Aim Sucks
Elise Wiemer (soon to be Elise Donavon) is happily engaged to her boyfriend of 6 years, Tyler Donavon. They are trying to get the details for the wedding underway, when they both get the worst news imaginable; thier case against Brandon Yolkes has been appealed.
To add to the turmoil, Tyler's old ex, Thalia Grey, starts to try to split the two up in a never ending fit of jealousy.
Can Thier romance last the pressure of a vengeful, drug addicted rapist and a bratty Ex? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 5, 2013    Reads: 57    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Hello Fellow booksians! It is I, Caterina, back with the sequel to Cupid's Aim Sucks! This novel will be following the every other point of view, switching back and forth between Elise and tyler. I may also throw in a chapter From Janet's point of view. Enjoy!


"what about this one?" I said, coming out of the dressing room. My mom nodded slowly as i turned in a circle, showing off the lovely white dress. "Maybe...." She said. I sighed, frustrated. "Mom, you have said that about every one i have tried so far!" I turned to Tyler's sister, Makayla. "Well?" I asked. She nodded and said "I like it. But for some reason it isn't exactly you, you know what i mean?" "No!" I said. Turning i went back into the dressing room. "Any luck with reaching Janet?" My mom called through the door. "No. I can't seem to reach her for some reason. It's like she dropped off the face of the earth!" I said, my voice muffled by taffeta and silk.

Janet McCarten was my closest girl friend growing up. She was only 4 days older than me, and she was the one who introduced tyler and I in 4ht grade. Sadly, when we were 15 her family moved to Minnesota. We still sent eachother cards now and then, but lately she hadn't been replying.

I slipped into my old blue jeans and tee shirt and left the dressing room. My mom stood up and stretched. A sales lady came rushing over, an over enthusiastic and obviously fake smile plastered to her face. "Any luck ladies?" SHe said, her voice sickingly sweet. "Nada. thanks for the help" I said. Right before she turned, i saw the smile on her face replaced with a annoyed look. Looks like someone isnt meeting thier sale quota with my help.

reaching into my pocket, i pulled out my cellphone. One new message courtesy of tyler.

Hey honey I am at Dollar General Need anything? ;)

I smiled at the winky face. He could be a flirt sometimes.

Yah, shampoo and conditioner. Purple Bottles

As i left the shop followed by Makayla and my mom, I started sneezing. If i go into gright sunlight after being in a building with moderate lighting, i start sneezing. I have no idea why and according to my mom, when i was little i used to say i was allergic to the sun.

I waved by the my mom as she got into her car and pulled off. Makayla and I both walked, so we headed down the street. "Elise, why dont you just wear your moms wedding dress? I know you told me she still has it." Makayla asked. I sighed and said "Yes but my mom was 148 pounds when she got married. I wieghed that in the 8th grade. Unless i cna lose almost 20 pounds withing 6 months, then good luck squeezing me into that dress. Besides, its strapless and have you seen my boobs?" I said motioning to my puny 36A breasts. She faked gagged and said "to much information. And no i would rather eat your cooking then see those!" I laughed, and just then my phone went off.

"Hello?" "Hello, Elise? This is your lawyer, John Geraldin" "Hi John. Why are you calling me?" I asked confused. I heard him sigh and said "Your case against Brandon Yolkes has been appealed to the state court...... he is out of jail until the trial."


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