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Life Uprooted

Novel By: Caterina

Lizzy is being shipped of to her dad's house for the summer. At first she is excited. Her dad lives in Hawiia. THen her mom tells her something up; she will be staying there for hte school year. . SHe grew up in Philidelphia, has 2 great friends, a great boyfriend, and a great family. Now her life is being uprooted. But when the plane she gets on crashes, she must find a way to keep herself from losing her mind.... and her heart View table of contents...



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"I'll call you every night ok?" I huggged Mary and siad "Ok, and make sure to stay in line." "Ok i will" mary say laughing. I turned to Jenny. "Video chat me whenever you can?" i asked. Jenny grinned and siad "you know it. I will have to take into account the time diffrence though." I smiled and hugged her. "Wha tabout me? i heard someone say. i turned to Sam. "I will video chat you to." He smiled and hugged me. "take care, kiddo" he whispered into my ear. I sighed and whispered. "You to." Suddenly a voice came over the intercom. "LAST CAL FOR FLIGHT 86 C TO HONOHULA!" i smiled and grabbed my carryon. As the flight attendant checked my ticket, i turned and waved one last time. I would miss them. A lot.

I saw the Seat belts on light turn on, so i buckled up and plugged in my earbuds. I stared out the window and felt the plane lift off into the air. "Ow" i muttered to myself. My ears had popped. I watched as the flight attendant showed us how to used the oxegyn masks and what to do in case of an emergancy. I then felt someone thumping on the back of my chair. I turned to see a guy with black hair and brown eyes stairng back at me. "Can you stop please?" i said. He smiled and siad "I could, but i wont." i rolled my eyes. So imature. I turned back around and began to read my 17 magizine. I must have dozed off becasue the next thing i knew there was caous everywhere.

I opened my eyes unable to breathe. I notied the lights in the cabing had gone off and the oxegyn masks had dropped down. I was already getting dizzy and i couldn't seem to reach the mask becasue we were falling out of the sky. Right when i was sure i was going to die, I felt the mask hit my face and my body sucked int he oxegyn. I turned and saw the same guy who was hitting my chair holding it to my face with one hand, and holding his mask in the other. "We're going down!" i heard the pilot yell over the loud speaker. Then everything went black.

"Girl, are you ok, Wake uP!" i felt someone slap me and i opened up my eyes. I was staring at a azure blue sky, and there was a group of 4 people around my. "what happeded?" and asked. A older woman said "The plane crashed. We are on a island." I sat up and saw the smoldering remains of the palne about 100 yeard away. I noticed there were other people around. "wait so we are stuck here?" i siad. the man who slapped me said "I guess so. At least until we can get help." then noticed that there were only about 10 people; there had been almost 30 on the flight. "Where are the rest of the people?" i said. The man got quiet before saying "they didn't make it." i felt a tear slipping down my face.

"Alright, Listen up!" yelled a man. He stood up on a rock and said. "we need to make a shelter, find food, and find water!" One woman raised her hand and siad 'im a carpenter. I could try to build a shelter with what tools we got" The man nodded and said "Ok. She is going to need help. who wants to help her?" i raised my hand and said "I will." I then saw the boy who had helped me earlier. "same." "Ok now i will look for food. Anyone else?" 2 men raised thier hands suddenly, i heard a young girl scream. "Wait, did we get everyone out of the plane?" i yelled. When no one answered I ran toword it. "NO STOP! IT MIGHT EXPLODE!" i hearrd someone yell. I didn't listen. I climbed through the door and ran down the aisle. The little girl's screams were now crys. I finally found the source of the crying. A little girl was sitting in between aman and woman who must have been her parents. she was 2 rowsback from where i wassitting.She was hugging the woman, crying "Mommy, mommy, wake up" I began to cry myself. She couldn't have been more then 7. "Sweety, everything is going to be ok." i whispered. she looked at me and said "WHy won't mommy wake up?" i looked at the woman and sighed. "honey, she is with god now. So is your Daddy." She began to sob again and she curled into a ball. I picked her up and began to carry her out of the plane. "Wait, what about Robby?" i asked her who Robby was. "My brother. he was riding with us in the row ahead. I looked into her eyes and realized they were hazel like the boy who had helped me. "he is safe. Dont worry." i carreid her out of the plane and saw What must have been Robby running toword us. "Abby!" i put the littel girl on the ground and she ran to her brother. "Robby, mommy and daddy are gone!" She cried into his shoudler. He picked her up and whispered. "I know honey. I thought you were to, but i am so glad your ok." i smiled thourgh my tears. he put the little girl donw and said "Are you ok?" she nodded and clung to his leg. "Thankyou." he whispered. i smiled and replied. "your welcome."

"that was ridiculously stupid!" i looked and saw the other running toword us. The man who had been organizing duties was the one who yelled. "You could have died!You should have left her!" i turned on him. "Why on earht would i leave a young girl to her death? i dont care if i risked my life, i was not going to leave her!" Before he coudls ay anytihng more a old woman cut him off. "Shut up. She did the right thing. Now lets get on and try to find a way to survive here!" he glared at me and walked off.

"so what's your name?" asked robby. i was makeing a lean to out of the matierials we had found. "Elizabeth. People call me lizzy though. And your robby right?" He smiled and said "Actually, my name is Alex. Abby calls my robby since she was a little girl. No one knows why, not even her." I nodded and continued t working. "Well, i shoudl say thanks for saving my sister." he said. I nodded. Just then, the old woman who spoke up earlier came over and said "that is a great shelter. Here, i found soome trash bags in the air plane. I don't care what that idiot says, you did hte right thing going to get that little girl. And I checked the engine. No fuel mains ruptured, so it wont blow up. We shoudl go about and use the items int eh plane to help survive." I nodded and took the trash bags. I pulled out my pocket knife anad cut them into sheets. "what are you doing?" i looked over my shoulder to see Abby standing there. she was holding a bunch of coconuts. "I am going to spread this onto the roof of our shelter to keep the rain out." I explained. She nodded and sat beside me. A man walked over and said "Come on. We found some food and we need to eat. I nodded and stood. I needed energy


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