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The Train Was Late Today

Novel By: Ceaura

When wife of an important government official is threatened to be killed if she doesn't end the life of her own lover, she looses everything to defend him in times of great trouble for their city. View table of contents...



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"The train was late today" Rang out a soft woman's voice over the crackle of a fire. "What do you suggest happened?" Asked a masculine voice. "Something bad enough to cause the train just not to come." The woman was seated in an arm chair, with her legs crossing in front of her to support her round stomach. The man was sitting on the floor in front of her, reading a book. They were both seated in a living room, with dark red carpet and chocolate brown walls. There was a fire place in front of the two of them, which was burning yellow flame, the only source of light in the room. The couches were a dark, dark brown, almost black, so was the armchair the woman was seated in. The side tables were dark wood with off-white lamp shades. The curtains over the windows, which over looked a small Ural town were off-white as well.

"It worries me" The woman said out of silence. She played with the hem on her baggy sweater's sleeve. "What if it is a sign..." She asked, her dark brown eyes look up at him. He was not focused on her. "Why does it worry you?" He finally asked. "What if it has something to do with.. with, because of the Mafia?" she asked. Her stomach tumbled like a bag of frozen corn down the stairs. "Watch your language" the man said quietly. "There is no Mafia, it isn't big enough. It is more like twenty people going off on killing spree's" The man said. The woman took a sip from her tea, in hopes to wash down the horrible feeling of fear.

The woman was stirred in the morning by the man's movement on his side of the bed. He was getting up to go to work, like she would be in an hour. Usually he would try harder not to wake her, but it was very hard not to. Her sleeping habits have gotten lighter and lighter with eight months of pregnancy. He glanced down at her as he sat up, turning on the dim lamp. The woman turned onto her back from a fetal position with a sigh. The man laid back down and hugger her from an angle. The woman buried her face in his neck, the smell of his freshly applied cologne familiar, and reassuring. "Be safe" she said, bringing her chin up to rest on his shoulder. "I will. You be safe. Call me if anything happens." He said. She was pretty sure it meant with their child. They had chosen for the gender to be a surprise.

She clung onto him until he hand to peel away, her fingers sliding down his jacket. He sighed. "Have a good day" He said, kissing her before he stood up straight. They smiled at each other for a moment before the man walked away. Now it was the woman's turn to get up. She sighed, rolling over to her side before she pushed herself up. She let out a groan, she didn't want to get up. Standing up she felt the plush white carpet under her bare feet. She stood there and stretched for a moment before she sprung into action. She dressed herself in a pair of comforting dress pants. She paused, she had no shirts that would go all the way over her middle and still look like a respectable shirt she would normally wear to work. She sighed. She pulled a white shirt from her closet. It was snug around the pelvis, but it got really loose for her middle, got tight under her chest and then loose again. The sleeves came down to her wrists, skin tight until her elbows. She put on a pare of socks, which was becoming a chore for her, and strolled out into the empty home.

She stood in the mirror and applied her make up white she listened to the news on the radio. She was silent, she wanted to hear everything. When she was finished she curled her hair and punned it back in a half up do sort of thing, the top layer of her dark brown hair was pulled back at the back of her head, the rest flowed freely. She was wearing little makeup but she still looked beautiful. Kacey cleared her throat, picking up a bag and packing herself a lunch. She had been trying to eat more healthily recently. She wanted her child to be a healthy eater too. Kacey put on her shoes, which was a chore, then her winter coat, then packed her bag with the final things before she headed out to walk to the train station.

The train station was silent, a saxophone played in the distance. The pregnant woman was sitting on a bench, staring up at the ceiling of the under ground rail road. She wondered why this was called a train station, no the subway. Kacey cleared her throat when people began to fill the area, none of them seemed to notice her. When the ticket master came around she let him punch her annual pass, he smiled at her before he walked away. Kacey sighed. She was not feeling well, which made her worry.

She boarded the train with no trouble, but as she sat longer and longer, riding the train to the school, which had a glass of anxious students ready to start working on their art projects waiting for her, she felt more and more sick. She felt like it was a million degrees in the crowded train car.

Quickly she pushed past everyone for the washroom. The washroom was nice and cool, only because the window had a crack in it and the tap was constantly flowing ice cold rain water. She let out a sigh, standing there in the even smaller room, her sweaty palms pressed against the cool counter. Her head was dropped down, her chin nearly touching her neck. She sighed about fifty times before the horrible feeling washed over her. She let out a faint smile before she exited the washroom. Thank the lord there was no line waiting for her to leave, they probably would have forgiven her, seeing her physical situation.

Kacey stepped out into the hallway upon the train, her eyebrow furrowed when she heard that the train was perfectly silent. She came out into the train can she had been in before, to find it empty. Kacey blinked. She was insane, she had fainted in the washroom or something, this was all a dream? No.. no it wasn't it was all to real. She had been standing alone, gripping the metal bar above her head when the door burst open. Kacey jumped, startled. A man stood in the doorway. He was dressed in entirely black loose clothing, loose black jeans, a loose black long sleeved shirt and leather jacket, yet his face was no of his dress. He didn't look scary. Kacey blinked at him before he spoke.

"Are you the wife of Cameron Garcia?" He asked. He had a strong voice. Kacey's stomach turned once more. "If I said yes what would happen?" She asked. Her Spanish accent thick. Kacey looked at him firmly. "You'd have to come with me at the next stop. We have to talk to you." "If I said no?" "We'd have to kill you" He said. What hurt Kacey the most was that he said it without a problem, like it didn't bother him to kill two people. "I am" she said, her hand gripping the bar a little bit tighter. "You aren't just saying that. Because if you aren't I can assure you we will kill you for lying" "Who's the 'we'" she asked.

Just as she said that four other men walked into the car. They were all holding guns, yet they did not aim them for her. Kacey blinked. She was too scared to move from her spot on the other side of her car. It was cold in here to which suggested something was going on outside the car.

"That, it that Cameron's child?" the man who had entered before the rest asked. Kacey nodded simply, her free hand sliding up from her pocket to rest on top of her round middle. Two men to the left of the first one glanced at each other with a sly look.

"What?" Kacey asked, looking a bit worried. She was beginning to panic. "Nothing. Would you care to come with us, to the front of the train"

Kacey swallowed. She nodded again, adjusting her bag strap to rest on her shoulder firmly. She walked towards them slowly. Her hand remaining on the metal bar all the way down the isle. Kacey cleared her throat when she got to the man who smiled at her as she walked past. Kacey was lead by the first man through the next three cars, finding the source of the cold. The windows in one of the cars had been smashed. Kacey was very suspicious as to where everyone had gone. "Where is everyone else gone?" she tried asking, but the men simply replied. "that doesn't matter, all that matters it that you are here" Kacey didn't ask any more questions, she was too worried. Kacey was silent as she sat down in a booth in the first car. She was accompanied by only the first man. "I am here to answer all your questions if you listen to me now." He said, but Kacey's attention had already drifted away for the two men in the booth beside them, who were discussing weapons.

Kacey threw her head back when the man in front of her hand clasped around her jaw and turned her head to face him. Kacey stayed leaned back out of his reach. "Where did everyone else go?" She asked. "They are gone. Most of them are dead because they had no greater importance here" He said. Kacey's jaw dropped, tears raising to her eyes. "Why am I important then?" she asked. "Because you are the wife of an important government official and your husband is wanted dead, so you can kill him without trouble. If you refuse, we're going to have to kill you like the rest of the train." Kacey's heart stopped. There was no way he was being serious. "Your going to have to kill me" she managed to cough up.

"So be it" He said. The two men across from them looked over at her slowly. Standing up. She yet out a yelp but they had lunged at her too soon for it to matter. They dragged her down the isle, her feet trying to grasp around the metal legs of the seats and tables, but it was no use they were to strong. She could feel her shoulders slowly dislocating because of the way they were holding her arms behind her. It was like they had put her in hand cuffs and were slowly suspending her from them. Kacey was unable to scream, her breath was taken away by the blunt force the second man continuously jabbed into her chest, near her collar bones. She let out a cry when she could, but it was very apparent that these men would take no bull crap.

"Let me go!" Kacey called out. The men stopped walking, the one in front of her stopped punching her. Her chest ached, she was out of breath and still neither of the men seemed dazed. "I'll help you" she coughed.


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