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Bring Me Back to Life (Book #4)

Novel By: Cera Seren

[on going]
an Infatuated with Love book

Marie looses her baby in the fourth month of her pregnancy and thinks all hope is lost. Until she is told that is she can find the one man who can save her baby before midnight on her twenty third birthday, her daughter will live again. will Marie make it in time to save the one person who means most to her? View table of contents...


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"I'm sorry Ms. Payton. There's no heartbeat." The doctor told me as he turned off the ultra sound computer. "Your baby didn't make it."

My heart stopped at those five words. I had been through so much. Even though I'd only been pregnant four months, my baby still meant the world to me. It's father, however, was a different story. I shook my head. One problem at a time.

"Are you sure Dr. Bennett? Maybe you just weren't listening hard enough."

He nodded and wiped the goop off my stomach. "I'm sorry."

I sat up and put my shirt down, fighting the tears. This couldn't be happening to me. Not now. Dr. Bennett walked me out to the lobby. "I'll schedule an appointment for tomorrow so we can do a C-Section and get it out of you."

I nodded. "Thanks." I walked out to my car and got in. I was numb. I didn't know what to think. What to say. So The tears came. They poured out of me and wouldn't stop. I just couldn't hold them in any more. I cried for my baby, for my ex-fiance, hell I even cried for my gay older brothers dead goldfish.

After about twenty minutes of sitting in the parking lot crying I pulled myself together and drove to Dyllons house where we were all meeting to have dinner. I drove across town then pulled into the driveway and fixed myself in the mirror on the visor. God I looked like crap. But what did I expect after twenty minutes of crying?

Once I was presentable, I got out of the car and went up to the door. I rang the doorbell and only had to wait a couple seconds before Dyllons husband, Trevon, opened the door.

"Hey Marie's finally here!" he called happily then stepped aside. I went in and saw everyone was here. Even Alexas little sister Kimmy was already here. Oh well. Better late than never.

I looked around at my large family. Trevon bounced over to Dyllon and sat on his lap, and their little girls sat at their feet playing with dolls. My oldest brother Beverly sat on the huge couch with Richelle at his feet and Alexa cuddled next to him. Alexa's sister Kimmy sat on the floor with her head reasting in her boyfriend, Priapus's, knee. Sammi sat on the floor across from Richy, playing patty cake with her. Tiera sat on the other side of Beverly holding his newest baby, Kevin, in her arms. And the twins, Harry and Drew, sat on the couch next to Priapus, talking to him about something.

They all looked so happy. Then there was me. The sad one of the bunch. Just call me Sad Marie. Beverly looked up from Kevin's face and smiled at me. "Hey Marie. We thought you were going to be a no-show."

"And now that you're here, I have an announcement." Sammi stood and gave everyone a smile. "I got a modeling job."

There came a chorus of "Good job Sammi" and "Oh congratulations!" from my family.

"That's so awesome Sam. Now you can stop asking us for money." Tiera said with an innocent smile on her face. Sammi rolled her eyes.

"Yeah but there's kind of a catch. The job is in New York."

There was a silence before Beverly spoke. "So... how long are you going to be there?"

"I don't know. As long as they want me I guess." She shrugged and looked at me. "But enough about me. Marie!"

I looked up and met my adopted sisters eyes. "How are you? Do you know what your having yet?"

I shook my head. "And I never will."

Everyone looked confused.

"It didn't make it."

"Oh my God... Marie..." Sammi ran over to me and gave me a hug. "I'm so sorry." when she pulled back I saw there were tears in her eyes. I fought against my own tears and forced a small smile.

"Wait a second..." Priapus got up and came over to me. "When did you find out?" he put his hands on my stomach.

"Just today. I had my doctors appointment before I came here."

"I'll be back." He flashed out in a blinding light. I looked over at Kimmy for an explanation but she just shrugged.

"I'm dating the god. I don't know the gods secrets."

I sighed and went to sit by Alexa who pulled me into a hug. "It's okay Marie. I know it's hard but everyting will be all right."

Priapus flashed back in a couple minutes later and came over to me. "I have good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first?"

"Good. I've had enough bad news for one day."

"All right. The good news is, we can bring your daughter back."

"We? Daughter? What!?" I felt my excitement bubble up but forced it down.

"My mother, Hera and I. My mother is the goddess of love. Hera is the goddess of childbirth and I;m the god of fertility."

My heart pounded. In the moment, I loved Kimmy for her choice in men. "How are you going to do this?"

"My mother and I will combine our powers and make one man have the ability to bring your baby back. Of course, we won't have any say in who the man is and neither will you. If you can find him, Hera will allow your child to live and your pregnancy will continue." he paused. "Here's the bad news. Are you ready?"

I gulped and nodded.

"You have to find him and make love to him before midnight on your twenty-third birthday or the deal's off."

I slumped down in my seat and my excitement instantly died. "But that's impossible. How am I supposed to find one man, in a town with hundreds of men, make him like me and agree to have sex with me in three months?"

Priapus shrugged. "All I can say is I wish you the best of luck. I'm meeting my mother tonight so we can do our thing. You better start searching tomorrow as soon as you wake up. Remember Marie, he could be anyone. And you can't ask me for help because I will know just as much about who it is as you will."

I sighed. Three months. Was it even possible to make someone like you in that short amount of time? It took my almost a year and a half to makeScott fall in love with me. And I hadn't even had to findScott first. "So, he could be anyone from my mailman to the president of the United States?"

Priapus laughed. "No no no. I can assure you that it will be someone in the town of Loveland. We won't make you go looking any further than here."

"Oh. Good."

I sighed and looked around at my siblings. It was going to be a long three months.


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