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Save The Last Dance

By: Chantelle Nazareth

Chapter 1, Megan Pierce was a seventeen year old ballroom dancer, who was studing in \"Cance University of Performing Arts\" she had a major in dance, she was jolly, funny and living each day with insanity and to the fullest was her moto. But she also had this no dating policy after her ex Marcus; who lived back in Texas from where she came. The Cowgirl had secrets just like every other girl did, but darker. She left her past behind when she shifted to Miami. But what happens when Jason Evans a transfer student from Canada ends up in Cance University and this hottie has a dark side to his innocent face, he is appeling and every girl tries to hit on him. But he tends to have the hots for Megan. Does Megan ever fall for him? And if she does? What next? A crazy love story between two dancers, do they take dance to a whole new level? Do they make Romance on the Dance Floor?








Chapter 1








Every day is the same. Wake up, get dressed, go to college, then get to work,meet a few buddies and then home. There was nothing sparkly about my life. it was a daily boring schedule and i was getting bugged with this. i sat in class staring at the professor who was talking some shit about a new student coming, but as if i cared. it was a matter of 3 years and then i was out of this boring place. All I wanted to do was see the world, become the best dancer, wanted to act in movies like Step Up and Street Dance. but for that i had to finish my three years of Performing Arts University. And right now i am still a junior and not even 18. I let out a huge Sigh before going back to the bored shit our professor was saying. he stretches his arm over to the new kid in town. And Whoa, who was that kid?

A tall guy walked in with lovely eyes deep magical oh boy was he hot. the Shirt he wore clung to his muscular V shaped body and his hair was all messy, he dint seem to bother to set them his jeans hung low and he had this care free attitude in his walk. he looked around smiling and then suddenly his eyes met mine, Why was he staring? i wondered, but then i realized the seat to my side was empty of shit this is so not cool. i felt him walking towards me so i looked into my book pretending not to notice him. then he came and dumped himself on the seat to my left. Megan get a grip i tell myself.


"Hey" he says. Oh my god cute guy talking to me. I mentally slapped myself for thinking that way.


"Hey" i say "I'm Megan Pierce" i hold out my hand to shake his hand


"Jason Evans" he says smiling and shaking my hand. Oh Boy!! i am definitely melting


Suddenly i felt my phone vibrate so i pulled it out. It was a text from my best friend Sasha I hide the phone under my table before checking what she wrote.




I laughed reading her text, when it comes to Sasha it had to be about boys. My Little Best Friend was boy crazy. I looked at her at the front of the class. oh well there is another story to why we dont sit together. i just sent her a smiley in reply and stick out my tongue when she looks back at me and mocks.


"Ms. Pierce" Prof. Epps calls out to me. Shit Shit Shit i definatly was in a huge trouble.


I stand up and the entire class turns to look at me.


"You are starting to get on my nerves Megan" he says "2 days detention again" he says "Why cant you ever pay attention in class" he shakes his head "And you Ms. Rose" he turns to Sasha "After making you girls sit in two different corner of the class you still manage to communicate" he walks to the center of the class "Both of you 2 days of detention" he says and shakes his head in frustration. Yeah Sasha and Me were the most talkative girls in our class, and we could jabber about everything and nothing. Prof. Epps had made us sit at two different corner last week and here we are again going to go to detention, but lucky for us Sasha was dating the Dean's son Alex, so she always managed to get us out of detension as soon as we write our names and sign in.


As class bell rings i walk over to Sasha and she giggles "Damn you girl" she says "We are in detention again"


"Dont blame me" i act up all defensive but she gives me that funny face of hers that shows as if im the only devil and we burst out laughing.


"Sooo, you have a droolable guy right to your left and you have nothing to say?" she looks at me with curiosity. Sasha was that little crazy blonde just like me, we almost looked like sister, we were of the same height, she had lighter looks than me. she was beautiful and had lovely brown eyes. While i on the other hand and grassy green eyes and a crazy dimpled smile. 


"Haha we only introduced ourself" i say


"Jason Evans, From Canada, He plays Soccer, basketball and has been on his school swim team. Has come as a transfer student for Dance and Choreography, Rich father, owns 1 Mustang Shelby and 1 Carrera, was dating  Lisa Ryans, broke up last week-- 


"Woah stop stop" i tell her, or she would go on giving me millions of details about Jason. Something Sasha does, but whats worse is she is adamant on setting me up with some or the other guy, because she finds it weird that i havent dated anyone after Marcus. 


"Girl, he is hot" she says "You can try"


"No thanks Sash" i say


"I really dont get you Meg, how can you still be hung up over Marcus its been like how long.. umm 3 years" she says


"I just have no interest in dating yaa" i tell her "Now come on or i am going to get late for Salsa" i tell her.


I am studying with a majors in Dance so we have different classes, the first is English a compulsory class while the rest of my classes are different forms of dances, like my next class was Salsa and that was my favorite dance form.


"Yeah, cause your the one who doesnt have to study the theory" she says. Sasha was studying filming and from what she told me is that they have a lot of theory to study. 

"haha, again not my fault" i say bumping my shoulders into her before i enter my class and wave good bye to her.


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