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Save The Last Dance

Novel By: Chantelle Nazareth

Megan Pierce was a seventeen year old ballroom dancer, who was studing in "Cance University of Performing Arts" she had a major in dance, she was jolly, funny and living each day with insanity and to the fullest was her moto. But she also had this no dating policy after her ex Marcus; who lived back in Texas from where she came. The Cowgirl had secrets just like every other girl did, but darker. She left her past behind when she shifted to Miami. But what happens when Jason Evans a transfer student from Canada ends up in Cance University and this hottie has a dark side to his innocent face, he is appeling and every girl tries to hit on him. But he tends to have the hots for Megan.
Does Megan ever fall for him? And if she does? What next?
A crazy love story between two dancers, do they take dance to a whole new level? Do they make Romance on the Dance Floor? View table of contents...


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[Hey readers i am sorry my chapters are rather too short but i am planning on keeping it that way so that you all enjoy reading and i can keep you all interested, i dont like adding the boring stuff.

Hope you enjoy reading this chapter and feel free to comment your thoughts

Lots of love. ]


Chapter 2

Once I enter class, I dump my bang in one corner where all the students' bags were. Our Prof. Martina was a Spanish Ball Room dancer and she was going to teach us Cuban salsa with a mix of Street Dance. For Street our other Prof. Eddy was also in the room, they were briefing us about how the steps were to be done again. Even though we have been practicing this since three weeks, every Monday we get a briefing and demo just because they sometimes change our partners. I had this habit of going into a Trance every now and then and so it happened again, I drifted into my own world when I suddenly heard my name being called out.

"Megan" Prof Eddy calls "Megan back in the class" he says

"Sorry" I mutter

"Don't let it happen again" he says "Your partner with Jason" he tells me and my ears perk up did he just say Jason as in Jason Evans, and there he was waving his hand out to me. Oh god this had to be a joke. I was used to being paired with my buddy Boggie. No Boggie wasn't't his real name; his name was Edward "Boogie" Tyson. We used to call him Boggie because of his dance movies but being paired with any other guy wouldn't't help, especially this guy. I give him a smile before taking our positions.

The song started to play, first came the drum rolls and we took small street steps but when the salsa tune set in the guys gave a few furious moments and we girls were asked to give the Cuban hip moments. As the music got more intense came the lifts and the fast feet moments.

"Stop" Prof Martina called out. And the whole classroom of 20 kids stopped on the spot. "You are doing it wrong" she says to another set of dancers in front of me. "Megan and Jason" she calls out "In Front" she says. I look at her for 2 brief seconds before moving in front of the room.

"Watch them" she tells the class. And the song is played again, the drum rolls, then the slow salsa tunes, then a mix of both and we move our body's to the rhythm. oh well this had to go perfect because the music speaks to me, Jason smiles before picking me up and rolling me over and all the flips. My heels and my dress gave the perfect sways. As the song approached the end came the street dance steps and we moved our bodies to the finally tunes. Breaking the steps into fast break before taking the finally salsa twist again.

"That perfect" the Professions say and the entire class claps for us. I have this huge smile on my face, because after a really long time did I feel this good about my dance. After stuff that happened last year, but I was brought out of my thoughts when Jason suddenly hugged me. I could feel the heat on my face, but the sock in my bones

"That was great Meg" he says "Oh I am sorry, I just have a habit" he ruffles his hair with his hands embarrassed about what he just did

"Umm... its okay" I barley manage to speak, when Boogie comes from behind ruffling my hair and picking me up. "Meg your awesome" he says and then realizes Jason was standing so lays out his hand for a shake "Hi I am Edward but people call me Boggie" he tells Jason

"Hello" Jason shakes his hand "I'm Jason"

"New hea'?" Boggie and his funny Nigga accent

"Yeah shifted from Canada" Jason says with his Canadian accent

I decided to but in before the guys get all Yo Homey!! Types. "Ya'll continue, I needa shower" I say with the touch of my home town in my speech. Texas baby, I'm a Cowgirl.

"Yo Babe, cya at lunch" Boogie high fives me and Jason just nods getting all chatty with Boggie about the different dances here.

I am not that much into street dances just ballroom dances but we have been learning today's duel since 3 weeks but for Jason to catch up in an hour's time was amazing. I walk into the girl's locker room the next was lunch break and the last two classes were Jazz and Samba. So it was going to be fun for me, sometimes I wonder how I never get tired. After gathering my things and keeping them on my first shelf I take my towel and walk into the luke warm water shower. It felt so good under the water, I let myself feel fresh, but the scars still were visible even though almost faded. I could still see them and that irritated me.

After a long shower I walk out, pulling on a black v neck shirt and shorts. It was lucky the scars very not on my legs or arms. But the first few weeks I couldn't even walk out into the open. Shrugging on the thought from my mind I walk out to the place my group would be hogging on lunch. And just enough they were.

"Megan" Sean calls out when he saw me, Sean Williams was from my Jazz class, he was tall say around 6.2inchs and was a typical New Yorker, black hair and brown eyes but the attitude and style of a big boss. He had amazing Jazz feet and was my dance partner in Jazz Class. He was seated next to his girlfriend Avril, the red head photographer, the magic she had on the camera was beyond measures. Next to them was Lyala and Terry the identical Twins, both were from Boogies break dance class and they were two comical creatures. By their side were Sasha and Tyler. They all smiled at me as I approached them and oh not to forget Jason sat with them too, each of had different forms some in dance, photography, filming and acting. Tyler was the Dean's son and Sasha's newest boyfriend and he seemed to be the one who lasted post 3 months. I smirked with this thought in my head before sitting down next to Boggie who just came storming for the hotdog.

"Seriously Bogs, that bad" I say pointing out to the way he came.

"And I don't care" he said with a stuff mouth, Jason seemed to have been enjoying our group. he had been laughing at how fast Boogie stuffed two hotdogs in his mouth and was chewing on them "I'm Starving" he states, I guess because I could barely understand him with all the food in his mouth, I pat him on his back before sipping on my Peppy.

[Character pictures are up go check them out and tell me what you thing. xoxo]


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