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Lucy Maylett and her father have been travelling around the world for all their lives. Ever since the death of her mother Lucy finds that it's hard enough to fit in. But, it's not her that doesn't fit in, it's who she is. Moving away is already a hard enough process, but what if you pass the boundaries? What if the land that your living in is surrounded by mythical creatures? When Lucy decides to explore there new home she suddenly crosses the boundary and there she finds weird beings, but then those beings kidnapp her and that's when she sees Kale. But, what happens if Kale already has his girl? What then? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 14, 2013    Reads: 92    Comments: 12    Likes: 7   

Chapter One

The Big-Old House


/The only thing that could be heard was the howling of the wind and the creaking of the gates as Lucy's dad unlatched the gate./

Lucy stared from outside the passenger's seat, glum. Her father had promised that Clifton would be the place they were settling for, besides Lucy had finally made some friends, actual friends. The rain was pouring -trickling down the windows and Lucy felt an eerie atmosphere begin to settle down. Her father had tried to talk her out of it, but she remained silent as always. Forgetting was a hard process for Lucy, it glued into her and even though she tried her best nothing could heal the pain in her heart. One thing Lucy did get to forget; her mother. It was four years from now and Lucy began to forget, she couldn't help it, it was like a disease and her father never liked talking about the subject. Lucy did forget her mother, her smell, her face and her beautiful blonde locks. It was a memory, a distant memory that would grow cold and grey and sealed.

"I'm sorry Luce, I just feel that Clifton isn't the right place for us. I know you made your friends there, but it's never hard to try again,'' Keith, Lucy's father was a tired man. His hair was soft and wispy, greying at the ends, but he looked great for his age.

"Dad, please," Lucy wanted to stop her dad, but looking into his pale green eyes she began to forgive, she felt like melting, melting down underneath the Earth and getting away. "Okay, dad I forgive you."

"Trust me Luce you won't regret it," he began to smile and wink at Lucy which made her laugh.

Within moments they slowly pulled up in front of a big, old house. Houses were lined right next to each other, but it was eerily quiet. The only thing that could be heard was the howling of the wind and the creaking of the gates as Lucy's dad unlatched the gate.

"Come on up,'' he smiled at the house and waved back at Lucy who was getting out of the grey truck. "It's magnificent, the biggest house I could get Luce."

"Yes, it's nice, but it's…" Lucy knew what she wanted to say, but she didn't like seeing the worry in her dad's eyes, "Too big?''

Lucy's dad laughed, "That's the point Luce." Lucy felt a wash of relief, at least her dad was happy. She began to eye the houses next door which were her neighbourhoods', but no lights were on and there was no sound of the T.V or the typical loud music that was played back at Clifton. How, how strange. She crept inside the old house along with her dad. The house was dusty which made it look like it hadn't been lived in for years, which probably was true,the floral wallpaper was peeling and the air smelt stale and unpleasant. The furniture was still there, and the floral sofas sat infront of an antique television.

''How cool!'' Lucy's father beamed. ''This is amazing, they left all the furniture and we have our own television.'' Lucy's father walked up to the television and pushed the button, it surprisingly worked, but the screen was black and white. ''Ah, back in the days this would be really expensive!''

''Yes, it's amazing,'' Lucy began although she didn't mean it.

''All we need to do is fix up the furniture a little and do a little dusting and then we can call this home,'' Lucy's dad was happy, Lucy could tell, his face glowed and his voice was squeaky with excitement which always made Lucy happy inside.

''Thanks dad,'' she gave her father a big 'daughter and father hug' and went off to explore the house. Lucy's opinions on the house didn't differ, it was the same on the inside as it were on the out and Lucy began to feel bored exploring the surroundings. After they had lunch she chose her bedroom along with her dad and began to settle in. She stared out of her bedroom window and saw something that actually appealed to her. Something out in the distance, something faraway. Something that made Lucy want to run out into the wild.


Hello there, I really would love some feedback and likes so make sure you do that. If you did give me an 'I Like It' vote please say so, just so I know who to nag. JK :o! Critisism is also allowed seeing as I'm not perfect at this, but hopefully it's alright. So yeah! I will update once I have about twenty or so comments.

-Charlotte Willowby


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