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Looking Into His Blue Eyes

Novel By: Chasitiloveswriting

-This is an entry for MadisonRose's competition.- Love can really cure everything. It can destroy everything as well. Loving someone that you're not supposed to...leads to painful consequences. Especially, someone who shares your blood... View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 29, 2011    Reads: 211    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

Chapter 1

"Stay the Hell away from me!" Ethan shouted at me, his back pressed again the wall. Blood running down his arms and his right hand clutching a knife. The knife used to kill my own father. My heart refused to take in the sight. My father, his face slashed beyond recognition, laid dead on the floor. "E-Ethan." I stuttered. He dropped the knife. Ethan Drakesley swallowed and inched to the door. "Wait!" I shrieked. He stopped. "You shouldn't say anything to me. I'm worthless." he spat and continued to walked to the door. I couldn't believe that Ethan would be that heartless to walk away from me. I took a deep breath and winced. The iron smell of blood hung in the air. "Are you just going to leave me? No explanations, nothing?" I asked. He managed a grim smile. "You don't seem upset." he said. I walked towards him. "Stay there!" he screamed.

I froze, then gave a small smile. "Why can't I go near you?" The whispered sentence seemed loud in the silence. "I'm a killer, Andrea. Why should you come near mewhen I can kill you as easily as I killed him?" he said bitterly, looking down at Father's body. I walked towards him again. He yelled at me to keep away. "What can you do to me?" I demanded and pressed forwards. I could see his wounds now. His right cheek had a gash that was still bleeding. "I could-I could-" I was right in front of him now. I took his chin with my thumb and fore-finger. I looked into his deep blue eyes. Just like Father's. Exactly like Father's.

I sighed. "When you killed Father, our father, I knew that your love for me is unlimited, Ethan." I whispered. "Which is why I'm not upset." I smiled weakly. He looked away, swallowing. "He is not my father." he growled. "How I wish I could say the same." I whispered. I let go of his chin and looked down at Father's body again. "He's dead, there's no way of turning it back." I said and squatted down beside him. "May God bless you." I said bitterly and got up again. I put my hand out to Ethan. He looked at it as though it was an alien. "We have to run, Ethan. Can you understand that?" I asked. He took my hand reluctantly. We ran away.

We went to the cottage in the woods where we first met. It was quiet, and dark. The place was our heaven. Whenever we wanted to meet, we'd meet there. We had all necessities in there. We even had an air mattress.

There was a river at the back of the abandoned cottage. "Ethan, go clean up. I'll go get the first-aid box." I said quietly. We have not said anything while on the way here. He nodded silently and went to the back. I went to the kitchen and rummaged around the shelves, trying to remember where I've placed the first-aid box. I grabbed the box and went to sit on the air mattress.

Ethan came in, totally naked and wet. I didn't even blink. We've seen each other naked before, but not getting naked in that sense. "Where's your clothes?" I asked. "They're outside. We'll burn them later." he replied and came to sit beside me. Unbelievably, his wound was still bleeding. Must've been deep. I got some cotton wool and dabbed it with some foul-smelling lotion. I reached up and carefully dabbed the wound. Ethan winced a little. "I'm sorry." I whispered and took a plaster out of the box. I covered the wound with it. Ethan grabbed my hand when I was about to remove it from his cheek. "Andrea." he whispered. His eyes bore into mine. I felt myself go weak. "Ethan, don't." I said softly. Too late. He crushed his lips to mine, searing my heart. I felt my self-control crumbling and I gave in.

His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer. I felt his rising hardness, proving his desire for me. That snapped me awake. "No, Ethan." I murmured, trying to push him away. He gave a groan of protest. I pushed him away. "No." I said breathlessly, but firmly. I looked away from his naked body now. I got up and went to the shelves that we kept some of our clothes in. I threw him some clothes. "Put them on." I said hoarsely, standing rigid in front of the shelves. I heard his footsteps as he came closer to me. His arm wrapped around my waist from behind. "Please." he pleaded, sounding as though he was in agony. He gently brushed my hair to one side and kissed the back of my neck. I closed my eyes, breathing deeply.

I felt his fingers unbuttoning my blouse from behind. He managed to remove it. He impatiently pulled my shirt off. His lips explored the skin he just bared. "Ethan..." I whispered, trying to shake off the desire clouding my sense of reasoning. "Stop that. Stop saying no. I want you and I know you want me too." Ethan breathed. I swallowed. He picked me up and walked to the air mattress. He set me down carefully.

He climbed on top of me. "This is so wrong." he whispered, stroking my hair. "But I swear I'll make it right, somehow." he continued. "Ethan." I choked, tears forming in my eyes. Ethan kissed me, then proceeded to make mad love to me.

I lost my virginity to my half-brother.


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