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Not Suited For Love

Novel By: Chasitiloveswriting

Tags: Love, Sex, Rape, Pain

A female of age 19 was forced into prostitution and had to undergo so many things in her life. Until one day, the boss of one of the best hotels in Singapore, Asia, comes to the same pub where she was having a pick-up. She finds herself falling head-over-heels in love with the 24-year-old boss. She knows that it's impossible for her to get into a relationship, seeing that she is a protitute. But she couldn't help herself but to get closer to him.
-WARNING: SOME GRAPHIC MATERIAL- View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 29, 2011    Reads: 359    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Another night. Just like any other night. I groped around my handbag for a pack of cigarettes & the lighter. "Kourtney, where you going to pick-up?" asked Amelia, one of the other protitutes under Nathan. Nathan was the fucking idiot who tricked us into this shit. He was the pimp. Well, we're Singaporeans and you know people like us speaks 'Singlish'. Although, I prefer to speak English. "No idea. I just want to sleep." I groaned. "Chey, like that you won't get money one lor. You know that if you don't work, Nathan will kill you one." said the 34-year-old woman. I'm 19 and one of the youngest on the block. I was one of the most wanted girls under Nathan.

I lit up the cigarette and inhaled, getting all the smoke in my lungs. I needed all this. Alchohol, smoking, even drugs; just to get high enough for me to not feel my 'customer's' touch. I was leaning against the wall of a building at Orchard Rd, the busiest street in the whole island. Amelia & I were trying to get some boys. So far no one wants to screw anyone of us, yet.

One of the reasons of being a prostitute was, I'm an orphan. I was in Junior College when my parents died in a car crash and my only other kin was my half-paralyed 42-year-old, unmarried uncle. He had a stroke when he was 39 and was half-paralysed since then. He was my guardian. I loved him, of course. But then he couldn't get a job and I had to drop out of school.

A few nights later, I met Nathan at a library. I had no money to buy books, so I had to borrow. He smiled at me and asked if I was single. I was 17 at that time and was naive. I was stupid. I told him no, giving him my most charming smile. He smiled and we became friends soon after that. Nathan treated me like I was a treasure. Then he asked me out. We had a few dates and then, on the fourth night, he came onto me. He was drunk and obviously on drugs. He screwed the shit out of me. Date-rape. The next day, I was in pain all over. Then I saw Nathan, who was leering at my body. "You're perfect." he had purred. And up 'til now, I still shudder at the rememberance of that. He made me date him and I wasn't happy at all. I spent all the nights alone, crying. My uncle would knock on my door and ask if I was okay. I would tell him yes, I was, just to keep him from finding out what happened to me. I was afraid.

On one of our forced dates, he offered me a job. Being a prostitute. He said that since I was that sexy, I would get lots of boys. He said that people can offer up to $5000 on one night. I couldn't help it. It was a lot of money, to me, at least. I took up the offer. The first few nights were horrible, but a month after that, I got used to it. Nathan offered me drugs and alchohol to 'pleasure' me. I took one drug and realised that I could get high eating that awesome stuff. It's illegal, I know. But, what the heck? As long as these stuff can make me forget about screwing the men, I'm good. Now, two years on, I was the best on the block. But that's nothing to be proud of, at all.

I got one customer, finally. One old man, around 50 years of age, came up to me. "Eh, *chio-bu! You wanna screw tonight?" he asked, hugging me. He reeked of alchohol. "If only you're willing to pay." I said. Same routine. They ask me if I wanna do them, I ask them if they wanna pay me. "Ok, lor. Come, girl-girl. I take you to hotel." he said and pulled me along. I allowed him to drag me, trying to swallow the bile of disgust in my throat.

*chio-bu: It is Hokkien for Sexy/Pretty girl.


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