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Novel By: CheerUp

Jane Parker had always been second best to her sister, Jenna. She suffers from a serious case of depression and sometimes resolves to cutting. When she starts falling for her sister's crush, Adam, she loses control of everything she had controlled before, and all her lonely miseries bring her and Adam inevitably together. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 4, 2012    Reads: 91    Comments: 9    Likes: 7   

"He is so cute!", my eighteen year old sister, Jenna, exclaimed.

"Who, Adam?" I tried annoying her.

"Yes! Who else?"

I had to admit she was right. Adam, with his sexy brown hair and smiling gray eyes and adorable dimples, was really cute.

Our mom's friend's family had moved in our town and we had met them a couple of times. Aunt Kelly and her husband had two kids, Adam, nineteen and their engaged daughter Mandy.

After meeting them a few times at dinners we had gotten acquainted with them through the "social media". Facebook, really. They were good people, Mandy was chirpy and real sweet, and Adam was a happy kind of guy, sometimes moody, with a great music taste.

I knew my sister had a thing for him and he probably did too for they chatted like crazy, while Adam's conversations with me had been short and not entirely pleasant.

We had, all four us-no parents, gone out for a movie and dinner. I liked him even less after today, because he had torn my favorite sweater by accidentally bumping into me and sending me tumbling forward, ripping the sleeve of my sweater which had been apparently stuck on a nail in the wall. He hadn't even apologized; instead, the guy had LAUGHED. Ugh.

"You like him, don't you?" I asked my sister the obvious question.

"Yes," she sighed, "He's so sweet, isn't he, Jane?"

Wow, okay. He didn't seem like the sweet kind to me but whatever helped my sister sleep at night. "Yes, he sure is."


I got up at 3 A.M. from my bed because sleep obviously wasn't coming. I felt like crying, I hated these fits of depression. I hated being so lonely, I wish I had some friends. I wished Amy hadn't moved away and forgotten me. I held my tears in and opened my drawer, and fumbled in the darkness for my object of escape. I pulled it out and set it on my left arm, away from the wrist, very sensibly so. I slowly dragged the blade down the length of my arm, gasping and crying, now. I let the blood seep out and I waited for the pain to register in my numb mind and help me escape my depression.

I hadn't done this in a while now. For I had been fine, maybe. I had hoped that maybe this depression issue had finally stopped. I was wrong.

The pain arrived and I was so glad. I cried my eyes out till I was finished and feeling better. Going into my washroom and switching on the light, I washed all the blood away and applied an ointment on the cut. Then, I snuggled in my covers and slept peacefully.


School finally let out. Sixteen year old girls loved loved summer vacation for the parties, beach hangouts, and all things fun. I loved summer solely because I didn't have to go through school all alone. I wasn't bullied, no. People just thought I was weird. All silent and into poetry and music. Never interacting much. They waved to me and made polite conversations but never got close to me.

I got my bike out of the bike-rack and waved to Jon, from my English class who was smiling at me. He was very popular, but he always smiled at me or waved because he was a real sweetie.

I rode my bike fast to feel like wind, it felt so exhilarating. I was calm. Two months of no dreaded school, and no homework. Just television, internet, music and poetry for me.

Around 6, I logged into my Facebook, and responded to my few notifications, rolling my eyes at my sister's incredibly perky status from last night of "having a great time with Adam Kenneth, Mandy Kenneth and Jane Parker." It had about thirty comments, four from Mandy and the rest of it filled with Adam's and my sister's obvious flirting. I commented, "Lol<3" for the sake of my sister, because she always bugged me to comment atleast something on her posts in which I was mentioned. Obviously, just 'liking' that post wasn't enough for her.

Adam came up on Chat, saying, "Sorry bout your sweater"

I replied saying it was okay, not a problem, expecting him to insert a smiley and drop the conversation. Instead, he surprised me.

"So sup with u? Were quiet yesterday, why?", he asked.

"ah NM. I usually am quiet, don't worry Lol"

And then we talked. Talked like we were BFFs Forever (gag). I don't know why, but he kept the conversation alive. At one point, I asked myself, "Is he flirting with me?" because it seemed that way, but dismissed it quickly enough. He liked my sister, of course. And I didn't have a crush on him anyway so it didn't matter. But I did like talking to him, he was so easy to talk to. When I logged off after two hours, I was happy.


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