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Steal His Heart

Novel By: Chienne

Kaitlin Martinelli finds herself flying from one state to another just to spend some quality time with her Aunt Hanna.

It's just one month in her summer, but a lot can happen in one month, especially because her Aunt has a hot young boyfriend her age named Josh. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 27, 2013    Reads: 141    Comments: 17    Likes: 8   

WARNING : If you're reading 'Skinny Love.' in my other account Skinny Love or reading 'A Love Worth Fighting' on wattpad and you don't want any spoilers, this is a sequel, so reading this is a complete spoiler! I find this more interesting than Skinny Love./A Love Worth Fighting though and this might be my best work so far, so please, let me know what you think, likes and comments will be appreciated very much!

Thank you,

Ally xx


I cannot believe I'm doing this. Flying from one state to another just to spend some quality time with my Aunt Hanna. It's like my parents didn't want me around anymore.

Okay, I'm over-reacting. It's just one month in my summer. And, my parents will be away in Las Vegas for that whole month. Ugh, those horny bastards. I know what they're up to.

I grunt as I chase my suitcase down the luggage carousel. This is always a problem for me, I inherited it from my mom. I can never get my luggage right away, there's always a chase.

So, an hour and a luggage chase later, I exit LAX and into the beating sun. Oh wow, someone throw a bucket of ice-cold water over me because this heat is way too hot. Definitely a big change in climate.

Alaska never gets this hot.

I don't know why my parents nor I never get picked up in the arrivals area, but were usually picked up outside the airport. Strange, I know. So here I stand, waiting outside, in the heat. Some business men are getting into flashy cars & some teenagers are hugging their hearts out by a big soccer mom van.

"Oh my darling niece!" I hear in an overly-familiar voice coming from behind me. I spin around and catch sight of a familiar top of the head. Strawberry-Blonde and silky. No one else has hair that beautiful, aside from my mom of course. That's Aunt Hanna alright.

I push my way through the throng of busy people, muttering excuse me and I'm sorry when I push too hard. Finally, I see my aunts familiar, beautiful face.

"Aunt Hanna!" I say in delight. She's my favourite Aunt, if you haven't noticed. She used to live back in Alaska but when I was fifteen she decided to move back to Santa Monica, it was her home after all.

"Well, well little duckling, you've turned into a beautiful swan" She winks "Josh!" She calls over her shoulder.

I furrow my brows. Josh? My confusion is swept away when a tall boy, about my age comes into sight, pushing his way through the throng of people with a frown on his face.

"Jesus, these people are bloody crazy!" He exclaims when he reaches us. I almost pee myself when I see him. Bloody gorgeous. Tall and tan. He was the complete package. His lips were lusciously pink and they looked extremely kissable. And his eyes were just those deep blue ones that are...oh my.

He runs a hand through his perfectly mussed, bronze hair in obvious frustration, "Hanna, Can we just get the fuck out of here. Where's your fucking niece?!"

I clear my throat and his eyes flit over to me. He starts scanning me, sizing me up and I shift uncomfortably with the pressure of his stare. "Hi, I'm Kaitlin" I mutter shyly.

"Well, Kaitlin, what the fuck are you waiting for, lets get the fuck out of here!" He roars and I flinch. Christ, I'm going to get a bloody heart-attack with this boy.

"Josh!" Aunt Hanna chastises, glaring at him hotly.

Josh sighs and runs his hand through his hair again. "Han, babe, I'm sorry" he mutters, staring at her softly. "But these people are driving me mad!"

Aunt Hanna blushes and rolls her eyes, "I know how impatient you can get" She nudges him with her shoulder and he nudges right back.

My eyes widen at the exchange. Did Josh just call my Aunt, babe?! What in the fuck is going on here?! Are they teasing each other?!

Hanna grins at me nervously when she sees my wide eyes and gaping mouth. "Grab her bags, will you?" She tells Josh and he obliges, grabbing my bag.

"Lets go then" He says, a little less aggressively, grabbing my Aunts hand in his other one and walking towards what I suppose is the car.

Aunt Hanna turns around and beckons me to follow. "You better explain" I mouth to her as I follow them through the throng, she nods and turns back around to face her way.


The car-ride to Santa Monica is too lengthy for my tastes. Here I am, sat in the backseat like a third wheel.

I plug my ear-buds in, but much to my dismay, it dies in the middle of the first song that I play. Oh how lucky.

I clear my throat softly and say the first thing that comes to my mind in an attempt to make things a little less awkward, "I have this exact same car, back in Alaska."

This surprises Josh and I see him do a little take before glancing at me through the rearview mirror and grinning, "An A4? Really?"

"Yeah" I grin back enthusiastically, this is better, were getting along, "It's a hand-me down, my Grandpa can't drive anymore so it was given to me"

"And I thought I was the only one who still drove this model" He chuckled, shaking his head.

"It still runs fine, mine, like brand new actually. My Gramps knew how to take care of a car. Where'd you get yours?" I ask.

"Second hand shop near the pier. It took me awhile to fix it up, but it's running excellently now and the paints new" He smiled excitedly, I smile back. It was the kind of smile that made you want to smile too. I could see that he liked to talk cars, makes, and models. The typical guy.

"I figured. Yours is a bit glossier than mine. Has an extra shine"

"Hey, I clean it every weekend. This things my baby" He nods proudly, his eyes still focused on the road. But through the rearview mirror , I could see them glimmering.

Aunt Hanna clears her throat a little too loudly and Josh glances at her, "Sorry. This things my second baby"

I almost gag. This is the oddest, strangest thing ever and I cannot wait for Aunt Hanna's explanation.

"Jesus" Aunt Hanna groans, "I told your father to buy you a brand new. What are you going to do with that old bucket of bolts?!"

I do a little take at her choice of words to describe my beloved car, and I could see Josh was hurt by her comment.

"You look at my car as an old bucket of bolts?" He takes his eyes off the road for a second to glare at her hotly.

"Is it not an old bucket of bolts?" She retorts, glaring back at him, equally as hot. Christ, their glares are hotter than the sun right now, and that's saying a lot.

"Sooo" I start, all I want to do is relieve the tension.

"Not now, Kaitlin" Aunt Hanna spits, and I recoil. My favourite Aunt, talking to me that way, it actually hurts.

I bite my lip uncomfortably and start praying for a miracle.

"No, no Kaitlin, do go on" Josh says, smiling at me encouragingly and I shake my head as my cheeks burn.

Crap, red alert, red alert, this is not good.

"Are you defying me?!" Aunt Hanna demands of him and he blatantly ignores her.

Shit. I start praying to God that they don't completely start arguing in front of me. Especially not while one of them is driving.

I don't plan on spending my summer in hospital, or worse, dead.

I start racking my brain for ways to make this situation a little less hostile. Light bulb moment! "Lets play the silence game" I offer. It's a classic.

Josh nods enthusiastically and Aunt Hanna quirks a brow, "Lets!" He exclaims, "Hanna should start, starting now"

Okay...what's going on? I don't think that's a part of the game. The games goal is just to make things quiet. Make sure that nobody talks, no one exactly has to start.

Aunt Hanna huffs and folds her arms over her chest, "I'm not going to--"

"And you're out!" Josh exclaims a little crazily, he swerves off the road and stops in the side, "Get out of my old bucket of bolts"

Oh this is so not good. This is not good at all. I shouldn't have offered that stupid game. Stupid, stupid me. I've just made things worse.

"Excuse me?!" Aunt Hanna exclaims, narrowing her eyes at the crazy-eyed gorgeous boy in the drivers seat.

"You heard me!" He glares at her.

"Okay then," She says self-righteously, unstrapping herself from the seatbelt and clambering out of the car, grabbing her purse and slamming the door shut.

Oh no.

Before I could even react, or even register that my Aunt was walking away from the car, Josh speeds off, down the road, leaving my Aunt behind.

The car is moving like a panther. Racing down the road like its adamant on winning first place. It isn't until a few seconds have passed that I decide to speak.

"Um, Josh" I start, quite uncertainly. Unlike my mother, I couldn't just say exactly what I want to all the time, most times I can but now is not one of those times.

He raises a brow, frustration still clearly on his face. But I'm thankful he isn't as hostile as he was to me earlier.

"Maybe we should go back to Aunt Hanna" I offer. "We wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her"

He snorts, "To her? Nothing bad will happen to her. If something bad happens, it will be because of her."

That does not sound like the Aunt Hanna I know, but then again, she has been slightly different since she left three years ago and a while back at LAX. She's not as nice and happy and optimistic as she used to be.

I clear my throat, this is the awkward part, "Um, well, these days aren't as safe as the old days, there are a lot of sexual predators..."

Josh looks incredulous, he scoffs, "She herself is a sexual predator, so I'm sure if she meets one, they'll get along just fine"

Ok gross. That is not something I want to hear about my aunt. That's just...just gross.

I still don't know where they stand, what they're relationship is, but whatever it is, she must be pretty important to him if he puts her before his precious Audi A4.

"Just go back Josh, please, you'll regret it later if you don't. Aunt Han-" I curse internally as I stutter, "Aunt Hanna must mean something to you" I grimace. He's my age! I think.This is so odd! "So you wouldn't want her to be angry at you for long"

I don't even know if we're close to Santa Monica. How on earths crust will she get back there?

He mutters a string of profanities before turning and zooming back down the road to get Aunt Hanna. I sigh in relief. Problem solved.

Except, it turns out to be, Problem not solved because Aunt Hanna seems to have decided to be extremely proud, and self-righteous today.


We're driving along the sidewalk, following Aunt Hanna as she huffs and walks with her arms crossed. The passenger seat window is rolled down and Josh is apologising, though he doesn't seem too fond of doing it.

Finally, having had enough of all this drama, I climb into the passenger seat, "Aunt Hanna, I'm dead tired from my flight, could you please just get into the car?"

She stares at me but huffs again and treads along. "You both go on then, I'll find my way back"

Josh throws his hands down on the horn in frustration and Aunt Hanna almost jumps out of her skin, it's a pitying sight, really. But nobody wants pity.

"Lets just go, alright?" Josh mutters, "She has too much pride to get back in my bucket of bolts."

Oh for gods sakes! Are we not over that situation already?! Bucket of bolts or not it's a form of transportation, and she needs to get home somehow.

"What is that supposed to mean?!" Aunt Hanna glares at him, leaning against the car, stooping down to look past me, towards him.

I interrupt, before it turns into another heated argument, "Aunt Hanna! If you do not get in this car, we'll leave without you"

She stares at me, "My own niece" she mutters before pushing herself off the car and starting to walk again.

"Look, Kaitlin, it's her choice--" Josh says frustratedly but I cut him off.

"Floor it" I mutter, strapping myself in with the seatbelt, "She can find her own way home"

He nods, stepping on the gas pedal furiously and accelerating down the road. I catch sight of Aunt Hanna, stood on the sidewalk, throwing her purse onto the ground.

I bite my lip, maybe we've been too harsh. And this isn't a good way to start a one-month bonding stay. And it isn't a very good reunion either. But it was her choice, and we couldn't keep at it forever.

So now she'd have to walk until she finds a way home. I'm not sure what I pity more though, her feet, or the god-damned expensive manolos she was wearing.


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