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Steal His Heart

Novel By: Chienne

Kaitlin Martinelli finds herself flying from one state to another just to spend some quality time with her Aunt Hanna.

It's just one month in her summer, but a lot can happen in one month, especially because her Aunt has a hot young boyfriend her age named Josh. View table of contents...


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Josh was speeding down the road like a race-car driver, and he didn't slow his speed until five minutes after.

"You know your Aunt..." He started, shaking his head, "She can be too much to handle, even more so lately"

I nodded, with lack of anything to reply. I feel like I don't know my Aunt anymore. I haven't seen here in three years, after all. And I've only heard from her through the occasional e-mail.

"I try to understand her" He goes on, "But I just can't anymore, there's always a problem, there's always something wrong"

Okay, I'm open to conversation, always am, but I'm no psychotherapist or a shrink, I don't know if I can help him with his problem. Especially when his problem is so damn complicated.

"Can I ask you something?" I ask nervously, this is a big question. I'm not even sure if it would be right to ask, but my curiosity always gets the best of me.

"Sure" He sighs.

"Are you..." I shake my head, what am I thinking?! Of course it isn't right to ask, it's probably rude. And I don't want anything to get awkward.

Josh glanced at me, then back at the road, "Go on"

My cheeks start to burn, I don't know how to not make this sound too nosey or malicious, but hell! I've gotta find out sooner or later and it's going to be awkward either way, "Are you and my aunt...you know..."

Josh grunted a 'yeah' and ran a hand through his hair, glancing at me to see my reaction.

I'm trying to make my face neutral. Not show any telltale signs of horror, disgust, or incredulity. But good lord, this guy is dating someone more than twice his age.

I mean, I love my aunt, and I want her to be happy, and I'm all for age doesn't matter when it comes to love, but doesn't that only count for when one of them is only ten years older or less?

Dating someone twice your age or more is like dating your mother or father. And dating someone half your age or more is like dating your own child.

Josh chuckles from beside me, surprising the hell out of me, "Don't worry, you're not being obvious, but I know what you're thinking"

I blush. Christ, really? So he's aware of the situation? Aware of how wrong it is on so many levels?

"Everyone thinks that way" He mutters.

Well, duh. No person in their right mind wouldn't think that way. It's just wrong, it's pedophilic. Or in my Aunt's case, cougarific?

"Can I ask you why?" I ask him, staring at him as he drove. I mean there's gotta be a good reason why, you don't just up and decide to start dating someone old enough to be your parent.

"What do you mean why?" He scoffs "We're dating, she's my girlfriend, it's as simple as that"

But it's not as simple as that, why would he take her into consideration in the first place? I mean, I don't doubt my Aunts beauty or personality but you don't just simply date or take an interest in someone that much older than you. Does anyone else even see my point here?

"How old are you?" I ask boldly.

He glances at me. If I got a dollar for every time he glanced at me, I wouldn't be a millionaire, but I'm sure I could buy myself some Ben & Jerry's.

Which speaking of, I'd very much love right now. I adjust the vent of the air cooler so more air hits me. Fucking hot here.

"Nineteen" He states firmly. Damn, he's only a year older than me, I knew it.

Aunt Hanna's forty-three. Twenty-four years older than him. Old enough to be his mother. Does he not see what's wrong in the picture?

I mean, I'm not exactly trying to make him see whats wrong, because that could hurt My Aunt. She might really like him...or I could think of other things she could like him just for.

I mean come on, I'm not stupid. I know how those things work. Usually, it's an old man and a young girl, but who says old women can't do it to, eh? Gross

Okay, I can't exactly call my Aunt old, so lets just go with older.

I can't jump to conclusions, but there's gotta be a reason for this relationship of theirs. Aunt Hanna looks young, but not young enough to be mistaken for a teenager or in her mid-twenties.

I just don't understand.

There had got to be a reason.


The rest of the ride was spent in silence. The ride from the airport to Santa Monica turned out not to be too long. Eight miles or so isn't much of a distance to drive.

We drove into a beautiful neighbourhood. All palm trees, backyard pools, big houses, and well manicured lawns with automatic sprinklers.

We stopped in front of a big white house with huge glass windows. It was well-kept. This is where my mom spent her senior year. This used to be Gramps house.

My mom offered it to Aunt Hanna since it was unoccupied and most likely will be forever if she didn't take it.

I was so mad at my mom that time. I knew Aunt Hanna was going to leave, and I wasn't too pleased about it but my mom didn't have to encourage her.

"This is it" Josh mutters, hopping out of the car and moving to get my luggage from the trunk. I sit in the car for a little while, the lack of air-conditioning making me sweat.

It's so hot I could just jump into a pool, fully clothed.

Josh, walks up the steps to the house. I wait for him to unlock the door before hurriedly unstrapping myself, running out of the car and rushing into the house.

Praise the lord! They've left the air-cooler on!

"Wow" I mutter as I look around, the house is so well-kept it looks so new. My gramps really did know how to take care of things.

"Amazing, right?" Josh grins, dropping my suitcase by the staircase. It was amazing, it was like a beach dream except without the beach.

I know there's a pool out back, mom said she threw a pool party the day after gramps had it placed.

"Your Aunt set up your moms room for you, she had it cleaned" He stretched his arms out and before I knew it, his shirt was off.

I tried, okay? I tried not to gape at his glorious abs, but you can't blame me! What girl could resist staring at that.

"What're you doing?" I ask cautiously. Dear lord, I'm staring at my Aunts boyfriends abs. I'm such a bad person.

"Going out for a swim" Josh says in a 'duh' manner. He walks out of the foyer and down the hall to the back door. He goes out, but pops his head back in after awhile, "You can join me if you wish"

Well, I do really want to go for a swim. But I think I'll pass, I've just caught myself staring at his abs. A swim with him will catch me drooling.

So, instead of going out back and cooling off in refreshing water, I stay in here. It's actually cool in here and the sweat I had worked up earlier is gone.

Sighing, I walk over to my suitcase and pull out my laptop. I bring it over to the kitchen and sit on the breakfast bar and open up face time. Hopefully, my best friend Ciara is available.

But, as unlucky as this day has proven to be so far; she isn't.

So, I just open up tumblr and just start to mindlessly Reblog anything that catches my eye.

When I've reached my daily post limit, I decide to send mom and dad a quick e-mail. Just to let them know that I'm fine and I arrived safely.

My stomach growls at me and I realise that the only food I ate was half a cookie and that was an hour before my flight.

I walk out back, "Josh!" I call, walking over to the pool. Unfortunately for me and my fetish for sexy backs, he was doing laps, and his back was bunched up, facing me.

Don't stare, don't stare, don't stare. I chanted to myself. Aunts boyfriend, aunts boyfriend, aunts boyfriend.

"You okay?" Josh's worried voice snaps me out of it. He's standing in front of me now, staring at me with a worried expression.

I blink, my eyes still a bit frosty from staring at one thing without blinking for too long. "Er-yeah" I mutter.

Josh bends over, using a towel to dry up his hair. Oh sweet jesus, I think I have a fetish for shoulders too.

Those shoulders are just... AUNTS BOYFRIEND! I remind myself. It is not right to drool over or think about my aunts boyfriend this way.

Not right at all.

"So what'd you need?" Josh asks, causally throwing the towel onto his shoulder.

I was originally going to ask him if there was any food in here, but now I think I'll just visit the pier that my mom and dad love so much. They've talked about it so much during dinner discussions that I'm pretty sure I won't get lost if I take a trip there.

I need to get away from Josh for a while. I shouldn't be drooling over him like I just was. I mean, it's not that I like him or anything. No, definitely not. But the way I've been staring at parts of his body is making me uncomfortable. So, leave it is.

"I was wondering, could I borrow your car?" I ask.

He snorts, "My baby?"

"Your second baby" I correct him.

He snorts again, "No"

What?! "Why not?!"

"I can't trust you with my car, you're like sixteen" He snorted again.

I fold my arms over my chest, "I'm eighteen, idiot, now can I borrow your car?"

He raises a brow, "No"

"But I'm not sixteen!" I protest, I mean, that was the reason he didn't want to lend it to me, right?

"Doesn't matter, I don't let anybody else ever drive my car, my baby" He smirks.

I narrow my eyes at him and correct him again, "Your second baby"

He shrugs, "My baby either way"

"Please, Josh!" I start to beg, pouting and widening my eyes. Nobody's ever been able to resist this pout before!

Josh glances at me uncertainly, staring and narrowing his eyes at my quivering pout and finally he heaves a big sigh; "Where do you plan on going, anyway? You've never been here before, right?"

"The pier, no, I haven't been here before but my parents have talked about it enough for me to practically know this place well" I pout again.

"And how exactly will you drive yourself to the pier?" He asks.

"Easy," I shrug, "GPS"

"Your Aunt will kill me if I let you leave on your own, I'll just drive you" He says, but that completely defeats the purpose.

"I'm trying to be alone" I mutter.

"I can't let you drive my car, alone" He sighs exasperatedly. Jeesh, I know he loves his car but come on, I'm not going to drive it into the water or anything.

"Why not just take your Aunts car?" He offers.

Bingo! That would work perfectly. I nod excitedly, "Where is it?"

"Driveway" He mutters, going into the kitchen and fishing a set of keys from a cupboard. I didn't notice another car in the driveway earlier, but then again, I had been too busy trying to get away from the heat.

"Take good care of her car, I don't need her blaming me for anything else today" He says firmly and I nod. "Here," he hands me the keys and I grab them, "Hand me your phone"

What? Wait! My phone? No! "No"

"I need to put my number in idiot" He says dryly, "Call me if you get lost"

"Fine," I mutter, fishing my phone out of my pocket and handing it to him. He typed his number in, saves it and hands it back to me.

"Keep this with you at all times, if you see anything suspicious or wrong, call me right away" He says slowly, as if to make me understand better.

I roll my eyes, he's only a year older than me but he's acting like he's twice my age, hmm, maybe that's why Aunt Hanna's dating him. "Sure, Uncle Josh" I tease and leave for the door before he can say anything.

"See you later!" I tell over my shoulder, shutting the door and walking down the drive. And then I see Aunt Hanna's car. How could I have missed it earlier?

Sleek, and cherry red, "Porsche, figures" I mutter under my breath before glancing down at the fancy set of keys in my hands.

I guess it runs in the family then.

My dad uses a Ferrari, whilst my mom, who doesn't really care about brands and price tags uses a simple Audi, like me.

I hop in and type my destination in before driving to this lovely pier that my parents love so bloody much.


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