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That's No Puppy Love..

Novel By: Chockl8 Muffin

When a Guy is Broken, Doubtful and angry at the world. It's Kind of hard to simply take his breath away, especially when you're just an average normal girl with a dark secret - and maybe present- that haunts you yourself. But, Imagine You Did?

Eldon, A guy who was once betrayed, in everyway possible. Joy, aka Velia, The Girl Who had to take matters of her life in her own hands, and that didn't lead her to the road of bliss. Both meet at the most cliched place. School. Their Attraction and immediate Lust that takes over, leads them to spend more time together, and all the secrets in their lives they tried to hide and deny, just came pouring out of their hearts... To Make place for eachother's love. so instead of playing the game of "you cheated on me" they help themselves and eachother, to an extreme beyond Both Their expectations. They didn't love the puppy love, they were bonded with the love that survives...

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~That's No Puppy Love.
Chapter One:
Eldon knew that the skies were defying him to go buy whatever his mom asked for. The grey clouds were storming into the sky and the wind has picked up since he last looked out the window - which was a few minutes ago-.
"Eldon, Honey, don't forget to pick up your brother from school" his mom's voice came through the door and seeped inside his ear. Huffing, he grabbed a random sweatshirt and put it on walking out of the room. As he passed by the kitchen's door, he caught a glimpse of his mom looking at him and sighing.
"Eldon, honey, I Love You." She called, he nodded to himself, knowing full well that she couldn't see him do it and he walked out of the house, slamming the door behind him. So maybe, him being nineteen and still at high school made him a little angry at the world. His only dream was to go to medical school and that dream was snatched away from him as fast as those winds were picking up. He lifted the hood over his Dark Brown Unruly hair that reached just half his forehead and put his hands in his pocket. The people around him were running around, grabbing their children, or chasing their flying objects. He sighed. People just think too much about their possessions that they forget that their lives are more important than some flying scarf.
He reached the super market and entered causing the bell next to the door to jingle. He moved between the lanes. A satisfied smile on his face, this was always one of his most favorite things to do. He reached the -female things- corridor, and he mumbled a curse. He did it a lot. Buying his mother tampons was like eating to him, but after he was announced to be the only person repeating this year in high school, he can't be his old cool self any more, and by such, his confidence shattered. He couldn't just grab his mom's things and go out.
But yet, his confidence in himself didn't completely shatter, it was rather his confidence in other people that affected him the most. He wanted to run away from school, from his life and just hide out somewhere that no one shall find him being himself. It was rather odd for him to suddenly change into this lifeless person after being the life of the party and homecoming king for the past four years. But obviously, he had to spend one other year for something he never did, and his anger from the world, fixed itself in his heart and he walked around, carrying his cold look, in his Blue-greenish eyes and his full lips managed to stay in a thin firm line.
As he took a breath and walked down the aisle looking for his mother's favorite type, a group of girls - his age or younger- walked parallel to him, their giggles and sudden gasp intrigued him to look at them, and as soon as he looked, they gasped again. He frowned. "Just plain flirty girls" he thought concentrating on the different types he was about to choose from.
"Ehm, Excuse me…" a squeaky smooth voice was directed at him, he huffed as he turned slightly to look at her, the girl was hot. Her Blonde short hair and piercing blue eyes tagged her as a babe. Yet, he wasn't interested, and by such he gave her a disheartening look. He could notice her eyes falling slightly in disappointment, and when Eldon finally thought she will let him be, she cleared her throat and said " if you're looking for something…" she motioned to the tampons. "-for your girlfriend… I would recommend you would choose this one." She said pressing on girlfriend, and raising her eyebrows in the process, as if she was trying to detect any hint that would prove he is free. Eldon, -being a former notorious guy-, knew how a girl acts and schemes, he just used to choose to use it to his advantage, but things change, and people change, just like his dreams. As a result, he kept his face natural, neutral. Nothing special about what she just said, he just nodded and turned around grabbing what she pointed at, as it happened to be his mom's favorite. Hearing her mumbling something, he walked away from her, not giving her a second glance. Maybe he was just too rough on her, or too rude? That would normally be the thing he would think of, yet now, he just shrugged, he didn't ask for her help, and he didn't need it, so he wasn't expected to thank her for it.
After paying for the tampons and getting a few looks from the cashier, he walked back to his home. The supermarket wasn't that far from his house, neither was his school. Every day, a certain lane always struck his interest. It was situated between the furthest wall of the supermarket and the walls of the following building, it was a narrow lane, dark, and could be considered an alley of illegal games. The cops were known to come here every day at night to capture anyone standing in that specific lane, and it always was strange to Eldon - although he Was one of the most popular guys in high school and the hottest, most wanted guy in the whole area, he never tried drugs or any illegal actions. Which was another plus for his personality.-That this alley would actually be filled every day, even if it was known that those who fill it will be in jail… people were really one of a kind.
His eyes wandered around the silhouettes of the people in that alley and he was bewildered at how the two walls of both buildings caused that alley to be completely dark, even though it was still three thirty at noon, some yellings were shouted, some moaning was produced, some verbals were audible. A part in him, urged him to go through that way, however he controlled his tracks at the last moment and kept walking towards his home. Shaking his head, he couldn't believe how this idea struck to him as interesting at a time. As he reached his house, he let out a breath he didn't know was there, he dropped the bag of tampons on the couch and walked up the stairs to his room, opening his door, he stepped inside his room and sighed again. He stopped being that cheery talkative guy ever since his life turned against him, he just didn't find the urge to speak, to express himself, because when he did, everybody knew his deepest desires and his steepest fears, no, he liked no talking, he liked keeping everything about himself, to himself. That way, no one will use anything against him.
This way, no one who wants him to suffer, will target his most important thing in the world, and destroy it.
He shrugged off his shirt and unbuckled his belt, throwing it away. Leaving the jeans just to fit against his waist, he threw himself on the bed and sighed again passing his fingers through his hair. A few moments passed with his Blue greenish eyes closed peacefully, when suddenly they shot open and he jumped off the bed.
"Shit, Shit, Shit…" he cursed as he grabbed the shirt he just took off and threw it on, and then he opened the door and sprinted down the stairs. He ran out of the house and kept sprinting to his brother's school. How could he be that stupid and ignorant! Forget his own flesh and blood?! He never forgot to pick him up, that was beyond indecency. He was not a human being anymore.
"I'm such a prick" he kept mumbling over and over again, guilt of the incident - and guilt of other things as well- washed over him. When the school came in sight, he stopped running and slowed down, His brother was fine, sitting on the stairs, next to his best girl friend, and they were smiling, - now laughing- he felt a sense of relief surround him, his guilt vanished and he started humming a random song while he kept walking towards Matt.
"Hey Blue." Eldon called loudly, causing Matt to stop talking and looking at him. His eyes glittered and he ran towards Eldon smiling so wide.
"Hey pink!" he said excitedly as he threw himself in his brother's arms. Eldon - kneeling down on his knees to be in eye level with his brother, hugged his brother tightly and felt his face smile, a full wide smile. It hurt actually, to smile that way, it always does, when Matt is around, as he just brings out the best in Eldon, that his face keeps smiling all the time, a few months ago, it was okay. Yet now, not smiling as before, trying to show coldness and boldness through his face, caused Eldon to feel a little itchy every time he smiled.
"Sorry I was late Matt, mom asked for something and I completely forgot to pass by your school to pick you up." Eldon said softly, as he stood up and rubbed his pants out of imaginary dirt. Matt, his eight year brother, looked at him smiling.
"It's okay, pink." He said and motioned the girl over. Eldon, never meeting the girl up close, was a little jealous of the fact that his brother scored a best friend like her. He chuckled to himself, humiliated of thinking such silly, stupid thoughts.
The Brown haired girl, stood next to matt shyly and her eyes looked at the ground, matt smiled at her genuinely and he wrapped his little arms around her shoulders and said proudly "Pink, This Is my best friend, Jessica"
Hearing her name being spoken, her eyes shot up to meet Eldon's eyes, he smiled sweetly one of his - used to be ravishing smiles- and the girl blushed.
"hi" she said in such a low voice, that if the three of them weren't alone in front of school, they wouldn't have heard her.
"Hey back gorgeous. How are you? I'm Eldon by the way, not Pink" he said, throwing a joking glare his brother's way at the mentioning of the word pink.
Matt giggled, and looked at Jessica who was laughing too.
"so Jessica, where's your mom?" Eldon asked, her once bright eyes died instantly, that it took Eldon by surprise. He frowned at her slightly but adjusted his face when he noticed how his brother glared at him. Putting a smile - that hurts- on his face again, he knelt down and said "Jess, would you like me to take you home? I can walk, or take a cab, or take my… my car even." His brother watched him in awe, even his eyes showed more awe when Eldon suggested the car.
She looked up at him, with a slight smile on her face. "that would be lovely. Thank you pink." She said and matt broke laughing, she followed him blushing furiously and Eldon couldn't hold himself to laugh.
Kids. He thought.
After he dropped off Jessica, who happened to live in the same street. And returned home, he finally threw himself on the bed, and closed his eyes peacefully. The sounds of his breath were even and steady after a couple of minutes and he finally was enjoying the sleep he was yearning for since the beginning of the day.
Velia dropped from her bed and stood up quickly, her heart doing flips and flops due to her father's piercing voice vibrating through her bones. Running to the bathroom, and at the same time trying to steady her breath, she washed her pale face and blew her nose - because she had a cold- she then ran back to her room, and grabbed random pants and a shirt from the pile of cloths pilled next to her narrow bed. She slipped them on and sighed. She always had to fall on her arse, every single day of fear he would tell her she wouldn't go to school. Her school was the only thing that helped her escape the doubled identity she was somehow living. She dropped on the bed, and took a broken, anguished breath. her sobs challenged to escape her, but she took another breath - thinking of happy thoughts- and she closed her eyes trying to visualize her mother. Her sweet mother, who gave her, her beautiful face with her asparagus eyes and full lips. Suddenly, she heard the sounds of sobs, and after she woke up from her faze, she realized it was Her who sobbed and cried. Life was just getting too hard, too heavy and too consuming. She couldn't wait to go to school today, the first year in junior year, two more years and she would either win her dream of having a scholarship, or she would - god forbid- not get her exceptional grades she is hoping for, and she shall have to stay doing what she shamefully does, to feed herself and feed her step mom, who could be considered her best friend. She wiped away her tears and took another deep breath, she closed her eyes and mumbled "You're a little butterfly, and today is the day, that you will forever fly away." Over and over again.
"Velia" her step mom's voice entered the room, and Velia looked up to smile at Meredith. She looked tired today, consumed and weak. Velia fought the urge to cry again, and she stood up. "I'm going to go to school. My first day there. I hope everything goes great" she said softly, hugging Meredith.
"That's great, Joy."Meredith said smiling, yet her smile seized when she noticed the frown on Velia's face. She rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically- hiding the smile on her face-
"sorry Velia, I couldn't help but relate to your REAL name with you being happy." She said and the smile broke free again, Velia smiled appreciatively and then she swallowed hard before saying "he's out side?" Meredith took a breath and shook her head. Velia couldn't help but laugh as she felt her troubles flying away… just like the butterfly.
"I'll go so I wouldn't be late, to my First day at my New school!" she said excitedly, Meredith laughed and nodded. Velia ran out of her room and opened the fridge, smiling at the lingering laughter of Meredith. She found a sandwich on a plate, she took it, and closed the fridge. And finally walked out of her sometimes best place in the world. She walked down the street, her blonde hair floating with the air.
She opened her bag and grabbed the Walkman, she shyly put the headsets in her ears and she pressed on the play button. Her dad, never allowed her to buy an I-pod. Or, he wanted her to buy it herself, without his help, - to be independent-
Thinking about her dad, her appetite died and she threw the sandwich in the nearest bin. She kept walking towards her school. How would it be like for her? A new comer, who looks mysterious? Or she doesn't look mysterious? Is it just in her head… will people want to be her friend? will people talk to her? Will she turn out to be popular, or an outcast? Will she fit in?
The last school did a fine job in teaching her that there are some people who could be as fake as politics, and shallow as the model agencies. Yet, there were some amazing people who could not be replaced no matter what.
When the dark orange building came in view, she sighed and smiled easily.
"A new beginning" she thought as she advanced towards her new haven.
As she walked towards the stairs that led to the doors, she saw the crowd around the building. People her age, all sizes and looks. Her eyes bulged when her sight fell on some sinfully attractive men, yet her heart shivered when she saw these men's lips locked onto some beautiful girl with thin legs, and thin everything.
She grabbed her courage and took a breath, "you're a little butterfly and today is the day, that you will fly, forever away." She mumbled over and over after she returned the walkman back into her bag. She couldn't understand why her heart was bumping so hard, why she felt every heartbeat in her brains, she just had a feeling that something will happen. She chuckled as she reminded herself of her second identity she plays because of her father, if someone knew her both identities; they would laugh till the end of the world. She was supposed to be a vicious feisty sexy girl, who was hard to get. Who did her own job and got what she wanted. Not the innocent girl she was now. She shouldn't be nervous. She thought again rubbing her hands together. She then smiled thinking how the weather was shiny and sunny unlike the day before. For once, luck was on her side. Well, not really, but she loved the sun and that meant her mom was watching over her, giving her the atmosphere she'll like the most. Bless her mom. She thought full heartedly.
As she reached the stairs, the crowd - giving her the looks of evaluation- pressed her against the others. She was squashed. But who was she to whine and complain? She swallowed and kept advancing towards her new school.
Suddenly, gasps and mumbles over took everyone who were surrounding her, and they turned around gaping at someone. she couldn't care less at what they were looking at, and she used the fact that all of them froze in their tracks, and she paced up the stairs.
Almost reaching the door, a body hit hers and then a breath tickled her neck and she felt as if she was slapped a million times, and that every slap felt amazing. She gasped silently and her eyes widened as her breath caught in her throat after the gasp. That simple breath made her legs go weak, her body to shiver and her heart to warm. That breath suddenly washed away every doubt she had about this school. As soon as the body hit hers and the breath touched hers, it moved away after hissing a curse under his breath.
Him. He was a guy.
"I'm sorry" a masculine voice penetrated her invisible fences around her heart and warmed her heart -again- she closed her eyes taking quick breaths, before she turned slowly putting a smile on her face.
"It's Oka-"
The male creature who was before her, was more of a god. She suffered to keep her eyes from widening. Her breath was caught -yet again- in her throat and she hid the fact that she stopped talking by getting out a cough. His features were rough, yet extremely breath taking. High cheek bones, wide shoulders, and his Dark blue green eyes. Those eyes that lured Velia into staring into them till eternity. She could see his lips thin and firm, but something inside her told her they were fuller than that, her eyes didn't miss the -very, very- slight rise of the edge of his beautiful lips. Was he going to smile?
Why didn't he simply smile!?
She chuckled and looked around nervously. "I am the one who should be sorry, I just stopped in the middle of the way and-"
"No, No. It's Fine. It was…" he started and then he leant into her and whispered in her ear , after he put her hair behind her ears "-their mistake. They hate me."
And then he threw her a small smile as she frowned curiously before walking away and she felt her eyes misting and she frowned. She felt empty. She felt, she felt she wanted him to return next to her. She wanted to feel his warmth… what the…
She blinked a couple of times before she resumed walking inside of school, ignoring the huge crowd watching them, mouths agape, and trying to settle her heartbeats, un knowing that Eldon, somewhere was trying to do the exact same thing.


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