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Ever fell in love with a criminal? Well, Jessica Latio has. Jessica's final year of high school is approaching fast, and she's definitely not ready for it. She has to deal with a clingy boyfriend, friends that are above her on the social ladder, and a family who doesn't seem to be interested in her life. So, what will she do when a traumatic event happens to her the night before the first day of school? Tell her friends, family, boyfriend, or no one at all? View table of contents...


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Chapter Four


I rang the doorbell to Todd's house and waited patiently for him to answer it. It was only eight o' clock in the morning. Todd had to be awake. He just had to. He promised me that we'd spend the whole day together, talking about other shit going on except for the fact that school started in two days. I tried not to let that get to me. Being a senior and all shouldn't be so scary. I've been at the hellhole-of-a-school for three years. I could make it through a fourth.

Todd's mom answered the door. Her hair was in a tight bun, concealing the beauty of her blonde curls. Considering it was Monday, she was doing her annual cleaning. Every Monday it's the same at their house. Clean. Clean. And clean some more. Poor Todd was probably stuck doing chores. "Hey, Richard-" she stopped suddenly, looking back over her left shoulder. "-sorry, but Todd and Tom are busy cleaning today. You can come back after three thirty if you'd like." She leaned against the door frame, looking quite sensual. But that's how she always looked. I knew she was growing impatient, eager to get back to cleaning.

"Sorry for bothering you, Ms. Rubin. I'll try to swing by later in the afternoon. See you soon." I waved and turned, headed towards my car. I looked back and saw Ms. Rubin smiling at me. She was clutching a broom in her hand.

As I got into the car, I heard my name being called. It sounded desperate and fading. I turned and saw Todd waving at me frantically, his mom swatting at him with the broom. They both smiled at me as I started the engine and drove away.

After driving around for a while, I finally parked in the parking lot of iHop. It was almost nine, and since I skipped breakfast, it seemed like a reasonable place to go. I stashed my keys in my hoodie pocket and walked in. It was surprisingly vacant, aside from a few tables that were occupied. The woman at the front desk smiled at me when I walked up to her. "Table for one, sir?"

I nodded and followed her to my seat. She seated me by a window, which I didn't mind at all. I enjoyed looking out the window, especially since it was cloudy this morning. It was going to rain soon, I just knew it was. As I was window-watching people go by, my thoughts were interrupted by a chirpy, high-pitched voice. Female. She was talking about shopping.

I rolled my eyes and turned my head towards the voice. It belonged to a pretty woman who was parallel to my table. She had a sundress on, which is really weird since it was not sunny at all. Her blonde hair was tied back into a bun. She was grasping some guy's hand next to her; presuming that's her boyfriend or something. And across from her was… Oh shit! It was the girl from the mall! The one I stole pizza from, then presumably wiped all over her head! Why, it shocks me that she happened to be here while I am. God, I hope she doesn't see me. Not here, not ever. I don't want her to charge me with some kind of assault. Oh boy. I don't think I should be here anymore.

My hands felt clammy and my throat was dry. My waitress came by and asked if I wanted something to drink and what my order would be. "I'm sorry, but something's come up," I said, practically springing to my feet, "I don't want anything anymore. I'm sorry-" I bumped into a busboy, causing dishes to fall to the ground and break into little pieces. The restaurant got quiet and all heads turned towards the commotion. Then the girl looked. Her eyes widened at the sight of me.

"I-I'm so-so-sorry. I'll just be-" I ran without finishing my sentence. Once I got out through the main doors, I sprinted towards my truck, started the engine, and pulled away swiftly.

I got into traffic and took a breather. I turned on the radio and listened intently as Civil Twilight played their dramatic song. It soothed my anxiousness, and eventually I was cool. Fuck. That did not go well. I hope they don't charge me for all those dishes I broke. As you can tell, I don't do well in embarrassing moments like that. My hands get clammy, throat dries up, and I happen to catch a stutter. I'm a blubbery mess when I feel humiliated, which is why I try to stay with Todd, whom I like to embarrass. He never fools me, but I always fool him, so it's a good friendship if you think about it. Hopefully he'll know how to cope with this scene I had made at our favorite and local iHop. I hope that everyone will forget what had happened, but I know for sure that that girl won't.

Everybody out, it's a fire escape! The radio blared.

Yeah, it sure was, I thought.


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