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College students gather at the annuel Halloween party for a night of drinking and a good time. Derek, a senior at West Brooke University, is hanging out with friends until a girl catches his eyes. This leads to a night of passion and to an uncertain future when morning comes. View table of contents...


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Halloween finally has come to the college community of West Brooke.Perhaps, it wasn't more obvious than down at Lansing Street, where it was holding its annual Halloween bash that they've held every year since the 1960s.Now, Lansing Street is well-known for its many bars and restaurants, which has made Lansing Street, a popular hangout spot for college students.Its yearly Halloween bash has become a local event for the many college students, who are looking for a good time and the chance to dress up for the holiday.
Now, when we think of Halloween, we think of ghouls, ghosts, and scary stories.However, sometimes, strange happenings can happen that doesn't exactly scare people, but can lead to something else and its called love.Certainly, that would have been the first word to come up when we think of…Valentine's Day.However, love strikes two individuals during this Halloween night, but like the old saying, 'Love is complicated.'
As the Halloween bash got underway, the bars were full of college students dressed in the Halloween best, enjoying the endless stream of drinks and hanging out with friends. Among the crowd at the bar called "Brothers" was a college student name Derek.
Derek, a senior at the West Brooke College was dressed up as prince charming, wearing attire reminiscent to the renaissance era in the days of Shakespeare and his shaggy black hair was combed back. Sitting at the bar with his friends, they talked amongst themselves and about to play a drinking game.
"Alright, you all know the rules of the game," Derek instructs his friends on the rules of the drinking game, "Each one tells a joke, if nobody laughs at the joke, the person that told the joke has to drink a shot.However, if someone laughs at the joke, then the person that laughed has to drink a shot.Got it?" He asked the group.
The group began to hoot and hollered with anticipation.Derek nods his head and grinned with excitement.
"I'll go first."Derek volunteered himself to tell the first joke.
"Let hear it!"Derek's friend Josh said as he and the rest of Derek's friends all looked over to Derek waiting to hear the joke.
"My brother was so dumb, the only thing he past in high school was a kidney stone!"He said with a grin.All of Derek's friends were trying to keep a straight look on their face, but Josh and Jake cracked.
"Josh!Jake!You have to take a shot," Derek hollered as Derek's other friend Daniel managed to keep a straight face.Josh and Jake grab a shot off the bar counter as Derek and Daniel watched on.Jake and Josh swig their shots down before setting the empty shot glasses back down on the wooden bar counter.
"I'll go next," Daniel volunteered as he waited for the group to have their attention on him before telling his joke, "What's cheese that isn't yours?"
The group turned toward each other briefly before turning back towards Daniel and all shouting in unison, "NACHO CHEESE!"
None of the them cracked, not even a smile from Daniel's joke.
"Oh, come on!" Daniel shouted with disapproval as he reaches over to where the shots were and grabbed one.Meanwhile, Derek and the rest of the group begins laugh from Daniel's failed joke.Derek laughed as he looked over his shoulder and checked out his surroundings.
His green eyes surveyed the whole barroom before something caught his eye.He noticed on the other side of the room was an attractive girl sitting alone at a table.
"Hey! I'll be right back." Derek announced the group.He soon got up from the barstool slowly and made his way through the crowded room, not once taking his eyes off the girl.
"Derek!Where are you going?" Jake shouted, but Derek never acknowledges or answered him.As he got closer, he could see her leaning forward in her chair wearing a dark green gown with her long flowing wavy blonde hair draped over her left shoulder as she stared down at her drink stirring it with a red straw.As Derek continued to push his way through the crowd, he could see her looking up at the crowd, showing her mesmerizing eyes that could stop traffic from its beauty.Derek could feel his heart beating faster as he approached the table; she looked back at Derek with a straight look on her face.Derek quickly took a deep breath before walking up to her and leaning towards her right ear.
"I saw you from across the across the room and I noticed that you were sitting here by yourself," Derek shouted over the noise of the loud music, "Why are you here by yourself?"
She leaned turned her head towards him and spoke into his left ear, "It's the Halloween party of the year…why miss it?"She said.
"Yeah, that's true, but it's no fun when you're not with friends."Derek hollered back and he pulled up a chair and sat down next the girl, who turned in her chair so that she was facing towards Derek.
"Tell me about it," she said as she took a sip of her drink, "all my friends had their dates with them and I didn't feel like being the odd one out…so here I am."
"Oh I see."Derek shouted as she nodded her head, "what's your name by the way?"
"I'm Jenna, what's yours?"She asked.
"Derek," he said as he cracked a smile, "you look amazing, what you are supposed to be?"He asked.
"A princess," Jenna said as she took another sip of her drink, "you must be my prince charming." She said jokingly as the two laughed.
"Yes, I am, how did you guess?" He asked.
"It was that goofy outfit." She said sarcastically.Derek joking frowned as Jenna laughed at his reaction.
"Hey, I couldn't find anything better than this.Besides, I don't I look that bad," Derek laughed as Jenna smiled as her light green eyes targeted his green eyes, "Hey!If you're a princess, where's your crown?"He asked pointing at her head.
"I left it back at the castle!" Jenna said sarcastically before explaining, "No, one of my best friends wanted to wear it for tonight."
"I'm assuming that she's…" Derek said before Jenna interrupted him.
"A self-centered bitch?"Derek burst out laughing by Jenna's remark.
"Actually, I was going to say, 'she's a princess too?' but…" Derek laughed.After they stopped laughing, the two silently stared at each other for a moment as if they both didn't know what to say next.Jenna took one last sip of her drink before asking, "Do you want to go someplace else?"
"Like where?"Derek asked.
"Why don't we take a walk down to Riverside Park?"She suggested.
"Sure."He said.The two got up from their seats and proceeded to head over to the front door as they pushed their way through the crowd.Jenna grabbed Derek's hand as Derek lead the way out, proceeding to out of 'Brothers' and walked down Lansing Street towards Riverside Park.


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