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College students gather at the annuel Halloween party for a night of drinking and a good time. Derek, a senior at West Brooke University, is hanging out with friends until a girl catches his eyes. This leads to a night of passion and to an uncertain future when morning comes. View table of contents...


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Derek and Jenna walked down the sidewalk making their way through the human traffic of Halloween partiers as they headed towards Riverside Park, which ran along side the Carey River that ran through the West Brooke Campus.As they crossed Lansing Street, Derek looked over to Jenna and asked, "So do you go to school here at West Brooke?"
"No," the two got to the other side of the street and begin to walk into the park, "I go to school over at Midwest Tech College.I will be transferring here to West Brooke for the spring semester next year."She said as she stared down at the cement path that was covered with dead leaves.
"Oh, cool, what are you going to school for?"Derek asked as he put his hands into his pants pockets.
"English Literature," Jenna said looking up at Derek, who was walking beside her at her left, "I've always like writing since I was a little girl." She said.
"Interesting choice, what do you write? Poetry? Novels?"Derek asked.
"Oh, all of them." Jenna responded.
"Good for you," Derek shook his head, "I couldn't be able to write a novel to save my life." Derek grinned.
Jenna giggled by his quirky comment.Suddenly, she stumbled and somewhat lost her balance, which Derek quickly grabbed her arm and wrapped his arms around her slim waist preventing her from falling to the ground.
"I think the alcohol is beginning to take its effect!"Jenna said as they both burst into laughter.During the stumble, Jenna's foot peeked out from under the dark green gown and noticed that she was wearing boots.
"Wait! Wait a minute!" Derek stopped walking with his arms still around her waist.He pulled her dress up revealing that she was wearing black boots.
"Why are you wearing boots?I didn't know princesses wear boots!"Derek said sarcastically and started laughing.Jenna, however, gave him a sarcastic look as she pushed him away so that he would let go of the bottom of her dress.
"Very funny, Derek," she looked down at her dress and adjusted it for a moment before looking back at Derek, who was still giggling from the whole thing, "a heel broke on one of the shoes that were going to be wearing tonight and I didn't have any other pair.So I decided to be creative."She explained.
"I see." Derek said still grinning.
"O.K., smartass you can stop now." She joking said.
"I'm just giving you a hard time." Derek responded as the two started walking again.By now, the sun was beginning to set causing everything to become darker.They could still hear the music and the hollers from the Halloween bash back on Lansing street.
"I never got the chance to ask you," Jenna looked over to Derek, "What you going to school for?" she asked.
"Business management, I'd like to run my own business." He said.
"That's cool, what kind of business would you be interested in running?" Jenna asked as she wrapped her arm around Derek's masculine right arm.This caused Derek to stutter in his speech.
"I…I never really thought about that.I guess a restaurant or some kind of a company."He said.
"That's cool.I think you would do great."Jenna said.
"Thanks…I hope so." Derek said.
"You will," Jenna leaned her head against Derek's right shoulder, "Believe me.Hey! Back at 'Brothers'; were you there by yourself as well or were you with friends?"She asked.
"I was with a couple of buddies of mine." Derek said.
"What were they dressed up as," Jenna paused for a moment looking as if she was about to burst of laughing, "Your knights of the round table?" She said bursting into laughter, which Derek did as well.
"No," he shook his head as he tried to stop laughing, "One was dressed up as a pirate, another was dressed as a zombie, and the other was dressed up as a grim reaper."He said.
"Hmm...Why do I get the feeling that this is a start of a joke?" She asked.
"Its not, but were playing a drinking game that required us to tell a joke." Derek said as the two started laughing again. As the two continued to make their way through the park they could soon hear music coming from the direction to where they were head.
"Where's that music coming from?" Jenna asked Derek.
"I think it's from that new restaurant.They have loud speakers that play that classical stuff." Derek said.
"Its almost fitting given how we are dressed this evening." Jenna said.That was when Derek got an idea.Although, the alcohol was now causing his speech to slur somewhat, he got into the character of prince charming.He stepped away from Jenna, which caused her to stop walking.
"My lady, can I have this dance?" He asked as he put his left hand behind his back and extended out his right hand towards Jenna, who didn't have a clue what was happening.
"What are you doing?" Jenna asked not sure what to make of Derek's request.
"My lady," Derek leaned forward still having his right hand extended towards her, "Can I have this dance with you?" He asked again.The music playing in the distance caused Jenna to realize what Derek was doing.She soon followed suit in getting into character and said, "You may, my prince."
She took his hand, walked up to Derek, and got close to him as embraced into a hold.Derek wrapped his arms around her slender waist and her body against his.Jenna wrapped her arms around his masculine back.Derek could smell her perfume, which caused him to become aroused.
They began to sway to the music as they began to dance on the cement path.The two never said anything as they let the music take over. After several minutes, the song ended and suddenly without warning, Jenna gave Derek a passionate kiss on the lips.Jenna quickly stopped, leaning back from Derek.
"I'm sorry." She whispered looking towards the ground feeling a little embarrassed.
"I'm not." Derek whispered. She looked up and stared into his green eyes and gave a slight smile.Slowly, they moved in to kiss, tightening their embrace and kissing with increasing passion.
Check back this week for Chapter 3 of "If Only"


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