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College students gather at the annuel Halloween party for a night of drinking and a good time. Derek, a senior at West Brooke University, is hanging out with friends until a girl catches his eyes. This leads to a night of passion and to an uncertain future when morning comes. View table of contents...


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At that moment, everything that mattered in both of their lives had no meaning.In what seemed like a dream or a fantasy before, was now a moment that Derek never felt before.He's been in situations like this before, but this time, it was different.As he brushed her silky blonde hair back, he started kissing her neck, which caused Jenna to lean her head back.
"Make love to me, Derek." Jenna whispered as she started to unbutton his black jacket.Derek, suddenly, picked her up and carried her over to a cement retaining wall as he continued to French kiss her.He set her on the retaining wall, which Jenna laid down on her back.Derek ran his hands up her legs, pushing the dress up and exposing her shapely legs to the autumn air.Jenna moaned as Derek ran his hands up her body feeling her slim waist and creasing her breasts.He soon started kissing her neck again as she ran her fingers through his shaggy black hair.
"Derek," she quietly whispered as Derek continued to kiss her neck, "Derek." She whispered again turning her head towards him.
"Yes?" He whispered as he looked into her eyes.
"What are you think about right now?" She asked as she wrapped her arms around his back.Derek didn't say anything at first; he stared into her eyes taking deep breaths trying to catch his breath.
"What did I do to deserve a girl like you?" Derek asked rhetorically, as he rested his forehead on top of hers.
"Maybe it was luck that brought us together." She suggested as she took her left hand and brushed his shaggy black hair away from his face.
"Maybe its fate." Derek suggested.
"Or maybe this is just a dream." She thought as she kissed his lips.
"If it is…let's enjoy this moment before we awake."Derek whispered as he began to kiss her soft lips again.Suddenly, the moment was shattered by a shout from out in the distance.
"Hey! Go get a room!"The voice shouted.Derek and Jenna look up to see where the voice was coming from.It had become dark enough that the lights on the path turned on, where they could see a couple of college students dressed up in costumes walking down the path. Derek looked back at Jenna and asked, "Do you live nearby?"
"Actually, I do," Jenna sat up and pointed in the direction, where she lived, "It's about a block or two away towards that way."She said.
"What are we waiting for?" Derek helped Jenna off the retaining wall, "Let's go." Derek said as held her right hand and they started walking down the dead leaves covered path away from the other college students.
The two stumbled down the path heading out of the park before crossing Duffy Street and heading down Cameron Street.Many of the houses they past, were full of college students drinking and playing loud music; many of them were wearing their Halloween costumes showing their Halloween spirit.
Soon Derek and Jenna started walking up an old crack cement path to her house.The house was huge in comparison of many of the houses on the block.The house was an old Victorian style house that looked to be almost three stories high.It was painted yellow on the siding, which the paint was beginning to crack and peel from the forces of nature.The frames of the doors and windows were white, but the paint wasn't nearly as bad in condition as the rest of the house.
They walked onto the front porch, where Jenna reached into her purse and pulled out a set of keys.She briefly fumbled with the keys looking for the right one to open the door as Derek stood behind her rubbing her back with his left hand.
"That feels good." Jenna said smiling as she put the key into the keyhole and turned it.After a clicking sound came from the door, Jenna turned the knob and opened the door.Jenna walked in as Derek followed closely behind.Jenna flipped a light switch, which turned on the lights in the walkway.
"Welcome to my home away from home," Jenna said as she set her purse down on a table, "Make sure you take your shoes off before you come any further?"Jenna said.
"No problem." Derek said as he began to slip his black shoes almost losing his balance in the process.Derek walked away from the door and started check out his surroundings.
"Nice place," Derek's green eyes surveyed his surroundings, "Do you live here by yourself?" He asked.
"No," Jenna began slipping her boots off, "I have three other roommates, but they are all on a vacation to Europe.They'll be back sometime next week." She said as she walked up to Derek.
"At least, we won't be disturbed." Derek said.Jenna just smiled as she approached him.Her light green eyes look into Derek's green eyes, where they both knew what was going to be happening.She grabbed his left hand and guided him up a flight of stairs, which made a creaking sound as they stepped on the wooden steps.Once at the top, she guided him down a small hallway into the first room on the right.
Jenna let go of his hand and took a couple of steps before turning around staring at his eyes.Derek walked up to her with a slight grin on his face as he wrapped his masculine arms around her slim waist and started to kiss her soft lips.Jenna proceeded to unbutton his jacket and started running her hands up midsection.
Derek removed his jacket, which dropped to the wood floor.Derek started pull the spaghetti straps off of her shoulders, which slid off of her figure and pooled around her feet.Derek could feel his heart beating out of his chest as he stared at her almost naked flawless body, only being covered by black bra and panties.
"Nice." He whispered as Jenna started walking backwards towards the bed, where Derek soon followed.He removed his shirt revealing a tone muscular chest and arms as he pressed his body against hers, which she could feel his state of arousal.They slowly fell onto the bed, where Jenna was laying on her back.Derek was on top of her starting to kiss her neck and slowly began to work his way down.
"Put your hands on me, Derek." She said as Derek ran his hands from her waist and worked his way up to her breasts as he caressed them.He kissed her tone flat stomach, which caused her to giggle.Derek unbuttoned his pants and started to kick his pants off as he crawled up towards her beautiful face.He soon unhooked her bra, which revealed her beautiful breasts as he started kissing her lips and placing his hands on her breasts.Jenna wrapped her arms around his back as they both were both enjoying the moment that they were having together.
They soon changed positions, where Jenna was on top.She lay down on his body and rested her head on his chest.Derek brushed her long wavy blonde with his fingers.
"You O.K?" Derek asked.
"Yea, are you?" Jenna asked as she wrapped her arms around him.
"Yea…ready for more?" Derek asked. Jenna raised her head and stared at his eyes.She gave a slight grin and started to kiss his chest and began to make her way down towards his boxers. Derek looked straight up at the dark ceiling in anticipation.


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