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College students gather at the annuel Halloween party for a night of drinking and a good time. Derek, a senior at West Brooke University, is hanging out with friends until a girl catches his eyes. This leads to a night of passion and to an uncertain future when morning comes. View table of contents...


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Morning arrived as the sun began to rise above the horizon of houses. Its warmed raze shined through the window of Jenna's bedroom and onto Derek's face. Derek slowly began to wake up as he rolled over to get the sun out of his face. He could faintly hear the sound of a shower running in the distance, which later went silent after a few minutes. He cracked opened his eyes and quickly began to target different areas of the room. He slowly sat up in the bed, rubbing his green eyes almost thinking that he was dreaming.
He slowly raised the covers and looked underneath to reveal that he was completely naked. He looked over the covers and noticed Jenna standing in the doorway staring at him.
"Morning," Jenna was leaning against the doorframe wearing nothing, but a white bathrobe, "Did you sleep well?" She asked. Derek lowered the bed sheets to keep him covered.
"Good morning, yeah I did. How long have you been up?" Derek asked.
"For about a half hour," Jenna walked over to the bed, "Did you just wake up?" She asked sitting down at the foot of the bed.
"Yeah," Derek kept looking around his surroundings, "I really had fun last night." Derek said with a slight grin on his face. However, the look on Jenna's face told a different story.
"Yeah…the best Halloween I've ever had." She said looking away from Derek. Derek knew that she wasn't being truthful.
"You're lying." Derek said as he wrapped the bed sheet around his waist and began to move over towards her.
"How am I lying?" Jenna asked as Derek sat next to her.
"I can tell by the look on your face. Are you regretting it?" He asked.Jenna didn't say anything at first.
"This was just a one night stand, Derek.You know that." Jenna said looking over to her left and looking into his green eyes. Derek was stunned by her comment.
"A one night stand? I wasn't thinking of it that way." Derek explained.
"Come on," Jenna got up from the bed and started to pace, "Your no different then any other guy I've met. You're all the same! You see a good looking girl, you meet her, and you try to sleep with her by the end of the night. Then the next morning, you leave with no intention of seeing her again." Jenna shouted.
"That's not me!" Derek retorted.
"Bullshit!" Jenna shouted back. Derek got up onto his feet, using his right hand to keep the bed sheet around his waist as he tried to explain.
"Let me tell you something," Derek stood in front of Jenna as she looked on, crossing his arms, "Last night, when I saw you at the bar, I felt something. I've never met a girl, who just took my breath away. Not once was I thinking about myself or whether or not if I could sleep with her by the end of the night. All I kept thinking about was that I really wanted to meet you." Derek explained. Jenna looked down at her feet continuing to listen to Derek's plea, which was causing her to feel embarrassed.
"If you want me to leave I will, but understand that I'm not like that. I feel that we got something here. Please, don't count me out because of what others have done before. "He pleaded with her.Jenna looked up at him with tears beginning to roll down her cheeks.
"How do I know," Derek wiped a tear off her left cheek with his left hand as she tried to get the words out, "How do I know that you're telling me the truth?" She sobbed.
"Come here," Derek pulled her over to the bed and sat next to her on her right side, "I understand if you've been hurt before. Please, give me a chance. I promise that you will not regret this." Derek said as he tied the bed sheet so that it would stay at his waist without falling down. He then grabbed her right hand with both of his hands to try to comfort her.
"If its love?" She asked.
"Its not if…this is love." Derek said as he wiped another tear off her right cheek with his left thumb.
"If only..." Jenna stopped mid-sentence staring straight into his green eyes.
"If only what?" Derek asked. Suddenly, everything went dark. Derek could hear several voices calling out his name.
"Derek!" A voice called out.
"Derek, wake up! Another voice shouted. Derek could hear the sounds of loud music and loud conversations as he opened his eyes. He could see his friends Daniel, Jake, and Josh surrounding him as they tried to get him to focus.
"Dude, are you alright?" Daniel asked as he shook Derek's left shoulder. Derek's eyes darted different places throughout the bar, trying to figure what had happened.
"Hey man, you O.K?" Jake asked.
"Where is she?" Derek asked.His friends stood their puzzled by Derek's question.
"What are you talking about?" Josh asked.
"Where's Jenna? Where is she?!" Derek stood up on his barstool and looked to see if she could see her.
"Jenna who?" Jake asked. Derek soon leaped over the barstool and barged his way through the crowd trying to look for her. His friends quickly followed after him as he headed towards the table, where he remembered seeing her at.Derek rushed over to the table to only find it was empty. His heart sank in disappointment and confusion as he tried to understand what had happened.
"Derek, talk to us! What's going on?" Josh asked as he and Derek's friends surrounded him.
"She was right there…I swear I was speaking to her and we went for a walk." Derek hollered over the loud music.
"Dude, you never left!" Daniel said.
"Yeah, you dozed off." Jake said as Derek continued to stare at the empty table.
"Come on, let's get the hell out of here," Josh began to push Derek towards the front doors, "Maybe the air will clear your head." Josh suggested.Daniel and Jake walked ahead as Josh continued to push Derek away from the empty table.
"But, she was there! She was real!" Derek continued to look back towards the empty table as they made their way thought the crowded bar and towards the front doors. Derek shook his head trying to relax and forget about the whole thing. Daniel and Jake walked out of the front door just as Derek and Josh were a couple feet behind. Suddenly, Derek stopped dead in his tracks. The girl in the dark green dress with long blonde hair and light green eyes was now standing right in front of him; getting ready to show her I.D to the bouncer.
"Derek! What's wrong with you?" Josh asked walking up beside him. Derek never said anything as he stared at the girl, trying to figure out what had just happened before.

The End


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