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Long Island Sound:And so we meet.

Novel By: Chrysta

Two very different girls cross paths in college.One,outgoing and crazy,the other quiet and withdrawn.Their fates will be determined by their decisions as they meet with love,passion,betrayal and murder. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 28, 2009    Reads: 141    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

The bonfire crackled and popped as the guys threw pop cans into it,causing them to blow and crack.Rich black clouds poured into into the red sky,lit by white hot ashes.Gulls screamed from the distant rockbed,bickering over cigarette butts and french fries.A portable sterio played "Crazy train" by Sabbath and a film of static.

"Stop wastin' that Milwakee"One of the girls scolded,sitting up to slather tanning lotion on her leg.

"It ain't a waste if it's already been drunk." Another girl repliedfrom within a trio of guys,lying on her back as the warm fire lighted her slender body,clothed by a black bikini top and boy trunks.She turned over and closed her eyes,lulled to sleep by the the sounds of the waves flowing.Once Pixie had just started to get relaxed,the guys stared burying her feet in sand.Pixie sat back up,letting out a kamikazi yell as she battered them with handfuls of sand.They sheilded their eyes and yelled back at her,being nothing more than sex-crazy guys she was forced to share a dorm with.

With the desire for solitude and peace,she left the group and walked off toward the shore,"Crazy train" switching over to "Paranoid" in the distance.These people weren't her real friends.If shedidn't come to the beach with them,they'd nag her and call her a party pooper.It was more like sarcastic teasing,but she never spoke up because she could take it.Pixie could be tough if she wanted to.She sat down in the surf,letting little pebbles and sand run through her toes and water splash against her legs.Pixie's white blonde hair whipped around her head as the winds grew stronger,Her eyes seemed icy,and distant as she stared out to sea.Those baby blue eyes,with long,curly black lashes,seemed like something she couldn't get rid of, as did her tiny nose,her rosy lips.Pixie would never know how beautiful she really was,because no guy would ever dare tell something like that to a girl that rode bigger waves than them.Lighting a cigarette,she stared out at Long Island Sound,water that ran so far and vastly,it's water clear; sparkling aqua blues and greens.

Taking a drag,Pixie's eyes narrowed as she peered out to sea.Maybe she could see The Swiss alps,The Pyramids of Giza far beyond the horizon.She loved that Idea.A small smirk hinted that she knew it was a silly thought to think such.Even on the sleazy,smelly beach where prostitutes sold their bodies,Pixie could still see beauty in the shores.Hell,she could let herself imagine all she wanted,because right now,on this beach, she found herself immersed in a deep,swelling beauty that only those who looked carefully enough could find.

I have to stop here,but the next chapter will be up soon.Please tell me what you think,even if you didn't like it!


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