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Treacherous Hearts

Novel By: clarisse Ann

A girl lost all memory prior to being drug on deck of a pirate ship in a net. She knows she isn't in her own time period anymore, somehow she went back in time and is caught by the captain of the pirate ship. She wants to figure out how to get back to her own time. View table of contents...



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"Let me go right NOW!" I screamed shrilly, trying to twist myself out of their strong grip. I sputtered as one of them hefted me over his large back and began carrying me across the deck of the massive ship. Crates ran along side the edges, the wooden floorboards croaked and groaned as the ocean's waves rocked it to and fro. Large sails flapped in the wind, moving the ship across the water. Flipping my head up as much as I could, I moved my sopping wet tangled mass of curly hair out of my face and looked around, my eyes slowly widening as I took in all of it. Men, of all ages, wearing clothes that looked like they belonged in some pirate movie, all milling about, trying to pretend they were all at work when really they were all gazing at her in open curiosty. She saw most of them were grungy and scruffy looking, wearing swords and knives strapped to their waists. Dear God, she thought to herself, she WAS on a pirate ship. But how!? When!? What was going on here!? She tried frantically to remember what had happened before she had been fished onboard in a net and manhandled by those buffoons...but she could remember nothing. Wait, there was something. A screech of car tires, water, she had been in her car, speeding down the road, she went off into the lake. She bit her lip as a cold shiver ran through her that was more fear then her wet clothing. The big man strode down below deck and walked all the way down to the end of the small hallway, pausing to knock on a door. "Cap'n," He called out gruffly. "I think ye should see this." The door creaked as it swung open and a small gasp could be heard. "Bring it in." A deep male's voice said, opening the door wider for them to enter. A flash of irritation at being called an IT passed through her. Her eyes narrowed. Whatever this was, she was not going to put up with it anymore. She didn't care what kind of weirdos these were, make believing to be pirates out on the open water but she just wanted to go back home. Her brow crinkled, where exactly was home? She must have hit her head pretty hard...she couldn't even remember her own name she realized. Tears pricked her eyes but she held them back as best she could. The big guy carried her further into the room before rudely dropping her to the floor. She yelped as she landed on her ass in the middle of the room, glaring up at the two men. The one who carried her in was tall and wider, with shaggy looking dark blonde hair and dark eyes. The one who she guessed to be 'Captain' was very tall, with dark bronzed skin, waving hair so dark it was nearly black, and bright blue eyes. They were boring into hers as well. She glanced away nervously, and then slowly attempted to get to her feet. Her legs began to quake under her and she gasped, about to fall back to the ground. The Captain caught her in his arms with a grip like steel. "Willy, get her a chair." He commanded. Willy walked around them and got the captain's chair from his desk and brought it back to them. She slowly lowered herself down into it, sighing in relief. The captain stared at her for a long moment. She was so small, just a little over five feet tall, with a mass of curly copper colored hair laying in a tangled mess down her back. When she opened her eyes, brown lashes framed large tilted hazel eyes, yellows and greens swirled within her irises. Her skin looked silky, creamy ivory. Her cheeks were coloring a pale pink. Through her wet shirt, that had strange drawings all over it, he could see the swell of her over ripe breasts, the curve of her small hips, and her skin tight breeches showed off her legs and ass. Desire flared within him for a moment before he quenched it back down. What was a strange girl like this doing out floundering in the middle of the ocean for, wearing such strange clothing? He had to get to the bottom of it. "Willy, tie her down." His voice was cold, calculating. Her mouth dropped open and she tried to stand up again, Willy pressed her back down and as Captain handed him some rope he began to knot it around her wrists and ankles. After he was done, Captain excused him with a job well done and left the Captain and the girl alone together. "Now," The captain started, walking circles around the girl slowly, the hunter and his prey. "Tell me, why would a little thing like you be drowning out in the middle of the ocean?" She was scared now. Something was wrong. She could hear the accents in the men's voices as they had spoke and it became clear to her that something was indeed very wrong. She licked her dry lips and tasted the salt from the water on them. She had been out in the ocean. But...how? Why indeed? She had no answers to give and so she didn't, choicing to not speak instead. Captain could see the look of fear and confusion on her face. He became perplexed, and stopped in front of her, kneeling down so they were at eye level. "Do you know how you came about being found by my ship?" He asked softly. Her eyes teared up and with a choked back sob she slowly shook her head. "Do you remember anything?" She thought about telling him about her being in a car and wrecking, going off into water, but she decided that it was best to keep that to herself. She shook her head again. Captain had seen that time when her thoughts had betrayed her and his lips tightened, but he stayed silent. "What may I call you then?" He questioned. Memories of her name floated around inside her head, but she couldn't quite reach them. A small sob did escape her then, and tears began to fall down her face in earnest. Captain jumped up and slid a knife from his belt, startling her into sobbing more and cringing away as he drew it near. A flick of his wrist and the rope holding her wrists to the chair arms were cut away, and the ones on her ankles followed. She hiccupped and watched him warily, eyeing the knife in distrust. He slid it back into his belt and reached down, cupping her arms gently as he helped her to stand. He felt her tiny fingers as they curled around the front of his jacket, trying to keep herself steady. She didn't even come up to his chin, she was so small, the top of her head barely reached the top of his chest. "I am going to give you some dry clothing to put on, and you shall stay here for the time being. I will have food sent down to you and you may eat and sleep here. I will be back shortly." He walked over to a chest and opened it, pulling out a long tunic for her to put on. "Sorry, all I have are men's items." He explained, grinning cheekily. She blushed and nervously looked away from him, taking the garment from his outstretched hand. After a silent moment passed, he muttered something to himself and strode over to the door, his boots clomping loudly. The door opened, then shut, with the sound of a definite click as the lock was done.


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