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Why Me,Oh Why Me?

Novel By: ClayPlusTaylor

Romance,money.stress,feel,emotions View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 6, 2010    Reads: 55    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

It was Sunday morning,and Ann,the new saleswoman,was up and ready!Ann was dressed in the best suit she could find because today,her goal was to sell a three million dollar house!She lived on 34 street in Virginia.She left afew minutes later with a coffee in one hand and her car key in the other.Outside,beautiful and damp,Ann couldn't resist!She got to her new car and opened the door.She could smell the smell she always smelt,the new car scent!Ann drove off looking like Legally Blonde and Megan Fox.On her way to work,she stopped to get a hot chocolate,as she was always cold!They thanked her for coming and she was off!Away and away she drove,until she saw this huge house.She thought about how happy and rich she would be if the renter agreeded to buying it for good!She got out of her car and introduced herself.The other lady was pleased with herself because of her soft,wavy hair.As they went up the driveway,all the lady did was swing around her hair!Ann was wondering if she had a disorder or what!They stopped at the door and paused in silence.Ann thought as if she didn't want her in there.They opened the door and walked in.Amm loved what the lady had done with the place."Hi,I am Aundra and welcome to the home!",said the lady.Ann thought she should have told her that at the beginning.Oh well,whispered Ann.They walked up and down the stairs just talking and talking.It looked as if Aundra was falling inlove with her!She backed away as Aundra got closer.Ann was single,but to keep her away,she started to talk about "Her husband".Then Aundra backed away.Ann gave a sigh of relief.She was not about to be kissed by a weirdo.She got back to the point and started talking about the the house.Then,the decision came.Aundra made her choice of to keep it!Ann screamed in delight as she hugged Aundra.As Ann thought she was weird,Aundra hugged her alittle tighter.Ann tried to get out of her strong hands,but it was no use.She finally got away and tried to catch her breath.Thank god she was out!She ran out to her car and waved goodbye.Aundra just stood there looking confused.Ann drove off and got to her house in an instand.Finally she thought.When she came to the door,there was a note sticking to the mat.She unattached it and read the note.It was from Aundra!This day kept getting weirder and weirder,How did she know her address?Why does she like me?Ann thought mysteryiously.This has happened to her before,but not this serious.From her view,Ann could tell she had to end this herself.She went inside and noticed that she had left the T.V on.She thought she had turned it off.She heard the shower wondering.Now Ann started to worry.Nobody was here because there was no car,but then she saw a bicycle in her yard.She ran to the bathroom and opened the door a creak.She could hear a girl humming in the shower.She saw a hand and a foot,but no body.She went to the shower curtains and knocked on the wall."Whos in here?",said Ann.Someones head popped out of the shower in fast mode.It was Aundra.She smiled at Ann and went back to bathing.The water stopped.She had turned off the shower.She got out in a towel.She had a bra and her underwear already set out.She went back into the shower and got dressed in only those to things.She came out and went to Ann's room.Ann went in and saw Aundra laying on her bed.She knew what this ment.She wanted to do it with Aundra so she got up there and took off her shirt and pants.They started to make out until Ann started down her neck.Then to her chest.They stopped and started again.That was the best day of Ann's life.That was the past of Ann Shoeman...................................


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