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He Knew She Wasnt Coming Back

Novel By: coolbadgirl

Hermione is the girlfriend of Alex.

Kyle is the boyfriend of Annaliese.

Kelly is the girl best friend of Donavon.

Liam is the boy best friend of Rosita.

But the way their relationships happen is the wrong way for it to go. The couple should be Hermione and Kyle. The couple should be Alex and Annaliese. The couple should be Kelly and Liam. What about Donavon and Rosita? Should they be together? Rosita runs away and Donavon lets her. He didnt grab hold of her love with both hands, he let it go and once she left, he knew she weren't coming back.

*This is for Gadzookziie Spice 99 challenge, the quote i chose was, Dont let love run away, grab it with both hands and hold on, because once its gone, it won’t come back.* View table of contents...


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The way he was looking at me was disturbing.
The way she was looking at me was disturbing.
Kelly and Donavon are the best of friends but Kelly thought their friendship was more like a relationship. Kelly was glaring at me and the glare was the usual 'Don't you touch my boy'. The way she thought that Donavon was into me was just stupid; a boy like him would never be interested in a girl like me. A girl with golden brown hair with natural curls and green blue eyes was the girl Donavon would never think about dating. That is who I am. I am Rosita and I am a girl that Donavon would never think about dating. I hate being who I am but this is me.
My phone began to ring; the ringtone was could it be you by Cascada, which was Donavon's ringtone. I picked up my phone quickly.
Me* Hello
Donavon* Hello
Me* you called?
Donavon* Yeah, just wondering why you aren't sitting with us at the table
Me* I don't want to today, I have friends, well Liam
Donavon* Fine, be like that, let me tell you one thing
Me* what would that thing be?
Donavon* you are a fat, ugly bitch, a fugly girl who doesn't have any friends and will never get a boyfriend
Me* how, how could you say that?
Donavon* if you want I can come over there and say it to your face
Me* no, piss off, you loser
I hung up and ran out the cafeteria.I crashed into Liam. He cradled me in his arms as I cried my heart out. I told him about the phone call from Donavon. I wanted to punch Donavon but it felt like he had already punched me and I had lost my feelings for him.
"Liam, can you, erm, kiss me?" I had just said to Liam that I wanted him to kiss me. I liked him but I needed to know if when we kiss was there fireworks going off in the background and sparks between me and Liam.
"I thought you would never ask, Rose" He kissed me gently but as the sparks grew between us, it became more passionate and needy. He pushed me against the wall, his lips still on mine. His hands caressed my body and my hands lay on his chest, feelings his muscles. The end of lunch bell rang but me and Liam kept kissing. His hands got tangled in my hair when someone cleared their throat.
"Rosita, it is time for class now, we need to leave" Alex had to ruin the moment. I glared at him and he put his hands up in surrender. "Rosita, come on, we can't be late for drama" Drama was Alex's favourite lesson. Alex grabbed my hands and dragged me to the drama studio. We just got through the door before the late bell went. "Rose, what was that in the hallway with Liam?" I blushed.
"Alex, don't tell anyone but Donavon said something really mean. Liam was there for me and it all suddenly happened" It all didn't suddenly happen though, I asked him to kiss me and boy, what a kiss that was.The kiss was full of sparks with fireworks in the background.
"I am going to tell Donavon and everyone on the popular table as this gossip for the girls. But also Donavon has a right to know, you can't keep these sort of secrets, completely secret" Alex is a bastard. I should of never told him. I walked away from him to the other side of the room.
"Today we are getting into pairs and seeing if there is any romantic sparks between the pairs" Everyone ran to either boys they liked or girls they were going out with. I was left on my own until Liam and Donavon both walked through the door. The teacher went over to them and pointed over to me. They both walked over.
"We have been told to work with you. " I just nodded my head. I got to work with them. When we had about 10 minutes left of the lesson, the teacher made me, Liam and Donavon perform in front of the class. We went to the front of the room and that is when it all happened. The kiss I had been trying to avoid while Donavon was around.
The sparks between me and Liam grew, the audience were silent, Donavon was furious! But I couldn't stop kissing Liam; his lips were so soft, like velvet. His lips were like drugs to me, I was addicted to them. Donavon cleared his throat. I pulled away from Liam. "Later" Was the only word I said to him and he brightened up instantly. Liam moved out the way.
Donavon leaned down to kiss me. I turned my head just in time so he kissed my cheek. No-one was kissing the lips Liam had just kissed; I wanted the taste of his lips on my lips forever. I walked over to my seat. Everyone looked stunned. The bell went and I was saved by the bell. I charged out the door after grabbing my bag, but I ran into a hard chest.
"You left me standing there, looking like a dork. How could you Rosita? I thought we were friends, we always did things like that during our drama classes last year." Donavon had hurt written all over his face. The hurt in his voice could be clearly heard.
"Donavon, all that happened last year, when we were young and foolish. We shared something special but I am with Liam now. I am a mature older woman. I don't cheat, unlike you. You cheated on your ex-girlfriend with me. I am not like that; I don't do things like that. Now I have another lesson to attend. Good bye, you loser" I literally flew down the stairs, I was late for class.
I heard moaning coming from the classroom near me. I peeked through the door and I saw…..


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