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WHAT? Youre straight............

Novel By: coolbadgirl

I tried to kiss him once for him to blurt out he was gay. I love him; I mean real love, the romantic type. He is so sweet, if he weren’t gay, I would date him.
He was my gay best friend, Andrew Sterling. The quarterback and captain of the football team actually talked to me. I am the captain of the cheerleaders but i am not a fake bitch like they are, so I don’t hang out with them.
He started to hang with his team, he started being a evil jock, he started to call me mean things, he started dating gay guys, he started slapping girls butts, he started becoming abusive, he was changing.
I kept thinking I had lost him until the homecoming dance, the dance I had been prepared for since the beginning of the school year.
Was I gonna get a date?
I doubt it but I could try
What is Andrew hiding?
Who do you think he is?
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Submitted:Sep 18, 2010    Reads: 190    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

'There he was just walking down the street
Babbling on
All this random stuff
Was coming out his mouth
I just wanted to scream out loud
But being the person I was
All I did was say
Please be quiet, you're giving me a headache'
I was listening to the unknown artist on my iPod. I was walking with the earphones in my ears while my best friend, Andrew, was babbling on how he met this guy that was so cute. Andrew and I have been best friend since we were little but it was only when I had tried to give him a kiss he blurted out he was gay to me. It was cool having a gay best friend. He kept explaining all the details about the guy but I wasn't really listening.Barbie girl came on in the background; I realized it was Andrew's phone. He really needed to change his ringtone.
Andrew* Hello dudes
I realized it was his best friends who weren't gay.
Andrew* Yes, she is here
They were asking about me but I couldn't hear anything they were saying. Why did Andrew have to have the call volume on low?
Andrew* Ok, we will see you guys later tonight. 19 Mangenic Street, 10pm.
He hung up his phone. 19 Mangenic Street? Why did that street sound familiar to me. Just as we were working it out, we stood outside my house. That was when I realized that the street was my street and my house was number 19. What did Andrew organize without my permission? I glared at Andrew but he had gone back into his lovey dovey gay world again, so he didn't notice my death glare.
I absolutely hate him when he plans things without my consent. I unlocked my front door and slammed the door shut. "Comes on babes, let me in." I opened the door on the chain so I could see him but he couldn't get in. "Andrew, no-one is coming into my house because of all the fragile that got broken last time." My great-great-great grandmother's vase had been broken, and that was irreplaceable. "Come on baby, you know how many of my boys are coming." I would usually faint when I heard boys were coming to my house but I have changed since that year.
"No Andrew. No-one is coming in, that includes you. NOW GET OUT MY HOUSE!" I screamed at him. I pushed him out the door and slammed it shut. I locked the front door and rushed to the back door to lock that too. I put double on lock on all windows and triple lock on the doors. I closed all curtains. I ran up to my room, had a shower. I wrapped by robe around me. While my hair was drying naturally, I ran around the house hiding all the fragiles in my parents bedroom.
"Mummy, when are you coming home? I really miss you, I want you and daddy to come home and protect me from the press outside the house" My mum and dad had gone out for a date night, leaving me on my own. I was bored out of my mind. I kept calling my mummy and daddy but they only just answered the phone.
I was trying to do some of my homework but the press outside the house were bugging me too much. I hated the press, ever since the press found out I was a child who wasn't just human but another species, they harassed me. I looked out my window and could see my mother's car pulling up in the drive opposite the house. I ran downstairs, ready to open the door for my parents to rush in. But instead of the secret knock, I heard a gunshot. I opened my front door to see my mother lying on the concrete, with blood flooding the ground around her.
A guy was holding a gun but when he stepped into the light, I saw it was a young boy. "Mummy? Please, wake up!" I walked outside. I ignored all the stares from the press. I heard another gunshot but someone stood in my way. The boy was aiming for me. The person fell next to my mummy. It was daddy. "DADDY! MUMMY!" I screamed and cried all night. I saw the boy run away before the police could catch him. The press all gathered, taking pictures. I screamed at them all to go get a life. Only a few women stuck around, they comforted me. The police and the ambulance finally turned up.
"Child, please, tell us, are these your parents?" One of the policemen asked me. I nodded not trusting my voice. "I am afraid to tell you but Elizabeth and Edward Harrington are not your real parents. But I can confirm they are now dead." I blacked out.
I woke up in my bedroom, with a will and money spread around my room. My parents who brought me up weren't really my parents. They brought me up so they will always be known as my parents.
I locked every fragile in the untouched bedroom since that night. I locked every bedroom except my own. I ran back downstairs into the kitchen. I opened the cellar door and got all the alcohol out and onto the counter. All the plastic cups were spread across the counters. Junk food was set on plates around the kitchen. I looked at the clock. It was 9pm. I rushed back upstairs to my bedroom.
I searched through my wardrobe till I found the perfect outfit. It was a purple mini dress which has sequins going down in a block line between the boobs. I had some black and red shoes which were stilettos so I wore them as well. I searched through my jewellery box and found a cold chunk bracelet, a pair of hanging black diamond earrings and a lilac stoned necklace.
I looked at my clock again. I had 15 minutes to do my hair and makeup. I did my eyes in a smoky fashion with dark pink lipstick. My hair had dried into curls so I left it like that. I grabbed my phone and locked my bedroom door on the way out. Everything was set up now. I opened all the curtains, opened the windows. I unlocked my back door and front door. Cranked up the party music and at 10pm, people started filing down the street. It was time to party!


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