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The Game

Novel By: Coralie

Don't hate the player, hate the game. But oh, what a game it is. One contest. Ten rounds. Ten games. Ten thousand dollar prize. The hard part? Trying not to fall in love with your biggest oponent. View table of contents...



Submitted:Feb 5, 2014    Reads: 83    Comments: 23    Likes: 4   

The wind nipped at my face with a bitterly icy fervor.

I shivered despite my five different layers. Even though I had on a coat that promised to block out temperatures below even -10 degrees, I could easily feel how cold it was outside. I silently cursed the wind chill as I shuffled my feet back and forth.

You're probably wondering why exactly I was outside with so many layers on. And I wish I could tell you some romantic reason. Or maybe something incredibly dramatic, like I was waiting for my husband to get off the plane after he had been away in war for so long. But I'm single, so that's out.

And the real reason for my waiting and suffering, oh, was it going to be worth it. I was waiting for the release of a new video game.


You read right.

A new video game was the cause of the freezing torment and hours of waiting. My best friend, Riley, and I had been out here since three in the afternoon. You might think it's a little absurd of us. And that's okay. But if you understood how momentous this was, you wouldn't blame us; it was the last game in the series. Plus they were giving away a bonus play pack to the first fifty people in line. Five lucky people would get the door buster of a new high-tech controller that promised a five year battery life and it was water/soda/beer resistant. Riley was anticipating that chance more than I was, but I was equally excited.

He checked his watch. "T-minus five minutes until it's a go."

I chuckled and shuffled my feet as the wind blew a heavy gust at me. I could see the blurred outline of a figure switch the fluorescent neon OPEN sign on. Excited butterflies rambunctiously flurried in my stomach as a couple people jumped up and down. The figure came to the door and.....

We were off. A panicked tangle of gamers rushed at the door like ravenous zombies lunging towards human flesh. In the midst of the struggle, I fought my way inside. For once, my tiny stature was an advantage.

I ran towards the cardboard cutout display stand and snatched up the shiny new game. There was a little burst of ultimate pride in my heart and I could feel heat rushing to my face. Riley was nowhere to be seen, but he could fend for himself.

Clutching the game to my chest, I hurried over to the cash register. There were already a couple of others there, so I knew I had to be careful. Some people could be ruthlessly insane to get what they wanted. I remembered hearing a story about a man who shot someone else over a PlayStation console one year.

Shuddering, I eagerly scooted forward. One more person left... I was almost sweating from excitement. It was almost ridiculous, I must admit. I was just so worked up about this one game...

And then it was snatched right out of my hands as someone knocked me backwards.

Shocked and off guard, I spiraled down to the ground. The force was enough to knock the breath out of me and I what was happening, but oh god did I wish that I was able to roll to safety as quickly as the characters I played on my games.

There was a thunderous roar as people scrambled towards the person who had stolen my copy, which I learned later was the last copy in the store that hadn't been destroyed by the swarms of people. Apparently, when someone wants a game THAT badly, they could give a shit less about the victim of borderline abuse and sort of theft. No, no, they go for what's at hand.

And completely forget there's a person underneath their feet.

I woke up two days later in the hospital.


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