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A second chance.

Novel By: creativegirl11

Scarlet has been in formed that her Husband has died fighting in the war, will she ever be able to love another? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 22, 2013    Reads: 118    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

***Song, while reading listen to Carrie Underwood, Just a dream.******

Chapter 1

I heard a soft knock on my door, I got up and opened it, in front of me stood two men in uniform

"Scar, whose at the door?" My best friend Bonnie called,

"Are you Scarlet Hanson?" One of the guys said

"Yes, why,"

"Could we come in Ms. Hanson?"

"Yes, come on in," I said inviting them in, we sat in the living room and my stomach filled with butterflies,

"Ms. Hanson, the president of the united states sends his deepest regrets, Your husband Joey Hanson was killed in action yesterday, If there is anything we can do please let us know,"

"He is dead! No, I just talked to him yesterday, he was going out on a mission," I sobbed Bonnie grabbed my hand the tears streamed down my face,

"An officer will be in touch with you in the next 24 hours," the guy said,

"Please get out," I sobbed, Bonnie pulled me into her chest,

"We are so sorry," One of the guys said I heard the door open and close,

"He's dead," I cried,

"I know sweetie," She held me as I cried my soul out, A part of me had literally just been ripped out,

The days began to blur together, I woke, cried, tried to eat something, cried more and slept, the cycle just repeated it self over and over again. The day of the funeral had arrived, I dressed in the gown Bonnie had set aside for me, I walked downstairs and saw Trevor, Joeys best friend in my living room in his dress uniform, I threw myself into his arms,

"He's gone, Rev,"

"I know," He whispered into my ear, "We have to go," Bonnie handed me a hat with a little black veil over the front, I slide my arm through Trevor's and he led me to the car, everything became blurred as tears just kept flowing from my eyes. I stood at the cemetery, Joeys parents sat on my left and Trevor was on my right, the ceremony was long, Joey knew a lot of people, the guns fired a final shot and the flag was taken off of his casket, and folded, a man stood in front of me and said something before handing me the flag, as the ceremony ended the sky's opened and a thick sheet of rain poured down, People hurried from the cemetery. I remained in my seat, Joey had been injured so bad that it was a closed casket wake, I placed the flag down and got up walking over the casket, I put my hand on it,

"You left me, you broke your promise," I sobbed falling to my knees grasping at the side of the casket, " Why Joey! WHY!" I Screamed at the casket, I sat there crying as the rain poured down, "We were supposed to be together forever, you contract was almost over, you were going to get out, we were going to start a family!" I shivered from the cold, "Joey,"

"Oh Scar," I heard a male voice beside me,

"Joey?" I whispered,

"No its, me Trevor," He said, taking his jacket off and wrapping it around my shoulders, "I've been looking for you for hours," He pulled me up and picked me up and pulled me into his chest, he stopped quickly picking up the flag he placed it in my lap. "Got her!" He called, I was placed into a car and taken home, Bonnie stripped me out of my wet clothes and put warm clothes over me, helping me into bed, I laid there numb to the world, I just stared at the wall, a blanket was thrown over me and the room went dark

***Helllo My lovelys! I want to know what you think!!*****










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