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A second chance.

Novel By: creativegirl11

Scarlet has been in formed that her Husband has died fighting in the war, will she ever be able to love another? View table of contents...


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Chapter 10

Trevor's POV

I got the call from Bonnie at 0700, she was scared and said that Scarlet had been attacked and was in the hospital. My heart raced. I made a call to my LT and informed him of what happened and that I was going to need a few days, he wished me good luck, I booked the next flight to see the only girl I had loved. I didn't bother to change out of my combats. I rushed around my apartment throwing random clothes into a bag. I hopped into my car and sped to the airport, I barely made the flight. I sat on the plane. Why had I never told Joey that I was in love with his girl, he was my best friend, when we first met I was a new enlisted and he was a brand new officer, both 20, I made my way up the ranks to Sergeant he made his way up to lieutenant Colonel, we kept our relationship at work strictly professional, but we were really good friends. Most people found it strange and looked down on Joey for hanging around with the enlisted, but when Joey meet Scarlet that night at Hawkins, my life changed but she fell for Joey I mean who wouldn't Joey was a great guy and he loved Scarlet I kept my feelings hidden from both of them. But then Joey died, after everything, he left her and she was devastated by it. I didn't think she would ever love again, but I got deployed again, after a shaky moment with Scarlet, but she found Greg, and I knew she didn't love him, not like she loved me. I knew she loved me. Then I almost left her before I ever got the chance to tell her, but there she was in Germany standing by my side, helping me through everything, but then I almost ruined things. Scarlet was over one day helping me with some things around the house and I just couldn't stand it anymore, I had to do something about my feelings so I kissed her, and one thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together, afterward she freaked out. I knew in that moment she had feelings for me, but I also realized she was scared of Greg, I knew he hadn't hit yet, she wouldn't be with him still and he wouldn't be breathing. I sighed and looked at the window. I closed my eyes and pictured our last moments together, two months ago, a smile came across my lips. I stared out the window, finally the captain announced we would be landing soon. We touched down I grabbed my bag and hurried off the plane. I jumped into a cab and directed the driver to the base. I made my way through security easily with my ID. I handed him a bill and rushed into the hospital, I tried to focus my breathing, I made my way up to the desk,

"I'm looking for Scarlet Hanson," I told the nurse,

"She is on floor 3," She smiled, I turned and made my way to the elevator, I exited and went to the desk and talked to the nurse,

"Scarlet Hanson?" I asked

"Room three," She said directing me, I followed her finger just as I was about to open the door,

"SIR!" A female voice called out behind me, I turned and saw a doctor running towards me, "I am sorry you cant go in there right now,"

"Why not,"

"I'm sorry, you cant go in there she is talking to some people,"

"I have a right to see her! I will she her!" I said pushing the door open. In front of me stood two officers Scarlet lay in a bed, her face was swollen and bruised, she had cuts and a sadness filled her eyes.

"Sir could you give us a moment," One of the cops said to me

"No let him stay please," Scarlet said "Could you give us a moment please,"

"Of course we will be right outside," the other told Scar, I held back my tears, rushing to her side and pulling her into my arms

"Oh Trevor," She sobbed, I climbed into the bed with her and she curled up on my chest.


"I told him about us," she said between sobs

"Scar I am going to kill him," I said holding back my anger "Bonnie says you don't want to tell the cops, you have to tell them, then you are going to request a transfer and are going to come live with me,"

"Trevor, I cant just leave Joey all by himself. And He threatened me, If I say one word against him he will do it again,"

"I'll make sure that never happens, you should have never been with him, you always should have been with me," I lifted her chin and stared deeply into her eyes leaning down I planted my lips firmly against hers,

"Alright," She pulled away, "Send them in please,"

"I'll be back in when they are done," I said making my way to the door, I nodded the two cops and they walked back in. I paced outside of her door, the cops came out nodded at me and I headed back into the room.

"I'll go with you," She smiled

"You will?" I asked

"Yes, and Trevor one more thing, I'm pregnant,"

Two Weeks later,

"Are you sure you are all ready?" I asked loading Scarlet bag into the trunk of the taxi, she stood a few feet away from me,

"Bonnie is meeting with the guy tomorrow to pick up the bike, she will keep an eye on the house, everything is turned off, I think I got everything,"

"Are you telling me or going through a mental check list in your head? " I laughed, Scarlet shot me a look, her head shot up at the sound of a bike engine, I turned my head in the direction of the sound, they still hadn't found Greg, but he probably took off. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders "Breath, come on we are going to miss our flight," I said leading her to the taxi, her bruises from the attack had started healing, she hid the rest with make-up, she took one last glance at the house and got into the taxi. I slid in beside her and the taxi drove off. I had taken Scar to say goodbye for now to Joey this morning, and it was one of the hardest things to witness, I knew Scar had taken it pretty hard as well. We arrived at the airport and checked in and made our way through security towards our gate, Scarlet linked her arm through mine, we were almost to the gate when she froze,

"Scar," I whispered, she nodded her head forward not twenty feet away from us stood Greg, he stood there staring at her. A wicked smile came across his lips, he walked towards me Scarlet ducked behind me slightly clinging to my arm,

"Going somewhere Sweetheart?" He questioned,

"Back off, Greg," I warned him,

"What are you going to do about it?"

"Just back of, she doesn't want to see you," I said putting my hand up between us,

"You're going to stop me?" Greg asked

"Please just go," Scarlet said weakly,

"What did you say Whore?" Greg asked

"I said go away!" Scar said raising her voice, "I never want to see your white trash piece of shit face again!"

"I'm not the one who cheated,"

"Liar! You slept with Maggie Halon when I went to Germany, she told me Greg! She said moving out from behind me, Greg tensed

"What are you going to beat me up? Oh wait you already did that! So go burn in hell you piece of shit," She said grabbing my arm and dragging me towards the gate. I grabbed her shoulders, her breathing was fast, I pulled her into a hug,

"I am so proud of you," She smiled up at me,


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