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A second chance.

Novel By: creativegirl11

Scarlet has been in formed that her Husband has died fighting in the war, will she ever be able to love another? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 2, 2013    Reads: 31    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Chapter 7

Scarlets POV

(6 Months later )

The sun sank below the horizon as I stood there staring out over the ocean, strong arms wrapped around behind me and a head nuzzled into my neck, I smiled turning and letting Greg pull me into a big hug,

"I can see why you love spending so much time out here, it is so beautiful just like you," He smiled kissing the top of my forehead,

"Your such a sap," I laughed I glanced at my phone, "I have to go, I start work in half an hour," I smiled kissing him, and turning to hop on my bike, Greg's arms pulled me back into him and I giggled,

"How is Trevor?" he whispered into my ear,

" I haven't seen him in a wile, But I hear he is doing great, But I really must go," I said swinging my leg over my bike,

"What time do you get off?"

" 6am," I sighed,

"I'll pick you up, you'll be too tired to drive,"

" No, I'll be good, just meet me at home I want a cuddle buddy," I kicked my bike to life, and sped off before Greg could stop me, again,

Greg's POV,

I smiled as she sped off, we had been together, for eight months now and I never intended to let her go. I also never intended to tell her about what happened while she was in Germany, I hopped onto my bike and sped to her house, letting myself in I grabbed a snack from the fridge, and settled in on the couch. I started to doze off, so I made my way upstairs and climbed into her bed, the sheets smelt like her, sweet and beautiful. I clicked on the TV and saw that a Lord of the rings marathon had just started, I turned it on. This should keep me awake until she gets home from work. I was halfway done the third movie it was almost 5 am, my eyelids got heavy and the world disappeared as I drifted off.

"How could you!" Scar came screaming into the room! I jumped awake,

"How could I what?"

"You, I never want to see you again! You thought I would never find out!" She screamed the world around her turned bright red and the floor slipped away leaving us standing on a point, I looked down into the fiery pits of lava, she lunged for me and I fell. I jolted awake and I found myself grasping for breath,

"Just a dream," I whispered "Just a dream," I looked at the clock Scar would be home soon, I climbed out of bed, and headed downstairs to wait for her, I tidied up in the kitchen, loading all the dishes in the dishwasher and got it starting, I heard the garage door open and her bike pull in. I met her at the door and pulled her into my arms,

"Good morning," she smiled kissing me lightly, she was tired I could see it in her eyes, I scooped her up into my arms "Put me down!" She laughed, I carried her upstairs and set her on the bed. I laid down beside her and she curled up against my chest and fell asleep.

Scarlets POV

My phone began ringing, groggily I grabbed it and answered it.

"Hello?" I mumbled

"Scar, its Trevor can you meet me for coffee today?"

"Um, what time" I asked pushing myself up on my bed,

"I was thinking 6ish,"

"Yeah that's fine I work at 8,"

"Alright see you at the brew at 6," He said,

" See you, Trevor," I said hanging up, my stomach jumbled into knots, Things had been rocky for me and Trevor ever since we got home. I was over at his place helping him out and things took a turn that they shouldn't have. I knew I had feelings for Trevor there wasn't anyway I could hide them from myself, I could hide them from Greg, but I had been avoid Trevor hoping the feelings would go away, I wanted to be fully in love with Greg I really wanted to, he was sweet and caring and loving, I loved the bad boy side and look he had and most of all he was completely in love with me. But still things just weren't clicking in for me. I knew deep down inside I would never stay with Greg forever. I sighed, crawling out of bed I made my way downstairs to get some food, I saw a note on the breakfast bar,

"/Had to run to work there is food on the stove for you, I'll be here when you get off work- Greg/"

I wandered over to the stove a pot of chili sat in a pot, I turned the heat on low and let it simmer. I turned my Ipod on and turned the music onto full blast, I began to dance around the kitchen, I grabbed a bowl out of the cupboard, and poured my chili into it. I ate quickly and ran up stairs, I grabbed my work clothes and shoved them into a bag, I slid into a pair of jeans and a tee shirt I slipped my boots over my feet and grabbed my leather off the coat rack, I hurried down the stairs and out to my bike. I stopped by a gas station and filled up my tank, I still had a few hours before I was supposed to meet Trevor. I pulled out onto the Freeway and headed into town. I lived just outside of the base in Joeys parents old house, Just like Joey his father had been an officer in the Army. I parked my bike in front of florist shop. I slipped inside and bought a bouquet, the day was really nice and I had to meet Trevor at the local coffee shop, I walked the short distance to the cemetery, slipping in the gates I wandered through till I came to the grave, I knelt down in front of Joeys grave,

"Hey babe," I smiled I talked to his head stone telling him everything that had happened since he had been gone.

"I thought I might find you here," I heard a male voice call out, I looked up

"Joey?" I asked shaking my head, was I hallucinating?

"Yes babe its me," he smiled walking towards me,

"But, your..." I trailed

"I am, your right, but I never left you, I have been waiting for the time that you might need me most before I showed myself to you. It seems you are in a pickle babe,"

"I am," I shook my head again, but Joey was still there,

"How can I help?"

"You could have helped by not dieing and then I wouldn't be here,"

"Scar this was all part of the plan, you know that, things will work out for the best,"

"You were the best! You were my other half,"

"For a time yes, but now I am not, I know its hard babe, but trust me you will be fully happy again,"

"Hardly, you've been gone for a year and my life is a mess,"

"No its not, you are just trying to figure things out,"

"Scarlet you have started to move one, the pieces of your life are starting to come back together, have faith and give it a chance, you gave me a chance now give your heart another one, I love you," He said his image began to fade,

"I love you!" I whispered, he smiled one last time before disappearing fully. Did that really just happen? I looked around the cemetery was getting dark, I gathered up my things and hurried out to the coffee shop, I spotted Trevor sitting at a table, my heart raced, my palms got sweaty as I pushed open the door he smiled when he saw me.


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