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Perfect Drama

By: cuckooxstory

Chapter 1, Ali, Jean, Ami and Jane are girls that aim to be the best in the music world. They go to White Cross Music Academy. Together they make the girl band, Bunny Beats. While on their journey, they meet the boy band, Crayons. Their names are Noah, Ethan, Jake and Hiro. At first their personalities collide and none of them get along, but as time progresses, it turns to love. This is one of my old stories:) Hope you guys like it~

Character Pictures:

Ali: (lead singer and guitarist)

Ami: (keyboardist)

Jean: (drummer)

Jane: (bassist)

Ethan: (lead singer and guitarist)

Noah: (keyboardist)

Jake: (bassist)

Hiro: (drummer)

Ali x Ethan

Ami x Hiro

Jane x Jake

Jean x Noah

Hope you guys like??

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