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Runaway Romance...

Novel By: cuckooxstory

Belated Valentines Day Challenge: A smile formed on my lips and I gave up, “F*ck it.” I pulled him to me and felt his lips brush against mine. From then on, my world changed. Everything in me burned brighter. My hands were tangled up in his hair while his were on my hips. There was so much passion in that kiss that I almost lost myself. Except that wasn’t what happened. Instead I found myself… I just didn’t realize it. View table of contents...


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Chapter 3

Sorry this chapter is so short. At least I wrote 2 chapters todayJ

The bell was the finishing touch to my tedious day at school. People poured out of the school like there was nowhere else to go. No one wanted to stay behind and study. As I strolled along the sidewalk, a car pulled up next to me. I looked into the window of the van and it was my dad. He came to pick me up after what seemed like forever. He never picked me up, but today must've been a special day.

"Honey, how was school?" He was acting unusually nice today and that only meant one thing. He wanted me to go to one of his business parties. There would be dresses and tuxes all around the room. The smell of champagne would fill the air and there would be classical music playing in the background. People would chatter amongst themselves about ways to continue a successful business career. No one would actually talk to one another. The conversations would be dull like all they talked about was themselves. He wanted me to meet his potential business partners so that I could get connections later on when I joined him. It was always like that - he wanted me to do things to enhance his career.

"What is it now?"

"I don't always pick you up only for my reasons. I just wanted to be with my daughter. Is that so wrong?"

I lifted one of my eyebrows in sarcasm, "Right. You would pick me up when you're not even done with work. You finish at 5 and it's 3 right now."

He sighed, "Okay fine. You caught me. I just wanted you to meet some of my old friends. They have great connections with the deans in many of the Ivy League Universities. So I made plans for you today to have lunch with one of my good old pals, Phillip Nielson. He was one of my friends back in college."

I rolled my eyes, "And does this friend work with you?"

"No. He doesn't work in my office, but he works at a different company. Kaylee, don't you trust me? I won't let you meet some random stranger. He's a nice person."

I sighed, "Okay. I'll go."

After arriving at Frasca's Food and Wine, my dad and I went inside and took our seats. Phillip wasn't inside yet and so we decided to order our food first. I ordered the Acquerello Canaroli Risotto. After ordering, Phillip walked in. He was very old and he was almost going bald. He wore round glasses and a brown suit that didn't match him at all. He didn't look like a successful businessman. Compared to what my dad wore, his was tackier.

He took his seat in front of us. As soon as he sat down, his eyes went to my chest. I thought it was very creepy. He had his hands clenched together like he was nervous about something. His eyes remained glued to my body. I cleared my throat so that he'd stop staring at my chest. My dad didn't seem to notice. He was busy trying to get the waitress to come back to our table so that Phillip could order his food.

"So Phillip, this is my daughter, Kaylee."

I plastered a fake smile on my face, "I've heard a lot about you, Phillip. You're my dad's friend from college, correct?"

He nodded, "Yes. I was his friend back then. I remember we used to study together in business. Your dad was one of the smartest guys back in college. You're probably as smart as him right? You are also as beautiful as your mother."

My dad laughed, "You're just being nice. She's very intelligent and I have not seen anything below an A on her report card. I was hoping you'd help her out with applying to some IV league universities."

"No problem. I could probably set up some meetings with the deans of Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Dartmouth… anything. In one condition, one of the deans is having a get together at his house and I would like Kaylee to go along with me. And of course, you as well."

"That sounds great. Doesn't it, Kaylee?"

I nodded, "Sure, I'll go."

After having lunch with Phillip, I went back home and my dad told me he was going to go back to work. He seemed satisfied with the meeting today. I didn't particularly like the guy. He gave me the shivers. He seemed mysterious, but in the bad kind of way. He wasn't like Alex. It seemed more sinister and disturbing. I shoved the thought aside and went into my room. My room was the place that I got to do whatever I wanted. My dad hardly ever came into my room and I mostly had the freedom to do whatever. I'd usually text Jesse or Daisy or write my poems.

One of the things that I loved to do was write. I loved to write poems, even music. I loved to sing, but that had to be done quietly. I remembered back in freshmen year when I told my dad I wanted to become a singer. He was furious and he would try and find everything that led me towards that dream. If he found any of my notebooks, he would tear them to shreds.

It had been a long time since I had last written a song. I wasn't allowed to. My dad thought that I gave up my dreams already, but I didn't. I still wrote music, but just secretly. I had a small notebook that I hid behind the bookshelf. I opened the window and let the wind spread all around the room. I closed my eyes and let the wind move through me. I was ready. A powerful voice came out from inside me and the melody moved me to another place. I wasn't just in my room anymore; I was in the clouds floating away. That's what music did to me - it moved me.

After finishing the song, I closed the notebook. I didn't think my dad heard me, but I guess he did. He barged into my room with anger in his eyes.

I asked him, "I thought you were at work."

"You're not writing one of your songs are you? I told you that you are not allowed to do that. I do not give you permission to waste your life away. I cannot tolerate you making a fool of yourself out there. The entertainment world is not for you. Kaylee, you must study hard and become like your mom and I. How many times do I have to tell you this? I just came back to get some documents and I hear you singing again?"

He saw the notebook on my desk. So he quickly grabbed it and he tore through my notebook. He found the music that I had written and he didn't even bother to read it. He began ripping up everything until my heart had turned to stone. I turned my face away to hide the tears that had formed. After he left the room, i went to my bed and pulled the blanket over my head. And just like that, my dreams became a puddle of mud.


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