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No Me Jodes: An Exceptional Story of Love

Novel By: Cyraus

Tired of the ordinary romance story? I know I am. In fact, I usually avoid and even deride the genre altogether in my reading and most of the time in my writing. I find it tragic that a lot of romance in literature and film are quite lethargic and very predictable. To fight back against the stereotypes of romantic literature, I came up with this. I would like to make this into a manga and that will be entirely contradictory to the usual big-eyed, innocent beauty and the handsome, charming brute. View table of contents...


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With a sigh, Julian Miller placed the last box of his possessions upon the hardwood floor and the planks made a short whimper in reply. He arched and twisted his neck to the left, hearing a satisfying crack of his cervical vertebrae readjusting themselves. His eyes scanned the dorm for a moment and rested upon the unpacked containers of his supplies and souvenirs of the life he had before arriving in the Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. At the moment, he was cursing his parents for prohibiting another year of freedom before going off to Boston. He was well aware that he'll probably be thanking the two for reproducing him into life so that he could gain the chance to attend to this school. The school has a well-known reputation for high grades and successful students; however, Julian never cared for following the traditional life. Since he didn't have many aspirations for the future, his only goals to accomplish in the college were to avoid flunking and have a fucking awesome time. He would've preferred to go to a university that had parties and death of binge drinking as its reputation, but Boston's was closest to home and had parental approval and encouragement. It was already decided for him the moment his father's sperm cell tore into his mother's egg.

His excuse for hibernating a year before leaving the coup was to settle down with a suitable job that could pay off his tuition so he wouldn't have to touch the college trust fund set up by his parents. It was a clever hoax to use, despite the later discovery of the little truth it had when all he could manage to get was a position handling the produce section of a supermarket. The sole reason that specific duty appealed to him is that he has heard the allure that guys in the produce section have over women. This presumption was a complete failure because hot and young women either don't eat at all or are too young to realize that vegetables are essential to the diet. However, he was able to snag a woman's phone number after a flirtatious encounter during which Julian thought his hopes might have a chance for survival. Unfortunately, the door was shut just as he was opening it when he discovered that the number wasn't valid when he dialed it after a few days. He then went through what he labeled as a prime-life crisis when he became as vain as Martha Stewart for a whole week.

Julian pondered whether or not to unpack the boxes he had just brought in and was currently staring at for a moment as he was wiping the grime off of his rectangular glasses with his white T-shirt. Once he placed them back on his face, he made a nonchalant reply to his thoughts that resembled, "Nyeh." and left the room. His exit was met with the same pandemonium of chattering, shouting, and chasing he encountered during his entrance except to a lower degree. His destination was the main administrative room of the school; he had signed up online for the departments he wished to undergo and all he needed was the schedule. As he left the building, he was greeted with a low 60°F and made his way toward 705 Commonwealth Avenue. The campus subjects were as bustling as the Boston streets flanking the university. Amongst all this flowing movement, Julian was able to identify his best friend, Will, alongside a girl.

"Hey, Will!" shouted Julian, speeding his pace. "Will! William Bracket! Bill! Billy! Billiam!" Will had turned at Julian's second call but Julian proceeded to exclaim his name just because he wanted to. He made out an amused smirk on Will's face as he approached him.

"You weren't kidding me," said Will as he grasped his friend by the shoulder. "You finally stopped sucking on your mommy's tits." His female companion gave him a rather gentle hit on the torso and said, "Be nice, jerk."

"Yeah," said Julian with a pout, "be nice. You might hurt my feelings." He set his eyes upon Will's shortand lean Asian girl with long burnt auburn hair and blue eyes. He was sure that those aqua irises were contacts because he'd never seen an Asian woman without brown eyes, except of course the girls those weird anime shows. But then again, thought Julian, the girls in there have pink pubic hair. He began to wonder the color of the blue-eyed Asian's pubic hair could be when Will put his arm around her and said, "Hey, I don't think you two have met yet." When Will said that, Julian recalled a conversation that the friends had about a week back about a girl that he had recently been dating. He never did mention she was Asian even when his friend inquired on her appearance.

"Is this the Jules you're so homo for?" asked the girl. Julian raised his hands, retorting, "Whoa, you can't go around saying that kind of stuff. That is aserious accusation." Shaking his head, Will introduced the two to each other apathetically. Julian lowered his torso in a bow to the girl, Nene, as he said, "Domo." Nene gave him a wry smile regarding the allusion of Japanese tradition despite her Korean heritage. A displeased Will was the one to clarify it with, "She's Korean, you fucking idiot." Frowning, Julian thought for a moment what he could say about that country.

"Um... is the war over yet?" The glower on Will's face deepened and Nene uneasily replied, "There's no fighting currently, but there's still, like, animosity and stuff..." Rolling his eyes, Will tightened his hand upon Nene's arm for a moment and asked, "So what are yourclasses for the semester?"

"I haven't gotten my schedule yet," replied Julian. "Which I should probably do about now."

"Yeah, why don't you," his friend muttered as he turned and began walking away with Nene at his side. As Julian sauntered off in the opposite direction, he said under his breath, "Always snags the best of them." Ever since their teen years, Will had managed to find the few fun and sexy girls in the area. Julian's sex life contained a majority of one-night-stands and his few hot girlfriends always ended up to be the pathetic, nagging bitches that every guy tries to avoid.

Once Julian entered the main administrative room he immediately noticed an extensive line of people just around the corner. With a sigh that turned into a groan, he got his place at the end of the line. He presumed that most of the people in the line hadn't signed up for their classes online like he did.Why isn't therea separate line for people who only need theirdamn schedules? thought Julian bitterly. The person ahead of him in the line was a thin and tall African American with her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. He noticed that there were some braids weaved into her raven hair. Lowering his eyes, he saw that she chose to wear Daisy Duke jean shorts to flaunt her long legs. He could dig it.

After clearing his throat, Julian said to the girl, "You'd think there would be more convenientways to do this for such a high class university." Turning to meet his gaze, she extended her luscious lips into a smile and said, "Yeah, I know! I've already been here for, like, fifteen minutes and it hasn't even gone down by a quarter."

"Is this your first year being here?"

"Yeah. I was totally shocked when I was accepted into here a few months ago. Are theteachers tough?"

"Well, it's my first year too, but my friend says that it's only hard if you slack. Which is bad luck for me." They shared a short laugh.

"That's too bad," she said, crossing her arms. "I try not to do that too much, but one minute you're working then you're sleeping." He nodded and raised his hand, saying, "Been there before. Several times. All of the time." They laughed together once again. He reached out his hand and said, "I'm Julian." She readily took his hand and said, "Mm. I'm Sandra. That's a really cute name you have, Julian." He made a flattered chuckle and said, "My friends call me Jules, but if you like that you can call me it."

"I'll probably go back and forth between the two," said Sandra, swaying her hands with the words and laughing. "I just hope I won't forget! I do that pretty often."

"Don't worry about that," he said leisurely, readjusting his glasses on the bridge of his nose. "As long as you remember my face, I'm fine." With sly smile creeping over her face, Sandra gave him a slow nod as she coolly said, "I never forget a face." She turned around and recited in a monotonous tone, "Blue eyes with long lashes, black-rimmed glasses, a sprinkle of freckles, black 'n wavy hair, thin lips in an adorable smile, kind of a pointed chin, and skin the color of my palms." Julian guffawed at the last comment and clapped as Sandra turned around with her eyes beaming with humor.

"Very impressive," he said, pretending to wipe a tear from his eye. "Do you have a photographic memory?"

"With, like, pictures and images only. Not so much with anything else, like text." A short buzzing sound had emitted near by with the location ending up being Sandra's jean pocket when she retrieved her cell phone from it. Her brow slightly furrowed for a moment as she read the text on it. As she put it away, she gave Julian a wry smile and said, "Sorry, but I have to go. Since the line isn't going anywhere, my friend wants me to go up and help her unpack. We came to this school together." Shaking his head, he lifted his arm briefly and said, "Go ahead." In a dramatic voice, he added, "You've got a friend in need." Giggling, she thanked him and walked off in a very womanly strut. "See you around again, yeah?" he called with his hand in the air. She turned to him and walked backwards a few steps as she replied, "Most definitely." She turned back around and went around the corner toward the exit. With a contented sigh, Julian turned around and looked down the line, thinking, The year hasn't even started and I just got my first score.

To Be Continued...


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