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Fixing Anna-Sophia

Novel By: Darah Elizabethh

I'm Drake. I'm part of the Building Lives Association. Anna-Sophie, or Sophia/Sophie, is who i'll be building up. I can't fall in love with her though; that's rule one. I just broke Rule One... View table of contents...


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Hey guys. (:Darah here ! Chapter 1 is just going to be mostly descriptive. Read it though, it helps to give backstory! #becomemyfan


Hey, there. My name is Drake. And this is my story of when I was Building Up Sophie.

Sophie was 14 at the time of when I first got her, and I was 15. She had long brown hair, and pretty bangs that always fell in her eyes. She had green eyes, and she always got little signs done on her fingernails.

"This peace signs stands for well...peace! And this green leaf stands for life. This heart stands for love. This circle stands for forever. This arrow pointing up means stay strong." Sophie used to tell me.

By the way, her real name is Anna-Sophia, but I call her Sophie or Sophia. She was a sweet girl... very nice. She had the softest hands and the gentlest touches.

The reason I decided to help Anna-Sophia is because she needed it... badly. Her parents were abusive, and her friends slapped her and hit her all the time. She basically lived by herself. She bought her own food... paid the house bill... until I decided to take her into my own hands. I told her parents that I was a long-lost cousin, and that I would take her to our aunt and uncle. They believed, but of course they were drunk, so it didn't matter to them. Sophie was scared of me at first. She had hardly gotten to know me before I had taken her. When we walked outside, with hre bags and everything, her eyes glistened with the stars. I got into the truck, and turned on one of the lights. I looked at her face.

Bruises and scratches covered her lightly tanned face. It was a horrific sight. I looked at her knuckles. They were red. She just stared back at me, with her mouth slightly open. I looked at her face, and then back at her hands. She was holding a green, folded up notecard. I reached my hand out to her, looking into her deep, green eyes. She slowly moved her small hand toward me. Sophie pressed the notecard deep into my hand. I took my hand from hers. I looked at the notecard. In cute, girly handwriting, it said "Thank you. May He bless you. ♥" I looked back at her. I folded the notecard back up and gave it to her.

Sophie and I drove off into the night. I went about 12 streets over, to the Building Lives Association. I parked my burgundy truck, turned the ignition off, and got out of the car. Sophie looked afraid at first. I walked to her side of the truck. I opened the door for her, and stretched my hand out. She accepted my hand after several seconds. I tried to put my arm over her shoulder to pull her close, but apparently I had touched the wrong spot. She pulled away quickly. We were standing about 8 feet away from the entrance to the Association.

I tried to reach out to her to help, but she just looked away and grabbed her shoulder. I slowly walked towards her. I stood next to her hurt shoulder. She released the grip to let me observe it. I rolled her long-sleeved Winnie the Pooh shirt up. I looked at her shoulder. A scar. A deep, deep, scar was right there. I tried to run my fingers over it, but it was too painful. She jerked away.

Sophie started to pull her sleeve down. Tears ran down her face. She was hurt, and confused at the same time. She walked out of the parking lot, and across the street to the library. She went to the bench that was outside, and sat down on it. She sat there and cried. I just sat in the back of my truck, looking at her.

That beautiful girl, Anna-Sophia. She was hurt, frustrated, confused, in pain, and worst of all, unloved. By her parents, by her family.

That one person who did love her, was me. I was there to help her. I was her helper. Her supporter. Her builder. Her Fixer.


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