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Dark Shadows (Book 1)

Novel By: DarkShadows

Ever since her parents' bodies were found in a river more than seven years ago, Alexandrea (a.k.a Lexy) Granger's life hasn't exactly been a happy one, but it hasn't been terrible either. She nows lives with her brother in their appartment with their dog Max and is dating the hottest guy in school. Everything's as normal as can be.

But then a mysterious stranger comes to town by the name of Tommy and Lexy finds herself attracted to him in a way she has never been attracted to a guy before. She resists her attraction to him thought and stays loyal to her boyfriend, until one night when something goes terribley wrong and she is forced to turn her back on him.

Lexy now finds herself unable to hide her attraction to Tommy any longer and they end up falling deeply in love.

But one night, Lexy finds a secret of Tommy's. A secret so dark and dangerous that has been hid in the shadows of his life for years, that Lexy's unsure if she'll ever be able to trust-or love- him ever again..... View table of contents...


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My eyes fell on the beautiful girl fast asleep in her bedroom. Her ebony black hair fell over her shoulders and her porcelain like skin glowed in the darkness. She was irresistibly gorgeous.
I had been watching her for the past two days and nights, but I hadn't even dared to do what I was about to do just now.
I climbed up the oak tree that was just outside her window and crawled to the end of the closest branch to her window before silently jumping to her window seal, which surprisingly, had enough room for me to crouch on.
Careful not to make a sound, I grabbed the thin, but long piece of metal that I had found at the junk yard out of my black leather jacket. I slipped it between the two white windows and pushed gently until it was sticking out the other end before flicking my wrist and unlocking the lock on her window.
I took a deep breath and gently, but firmly, pushed the windows until they swung open and quietly hopped inside before turning towards the beautiful figure that peacefully slept, unaware that someone was in her room.
I thought about touching her, like I had in my dreams. To hold her beautiful, slim figure in my arms. To put my stone cold lips to her soft and beautifully shaped ones and kiss her until she fainted and then put my lips to her throat and quench my thirst for her blood.
But…I resisted.
I don't know why I did. I had done things like that many times before without a thought or a regretful reflection. But something inside told me to wait, that this lovely girl meant more than all those others who I had drank from.
I turned away from her, just to make sure I wouldn't be tempted to do what I had first come here to do, and instead, grabbed a heavy book on the bedside table with a hard white cover with no writing on the front.
I knew that this was her diary. I had seen her write in it yesterday, and to tell the truth, I was curious to see what she had written. Though I knew that some considered it rude to go through another person's belonging, especially when that person was a beautiful young girl, I truly didn't give a damn. Why should I now start caring what others thought after not caring about it for the past two hundred years?
I opened the book to the last entry, and began to read…
Saturday, November 1st, 2010,
The most amazing thing happened last night! David and I were at the park, our usual place when we just want to hang out and get away from everything, just laying down on the grass and talking. Then, we both sat up to leave when he gently took my face in his hands, and kissed me! It was the most wonderful-
I gave a small snarl of fury at the words. If only she knew that this 'David' really was, she wouldn't think that he was so 'wonderful' and 'gentle' anymore. In fact she'd probably be disgusted.
Just like she'd be disgusted if she knew what I really was.
Still furious beyond words, I threw her diary against the wall in rage where it bounced of it with a loud thud. I instantly regretted it.
The girl stirred from her sleep and I froze. I saw her frown slightly and start to blink her eyes, her long black eyelashes fluttering open.
Desperate to leave myself unknown to her, I jumped out of the window and landed softly on the grassy ground outside before running into the dark shadows of the night, where I belonged.


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