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'Change of Heart'

Novel By: Day Owl

*Taking a short break, promise I'll go on soon*The day when a man proposes, is supposed to be one of the greatest day of her life. But, Iris Kenmore just wants to take things slow with him, John Sawyer. She dates, dozens of men after him, but she never feels the connection she had with him. After years without seeing him again, she is provided a second chance. Will she go for it, or let the past stay in the past? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 15, 2012    Reads: 36    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Chapter One

"And, then I told him..." Iris wasn't paying any attention to the handsome guy, with a daggering smile. Who happened to be sitting right in front of her. She, instead, plastered a small smile on her face, and looked right through him. She could never have a good time anymore. Not without John.Why am I sad? I rejected him.She felt the smile descend from her lips.

"Don't you think, Iris?" The question derailed her train of thought.

Her pale blue eyes widened with embarrasment.

"Uh, yeah- I guess." She staggered.

"You know, why did you even agree to go out with me? You've been spaced out since we got here." His eyes narrowed on her.

"I'm sorry, you know-" She started.

"No, I don't know, Iris. Listen, just loose my number." He slammed a twenty on the cafe table before storming out. Iris sighed.

There goes number thirty-one.Why is John still on my mind? It's been three years... And he hasn't called.She felt the stinging pain in her eyes, as they started to well up. She blinked back the tears that she'd cry out later.

Iris slid the forest green bag over her shoulder, and stood. She stepped out of the cafe, her canvas wedges adding sound effects to her exit. By the time the opened the door, she wished she'd worn her peacoat, instead of the thin, but stylish, cardigan.

The biting spring night air smacked her right in the face, causing her nose, and the area around it, to turn a bright red. She crossed her arms over her chest, to keep warm.Why did I park so far away?She mentally punched herself, for the action. Iris stopped at the corner of Velma and Dermodel to check for cars. But instead, she spotted a familiar looking frame. She squinted a bit, but then locked eyes with the emerald green ones she'd adored for years. John.

For the second time, her eyes widened. She blinked, her eyes felt as if they were about to shrivel up and die. Then, Iris took a phase of action. She hurried across the street, barely missing a few parked cars. She ignored the calling of her name from behind her, and sped up her pace.

"Iris, wait!" It was approaching. She panicked, and grabbed a can of Mace from her bag, pointing it directly in front of her before pivoting on her heel. "Iris." John's facial expression changed from happy to confused, and what was that? Hurt? She pressed down, only to hear a sizzle, a crack, and a pop. She moaned in agony, before dropping the can.

"You were going to spray me with Mace." He broke the akward silence, with an amusing smile.

"Yeah. I was." She blandly replied. Searching for something to put her gaze on, other than those beautiful green eyes.

"Iris, how the hell are you?" He asked.

"Cold." She was a little annoyed.

"Then, let me walk you to your car." He stepped closer to her. She took a step back.

"I don't know, it's getting late."

"It's nine o'clock." John stated.

"Your car-" she started.

"It's this way." He gestured in the direction that she was walking.

"Fine." She started to walk away with a sense of defeat.

The last three blocks, felt more like miles. She felt the warmth of being that close to him, but she held the hostile act until he broke her.

"I can't belive it's been three years." He looked up at the dark sky and shook his head. Iris stopped, the words "three years" surrounded her eardrums. That was the trigger code. She was ready to explode. But, instead, she tightly closed her eyes and let a lone tear escape. Iris, let out a breath or relief before continuing on, as if nothing had happened.

"Yeah, three whole years. What have you been doing?" Iris smiled.

"Well, I got promoted to senior executive and went to India. And that's pretty much it," He nodded, assuring his statement "What about you, Miss Nurse Anesthetist?"

"Me?" She sounded sarcastically surprised. "Just the same old, same old." Her car was within a few steps. Then, everything happened so fast. She tripped, and he was in her face, she was oddly comforted by his protective grip on her. The moment was intense, his face slowly easing towards hers. Iris was panicking, searching for a distraction.Riiinngg.It successfully ended the moment.

John reached into the pocket and slid his thumb over the screen, answering the phone. Unsure of what to do, she akwardly stood there. The coversation was obviously angering John, she remembered how he used to chew on the inside of his mouth to put aside the anger. Iris mouthed the words "I'm just going to go" before she started to slide away. But he stopped her, before reaching into his pocket again, handing her a card. She smiled before walking away.

This is obviously a second chance. Don't mess this one up, Iris.


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