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The Story of Us: Amanda and Caleb

Novel By: DaynaMayna

The Story of Us
I looked out the window of my Corpus Christi beach house, and observed the family moving in next door. They looked like the typical perfect American family: A Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter.
The family lugged boxes out of the U-Haul truck, and into the house.
I had always wondered when someone was going to finally move in next door. I mean the house has been vacant for almost 5 years. It was the biggest house on the street, more than twice the size of mine.
“Amanda.” My mom said stepping into my room. “What’s up?” I asked turning away from the window and facing her.
“I’m sure you noticed the new Nabors.” My mother started. I quickly nodded my head. “Well, your father and I decided to invite them over for dinner. They have 2 kids, a daughter who’s in the 6th grade like you, and a son who’s in the 8th.” My mother finished.
“So…this means…?” I asked awkwardly. “Just dress nice and be downstairs in the dining room at 5:30.” My mother replied with a smile.
I walked down the stairs 5:30 sharp, running my fingers through my blonde hair, and tugging on my pink lace shirt. As soon as I stepped into the dining room, (which was usually only use for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) I was greeted by the new family.
“Amanda this is the Saunders’s” my father said, then gesturing to each one of the individually. “Paul, Nancy, Caleb, and Sky.” They all gave me a little wave.
“Um..I’m Amanda.” I replied pulling a smile.
As the parents started making random small talk about school, my eyes fell on Sky. She was a good few inches taller than me. She was flat out tall for her age, but she held her height gracefully. She had long black hair, and stunning blue eyes. Overall, Sky was pretty intimidating.
Then I looked over to her brother, Caleb. It took all the power in my body to keep my mouth from falling open, I couldn’t help but stare. He was tall, just like his sister. He also had the same blue eyes, and black hair. But that’s when the resemblance stopped. Caleb…was just flat out…Attractive!
While I was checking out his eyes for the 100th time in 5 minutes, Caleb caught me staring. I turned away quickly as I felt color rush to my cheeks.
“Let’s eat.” My father boomed, rubbing his hands together.
Soon enough me and Sky clicked, and instantly became best friends.
The next few years were filled with sleepovers ad weekend trips to six flags with Sky.
But also me gawking at Caleb, admiring how cute he is, and laughing at all his corning jokes, Ignoring his countless remarks about all the stupid things me and Sky likes, like Hannah Montana, and The Jones Brothers.
All these years, I’ve been trying to get Caleb to stop seeing me as his kid sisters best friend.
I was freshmen and high school now and pretty grown since the say we first meet.
I’m in love with my best friend’s brother, and I’m determined to get him to love me too.

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The Story of Us


My eyes fluttered open. I had had the best dream ever last night. Caleb had told me he loved me, we kissed, and then fell asleep in each other's arms.

I sat up stretching out my arms. Finally I observed my surroundings. I wasn't in my room, lying on my bed. I was in Caleb's. Memories of last night flooded through my mind. A smile spread across my face. I touched my lips swearing I could still feel his on mine.

Soon, all the negative thoughts entered me. I had wanted this for years, but I could have just ruined two good friendships. Mine and Sky's and mine and Caleb's. He would be leaving for college in three short months anyways. Caleb would completely forget about me. A college guy doesn't have time for stupid high schoolers.

Then I remembered one major detail of last night. Caleb was completely wasted. He wasn't in his right mind. Everything he said, everything he did, wasn't him.

I felt my heart fall apart.

I had to get out of here.

I jumped out of Caleb's bed, straightening my black dress, which was wrinkled from last night. I tipped toed over to his desk, yanking my red leather jacket off his chair. I grab my heels of the floor holding them in my hands.

I glanced over at Caleb, praying he was still dead asleep. He turned onto his side, letting out a huge snore.

When I got to my house I slipped through the back door and up to my room. I slammed my body onto my bed, letting my emotions going into over drive.

I sprinted down to my beach backyard, taking a break after my two mile run. Usually running helped me clear my mind, but my thoughts were still in a jumbled up mess.

I tossed my shoes, and yanked my socks off. I sat down in the sand, and let my feet soak in the gulf water.

"Hey." A voice said behind me. I jerked back to find Caleb. I suddenly felt insecure. His black hair was in a perfect mess, and he was wearing a white t-shirt, and black basket ball shorts. I on the other hand, was wearing a baggy t-shirt and old running shorts. My hair was in a pony tail, loose strands matted onto my forehead. And to top it all off I was drenched in my own sweat.

"Um hey." I replied, plastering a smile on my face. He starred at me for a while, his face hard as stone. I stood up, whipping the sand off my butt.

"We need to talk." He mumbled. "About what?" I asked trying to seem completely oblivious. "About the kiss. About what I said." Caleb said, obviously getting irritated.

"Caleb-" I started, but he quickly cut me off. "Amanda, I meant everything I said, I love you." I felt my jaw drop. "And you can't say that kiss didn't mean anything. I felt it and I know you did too." He added.

I bit my lip almost drawing blood. Caleb looked so vulnerable. I wanted him. I wanted him bad.

But I couldn't have him. He would be leaving in three months, starting another chapter in his life. Even if me and Caleb were together if things didn't work out, it could damage me and Sky's friendship.

I felt tears brim my eyes, but I quickly swiped them away. "I'm sorry Caleb." I tried my best to keep my voice steady. "I just don't feel that way towards you."

As soon as I turned to walk away I felt the tears escaped my eyes. I didn't dare to look back. I knew if I did, I would run back to him, begging him to let me be his.

Sorry for the long wait guys. Let just say some things have happened over the past couples of days. Everythings good now(: Tell me what you think in the comments(:


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