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Beverly Hills, thats where I want to be.

Novel By: dclovesfd

17 year old hockey player Sky Payters moved to Beverly Hills to live with her father. John Payters. Unhappy and rebelious, she is not sure how she is going to get threw, neither is her father.
Unknowing of her poetic talent and voice, she is soon discovered by Amber Pasashlin, director of " Star's Shine" Records. Sky thinks it is a fluke, even with her new friends Jessica Kennings and Jesse Youngs, breathing down her neck telling her to go for it.
But when she meets Flabe Donovan the dorky cute assistant of Breanna Rivers, will she change her mind and discover Beverly Hills just might be where she wants to be? View table of contents...



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" No way John. No way. You can not make me go to school, with a whole bunch of flakey money filled kids. With no talent..." I said glaring at my father, who was talking about new school clothes, and how fun eleventh grade at Beverly Hills High School For The Creative Arts, was going to be.

" Oh come on! There is lots of talent there, singers, writers, painters!"

"Yeah, but no hockey players. No sports AT ALL, dad I am a hockey player, not a twickle toe ballet dancer, or artistic painter." I said completely annoyed with him. I had never done anything, but sports, hockey. Always hockey. I had been in hockey since I was five, and I was mighty good at it. No I was definatly great at it. And for some reason my mother desided to send me to Beverly Hills to live with my father, in the middle of the season! My team was never going to make it threw the rest of the year with out me.

" I am sure you will find something you are interested in sweetie, but for right now. Do you think I could take you shopping?" He asked me, and I blinked looking down at my one size two big blue T-shirt , and grey sweat pants with a blue circle and a lion face in the center. My long brown hair, straight and perfect. Which my mom insisted on, I would rather just leave my hair the way it was when I woke up! Uggh.

"Whats wrong with the clothes I have on now? and the clothes I JUST finished unpacking in the WAY too big walk in closet in my WAY to large room...?" I asked brushing hair behind my shoulder, crossing my legs.

" I just want you to fit in is all..." He said and motioned for me to get up, running a hand threw his short blondish brown hair and waited for me to get up and walk out with a hopeful look on his face.

I sighed and stood up, the laces of my black air walks untied, and I couldnt care less. As I walked past him I mumbled,

" Want me to fit in, yeah right, more like don't want to be embarrested by your abnormal daughter is more like it..."

I heard his low sigh as he followed behind me. We walked out of his house, and I call it HIS house and not mine or ours, because I planned to never stay long enough to be able to have the house in anyway mine. Only the bedroom was mine, until I left which was going to be soon. I groaned as I got into his perfect blue Lexis wishing he could not buy things so flashy. I wanted to be known as the famous hockey player Sky Payters not the low life daughter of the rich accountent.

" This will be fun! I can walk ar..."

" Yeah... NO! You will give me money, and I will walk around." I intereupted him putting a hand up keeping him from saying otherwise. There was no way I was going to walk around the mall with John. He was annoying and embaressing enough to ride in the car with. Come to think of it, I had not ever been to a mall, only with Amber, when I was trying to fit in with the preps, and that did not work out AT ALL. I wondered what stores they had. I had to admit it was sad they the only stores I knew were, walmart, target, kroger, and goodwill. I got most of my clothes at goodwill. Why pay 20 bucks for a shirt that is just going to be out of style in the next two weeks. Not that I cared about style at all.

" Fine, here ya go, 100 bucks, spend it well. Make me happy Sky." He smiled and I stared at the hundred dollar bill in discust and half amazement. He was such a stupid father to give me, Sky, one hundred dollars, and make him happy. I will make him happy alright. I smiled falsey and took the money, he chuckled and watched as I got out, and walked into the large automatic doors to the mall. I did not bother even glancing at the map and walked by about five stores my dad would have pushed me into. I was hungry so I thought about going to a sub place, but desided I should get clothes and crap first. I blinked and stopped when I almost passed a , " Hot Topic"

" Hmmm. Yep looks like the place." I smiled and touched the money in my left pocket. I walked in to hear the radio station 89X, alternative rock music playing.

" Awesome..." I murmered looking at a pair of black skinney jeans with silver chains hanging down the thigh on both sides. I grabbed them, and a Rob Zombie shirt, " Emo Gloves" black and white zebra striped and a few other blue and black t-shirts. I had spend 60 dollars to far.

I needed some new sneakers. I got some gray and green air walks. I for some reason only liked those brand of sneakers. I never understood why. I felt my blackberry in my pocket buzz and smiled desiding my dad should get used to being ignored by me. Everyone else had to. I was about to walk into the sub place with my bags, and my twenty dollars that I had left when I heard a female voice.

" Oh wow, look at her." I blinked and looked left of me to see a girl, a inch or so shorter then me, with short pixie cut blone hair, cream skin, wearing a knee length bright blue strapless dress with a small green sweater and black three inch heels.

" Whats your problem blondie?" I asked turning all the way to face her from four feet away. Standing next to her, was a girl with black hair dressed simalar but different colored fabric.

" You look like you walked threw the boy section of a thirft store and forgot to check the mirror..." She said putting a hand on her right hip.

" And you look like you got thrownup on by a butterfly, with bad taste..." I said and heard a gasp before walking away.

" Come on Breanna dont pay attention to her.." The other girl said.

I smiled to my self heading for the counter to order.

Man, I was going to LOVE trashing on the flakes of Beverly Hills. I really hoped I would see Breanna again. I was not finished with my words to her...

No where near.


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