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Conners Univerhighsity: Crossing Paths

Novel By: dclovesfd

Conners University and Highschool. Is commenly called Conners Univerhighsity. Just like all, highschools and Collages, no one dates anyone not in their " LEAGE" but when the secret crushes, and looks, turn to after hour flings, and two timing, crossing paths could cause alot more trouble then anyone wanted. And remember, if theirs one person crossing, their got to be another... View table of contents...


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-God Anna shut up- Skylar thought, trying to contain how annoyed she was with her friends constant yapping about everything! Boys, clothes, boys, clothes... All Skylar wanted to do was get to English, with at least a minute of peace. Of course she loved Anna, like a sister. And just as a sister, she wanted to smack her, and tape her mouth shut!

" Like, I need some lip-gloss, because the one I have, is like, gross..." Anna sighed, acting like it was some huge deal. Anna normally was not like this, but ever since she took a look at Zach Jacobs. She went from, shy, no need for a guy girl, to omg lip-gloss check, I need him, chick.

" Hey girls..." Anna's, younger brother Nik, winked and stopped in front of them.

" Go away nerd." Anna said to Nik, who was only a Junior in Highschool. Anna and Skylar Sophomores in Collage. Conners Highschool and University, held 9-12 highschool, and 1-4 collage. This sucked, because Anna already had to see her brother everyday of the weekend because of family night. And now she saw him at school.

Skylar on the other hand, thought he was hot. His short brown hair, slightly covered his left eye, the color of leaves in the fall. She was staring, most likely with that, romanced, in heat look in her own chocolate brown eyes. That she then realized, would have light bags underneath, from lack of sleep the last few days. Crap...

" Oh, scarey..Bye Skylar..." He smiled a wide warm smile, and Skylar melted and waved. He was soo cute! She sighed, knowing that she would never get a chance, family members off limits, in girl world....

That was one rule, which everyone knew. At least everyone, with a sense of mind. The only way you could date your friends family members, is if you were completely in love with them, and were going to get married, but even then, it was a no touch thing.

" Skylar? Hello earth to Skylar…" Anna whispered looking around, making sure no one staring at her friend who was acting like a total not cool girl. Skylar blinked and looked at Anna, who was flipping her Strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder. She almost never wore her hair down, until that whole Zach thing. God, what happens to a girl…

" Sorry, let's get to class…" Skylar said, and Anna smiled continuing her talking, while Skylar thought about Nik, and his sweet eyes.

Meanwhile, in a hallway two down, where no Sophomores would dare be caught, Sarah Jefferson was leaning against her locker, utterly annoyed with her whole life. The fact that her twin brother was completely hitting on the girls a few lockers down was not the worst thing ever. The fact that he was using cheesy pickup lines, was what was making Sarah wanting to smack Kevin up side his blonde haired head. So what if he was on the football team, and looked good. He was a complete jerk, plus he just broke up with Rebecca Kings. The only thing giving Sarah a hint of amusement was the fact, that she and Kevin were the same age and should be in the same grade but, Kevin was a Junior not a Senior like Sarah, he had flunked all his classes the year before.

" Kevin, your solo funny.." Brook Payton was laughing, at one of his stupid jokes. Sarah rolled her eyes. Wishing she could evaporate into the blue painted steel locker that was hurting her back. She was thinking of walking away with out giving Kevin his history book.

Instead she took four steps to the left and turned smiling. The two girls looked at her like she was a nasty bug.


" Kevin here is your history book…" I said shoving it into his arms.

" You can't talk to him like that…"

" Um, he's my brother, so why don't you go paint your face again, you missed a spot…" I turned and walked away, the girls face shocked. I continued walking. I could hear then whining to Kevin about me. Then laughing.

" Look in the mirror emo girl…." I heard brook yell towards me. I smiled to my self continuing walking.

" Bitches!" I said yelled, turning into my Art class…


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