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DUSK: December Air

Novel By: dclovesfd

It was him, coal black hair new kid. By the time I saw him, I was looking at his back. He was talking to the teacher.
" Go sit by Ms.Lovett..." He said, and I blinked at my last name. Then realised he was going to sit by me. I scooted in farther, and sat up straight, wait, why did I care? Before I could answer my self, he turned around and walked straight over to me, and sat down, setting his book down. He turned to look at me.
" Hey..." He said, his voice, low, and....dreamy...seductive....
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Chapter One.

I could feel the air around me thick and dry. I could hear the hot air, bursting vastly out of the heating duct on the floor about 5 feet in front of me. My cold breath formed a small cloud in front of my face when I breathed. My arms folded tightly in front of me. My eyes scanned the room, wide, dark, silent, and utterly empty, not a piece of furniture anywhere.

I had been walking home from Mallory Pukkets, where I stayed the night before because my mother had to work and she thought it would be a good idea for me to stay there.
I met Mallory when I was eleven; some how she managed to become my best friend ever.
It was so cold out that day, so cold, that they had already closed school for Monday. I could have waited for the blizzard to stop, but I just wanted to get home. You see I have a problem with staying at other peoples houses, it freaks me out. I have no idea why, ever since I was little, I was scared to stay at any other house but mine.
I blinked, and realized that the heat was running threw my body. I somehow found out how to turn on the heat when I got to the house. I was surprised it was still able to turn on, the house looked abandon for at least twenty years.
I unfolded my arms slowly because; they were stiff and slightly ached. Wiggled my numb fingers, and my toes in my gray, bear paw boots.
My cheeks tingled, and my ears that were covered by the embarrassing, blue, green and red nit hat by mother had bought for me. You know the hats with the long dog ear like sides that go past your shoulders and the big puffy, wobbling, ball right on the center of your head...
I had to admit I was glad to have worn it, even if, it was totally not cool. I licked my chapped lips that stung, when my warm tongue touched them...
I breathed a deep breath in, my throat dry and sore. I felt my phone vibrating in my left jeans pocket. I absently mindedly pulled it out while staring at the wall, then tilted my head to look at the bright blue screen after I clicked, OPEN.
I am going to be home late, around 11 o'clock, so find something to eat tonight. Love you sweet heart...
For some odd reason my mom had to text in full words, and sentences, I never understood why. But I numbly replied back with my thumb...
Yh, yh, love you. Il hve smthin out 4 u 2 eat.\par
I knew I would need to leave the warm house soon, it was around four in the afternoon, and I could not stay there forever. Someone might notice the heater running in the old house.
I sighed, and forced my self to walk back down the hallway, lift my hand, and push the tiny red button.
My ears heard the heater slowly stop, and then everything was silent.
The warmth in the house remained as I walked back out to the large room, and stared at the big, old, wooden door relentlessly...
"You have to leave at some point..." I whispered to my self.
I walked forward, reached a hand out, touched the still slightly cool brass doorknob, and in about a second, cold, icy, whiplash hit my face, rippling my long hair back slightly.
I blinked, the snow storm was gone, everything was silent, but the sound of whistling wind. The snow was flat, bored on ground, piled about a foot. The sky, dark blue and the clouds whispery gray.
The air, cold, thin, and empty.
I stepped out the door, closing it behind me, looking around. The heat was slowly seeping out of my body, as I breathed; fog in front of my face was there. I walked off the big brown porch, my feet making cracking noises as I walked along the snow, my feet going deep into the white, frozen layers...
Cars went by, faster then they should with the road being icy, and slick. I continued walking and turned left at the end of the drive way, going down the side walk. My house was only two streets down.
Morgan Drive, my house was the 3rd house down on the left side. Its color, a dirty white, with light blue shutters, a blue door, and frame, a small one car garage, a good sized back yard, and a garden, like every house on our street. My mother said, no need to paint the house, or change anything, it's cute the way it is. But I know it's because she sucks at painting, and yet won't let anyone else do things for her.
The only thing different about out house, is the big, apple tree, on the left of our back yard, where a swing sits, the color of honey. I could see how the grass in the summer time would be, bright green, unlike most of the yards on our street. But that was because my mom always takes care of the grass...
I only had half of a street to go before I would be at my house. My fingers were numb again, my face cold as dead December... I was thinking of warm hot coco and brownies. I was also thinking of, Daniel Joshua, who lived two houses down from me. He used to come over allot in the summer, during middle school to play in our sprinkler. We were best friends that summer and all 8th grades, but after middle school, he became too involved with Madeline Parker, and football, to remember me and the sprinkler.
My mom still asked about Daniel, I would just shake my head, roll my eyes, she would smile, and talk about how she misses making Daniel and me her super sweet lemonade he always wanted. I would my tongue out and make a sour face.
She would laugh...
I sighed as I walked up my from steps, unlocked the door, and the warm, comforting feeling hit my face. I hurried in as fast as my frozen muscles would allow me to, closed the door locked it, and threw my coat and hat off, sliding my boots off and putting them by the heating duct behind the couch. Every inch of skin on my body was tingling. I rubbed my hands together. Blinking, even my eye lashes where covered in a thin layer of crystals.
After a moment of standing by the heater, I made my way up the stairs, and into the big, blue and white bathroom, with bright tiled flooring. Looking into the clear, smooth mirror in front of the sink. The light milk pale skin on my face was still flushed, slightly, my cheeks, pink, and my nose, but that was it. My eyes, wide, and as green as emeralds, with long black baby lashes. My lips dark pink, and slightly purple. My hair was sticking up in little tuffs at the top, from the hat.\par
Its long, dark oaker brown, strands, reached my waist in locks resembling spirals of chocolate. \par
I had on a pale gray long sleeve V neck shirt, and black jeans.
I pressed the palms of my hands to my face, distorting it almost. I smiled a little, my bright white teeth lighter then my skin. Unlike most, I had never had braces; my teeth were just perfect, even if no one noticed me anyway. Honestly, people are more likely to notice some weirdo with braces and messed up hair, then some one with perfect teeth, and long beautiful hair that she had been taking care of since she was born, that has NEVER been cut.
I shrugged looking at the mirror. Turned and walked down the hallway, opening my bedroom door. My rooms walls were bright red, with a black rose painted on the center of each wall, and small black words everywhere on them, repeating, love, pain, forever, roses, beautiful, mystic, energy and hope, over and over, running into each other at points. I had done it my self, with the help of Mallory, a awesome painter if I might say.
There was a queen sized bed in the center on the north wall, with red and black pillows and blanket. A big heart pillow in the center. A black desk, with a gray apple laptop in it, and a spinning chair. A two bean bags my the window on the south wall, a dresser and standing lamp on the west wall, and a walk in closet on the east wall by the door, along with a small bookcase filled top to bottom. A stereo on the book case, and a jewelry box next to it.
I looked at the clock on the dresser that said, five-thirteen PM. I sighed sitting down on the bed, trying to figure out what to make, running my hands threw my hair. I was pretty warm, just the tips of my fingers still numb. My moms favorite food was pasta, mine a little strange, double cheese pizza drenched in honey barbeque sauce. So I decided to order me a pizza and make my mom a bowl of Raymond noodles for when she got home.
After was I done eating it was past seven? I was about to get up, when I thought I heard a voice. I shrugged it off but then heard it again, I stood from my seat on the couch, muting the T.V, and looking around listening, I was deep in listening, as I rounded the corner to the kitchen I felt like something was there, just as I was about to look, my phone buzzed. I blinked standing up straight, getting my phone from my pocket and reading the message.
Hey! Wnt me 2 pck u up 4 skool tomrrw, they jst said on the news its been chnged, no snow tomrrow, an itll b wrmer?


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