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Geek In Shining Armor.

Novel By: dclovesfd

Shayla was outgoing yet shy, smart, super sweet and always there for anyone who needed her. That is, until High School. At 17 years old she is now the head cheerleader, dating Kyle Randelle and using every ounce of her popularity to her advantage. Yet her life is no where near as perfect as it seems to her. She soon realizes how unhappy she is and becomes caught in a place where she doesn't understand how to get out. In the end, she will be saved, but by who? And will it be who she expected? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 25, 2013    Reads: 95    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

Chapter One

The scent of freshly mowed grass from the yard next door fills my noes, and I can feel the light breeze blowing strands of my bleach blonde hair around. The hot sun is almost like fire against my skin, I can almost feel my pores burn and sizzle, yet it feels exciting and I love it.

"Your going to get a sun burn if you don't put more sunscreen on."

My mother calls from the kitchen window out to the clear blue inground pool where I am laid out on a bright pink raft that foats back and forth between the shallow and deep end. I sigh and think for a moment, deciding if I want to open my eyes to look for the sunscreen sitting somewhere beside the pool or just lay there and take a chance.

"I know mom."

Reluctanly I open my eyes and very carefully sit up, there is no way I'm gonna risk that chance on my skin... The sun blinds me momentarily but after a moment I see the bright purple bottle of SPF 15 sitting a few feet away to the left of me. I look at my light blue and white manicured nails and then gently paddle my way over to the side of the pool. Over the summer I had learned to be an expert at putting on sunscreen while sitting on this raft. I literally had not even a week before Junior year started and I needed to get as perfectly tanned and beautiful as I could before the first day.

I carefully rubbed on the white thick gloopy sunscreen that smelled like fruit over my legs, than my arms, my shoulders, stomach and lower back. I began dotting my face and rubbing it into my cheeks and nose.

"Mom said dinner will be ready soon!"

The yelling of my little brother was heard a few feet away and I opened my eyes to look at him.

"Get out of the pool."

"Don't tell me what to do."

He grinned and before I could blink his basket ball was being thrown at my face, luckily my knee's caught the hot air filled ball. But only a second later the cold water of the pool surrounded me and my lungs breathed in for air as I went under. Anger was pouring from my mouth as soon as I surfaced.

"You little bitch!"

I screamed and pulled myself out of the pool and began chasing him across the desk and through the screen door. As I stood dripping wet in the kitchen he hid behind my mom whose eyes were wide with suprise.

"Whats going on?"

"Adian made me fall into the water thats fucking what."


"Hey, stop messing with your sister, and Shayla watch your mouth!"

I goaned and began to turn around towards the hallway.

"Where are you going, the foods almost done."

"To my room."

Even as I stepped into my room I could feel the water running down my body and my wet feet let imprints in my white carpet. I wrapped a towel around myself before sitting on my bed.

Why was it so hard to have one day of peace at my own house? My 12 year old brother was always causing me some kind of aggravation, no matter what I did, no matter how I treated him, he seemed to feel the need to bug the shit out of me. I seriously hoped he would grow out of that within the next few days because I did not need to be stressed out for school.

I would have to lead cheer practice within the first week of school. It's not easy trying to teach a group of stupid, over eating, bitchy girls who only tried out so they could meet football players. I wasn't like that, I loved cheering, it was one of my passions. Of course, I also loved my ever sexy football player boyfriend Kyle Randelle, but he certainlly wasn' the reason I continued cheering. That would just be whore-ish...

"Shay, are you going to come out and eat?"

My mom spoke as she knocked softly on the door but didn't turn the handle to come in.


I heard her speak softly to my dad about how she was worried about me, and my dad like always, told her I was fine, just being a teenage girl. I thanked my dad for that in my head. I hated when my mom assumed something was wrong with me, she never understood anything. At least my dad tried to understand. I was closer to him than my mom in all ways.

"Ugh." I groaned leaning back and laying my wet head against my blue comforter. I knew I should be back out on the pool soaking up the last few hours of sun left for the evening, but I honestly didn't want to see anyone's face for the rest of the night. Not even Kyles... Okay, maybe Kyles...

I closed my eyes, hoping to God I would fall asleep, not caring about my pretty much soaked bed.


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