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Hateful Glares Of Love

Novel By: dclovesfd

At the moment, that his fingers conencted with mine. And the dark, moon lit room, seemed to be on fire, with the intense passion running threw our vains. I knew, right at that moment. That he, was mine. I wanted him. I needed him... View table of contents...



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I stared out the window, at the brightly lit outside. Other teens running around chasing eachother, laughing. Having so much fun. I was stuck, in a class room. For lunch detention. Normally, I would be happy about this. I hated, being outside, in the sun. Other kids, talking to me. Mostly the preps and jocks, I hated. But right then, I would have rather, had Brad Macon the star football guy, hug me, then be sitting where I was, hearing, who I was hearing. It was like hearing nails on a chalk board, over and over, with everyword his lips spoke. Murmered more like it. I was trying to hide behind my dark brown oaker hair. Trying to tune out the sound...

No luck. I groaned. And heard the voice stop, and then chuckle an amused laugh, that sent a wave of nausa up my stomach. Uh, why can he not, just shut up!

" Have a problem...?" He asked, me. I wanted to turn around, and walk out of the room, but that would mean, I would have to look at him. But I turned anyway, not to leave, but to answer, though normally, I would ignore him completely.

I turned, my emerald eyes, seeing him. Forrest. Forrest Maroon. The guy who everyone thought, would be right for me. Her looked just like me. But we were, no where near even close to friends. We hated each other with a passion.

His coal black hair, slightly covered his, snake like neon blue eyes. His snow pale skin, making him look even more sickly. His full pink lips, just below then, where, two large, silver snake bites. And he wore, a black long sleeve shirt. skinney jeans, and large, black boots.

" Shut the hell up." I said, glaring, with all the intense hate in my body.

He grinned crookedly. Like always. Turned his body slightly more towards me.

" I dont think its possible...Sacoya.." He mocked.

I sighed turning back around. Closing my eyes, trying again, to tune his annoying ass out.

I had known Forrest since I was little. We had always hated each other. From the moment, we met. We knew, we were not going to get along. Of course our moms never stopped trying. They would arrange play dates, parties. Get togethers. But they would all, always end up, with Forrest and me, tearing each others faces off, and cussing. Alot. They finally stopped trying when we turned tweleve. They got the idea...

I remembered, one time, when we were, not killing each other. And it was, embarressing, and painful to think about now. When we were both 14. My mom had to work, and had no where else to send me but Forrest's house. She even dropped off a case of bandaids, and a million apologies, ahead of time.

We were sitting, in the living room, watching, the most depressing movie ever. Titanic. And not fighting, I could remember, his hand pressing gently into mine, and tears running down my face, when ever the sad parts came up. Once and a while he would wrap a arm around me, and it was like, neither of us cared. And as I sat in that class room, I shivered, remembering, the warm, I felt that night. And I shivered, in discust....


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