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Intensity of the flames.

Novel By: dclovesfd

Its like Forrest fell from the sky.
Thats exactly what happend.
Tumbling, tumbling, toward earth.
White wings turn black, all turns dark, and light turns to pitch coal night.
But there is a part left, that is still pure, and white. But he may need to find it, before its to late... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 14, 2011    Reads: 44    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

It was like, I was falling at a speed faster then light. Yet, I felt like I was drifting also. My head was spinning with thoughts of hatred, but there lingered, some love. That soon would be ripped from every inch of my tumbling body, left, no right. Up, no down. It was like the farther I fell toward the dark green shade of earths grass, I was changing.

My wings were failing me, horribly. The would not work, the speed was to fast. I had never not been able to fly. And I had never felt anything was love, and happiness. Never this utter pain, and aloneness inside me. Running threw my vains like poison. I could not even cry, just watch as the galaxey flew past me, all the stars, and planets. Soon I would be tumbling unseen by the human eye, threw the atmophere of earth.

I had did what I did, and had been punished horribly. Interfearing with the outsiders, demons, was only the 2nd most important rule. The first was even greater, but simple. Greed, and lust forbidden. You were never suppost to feel these things. But I had. I had felt so greedy, I wanted power. I wanted to hold someone. And love them. I wanted out of there. Out of heaven. I know right. Who could ever want to leave heaven. The place of god almighty.

But I had listened to satan, well one of satans dark angels. I listened to their whispering. And now, I was zooming threw time. I was becoming a fallen angel. I was not, a true dark angel. The true ones, never made their way to heaven. They were captured by satan himself. They never fell from heaven. Like I was. I was just a Fallen angel, and as soon as I hit the surface of earth. I would be a dark angel. But unable to be tooken by satan. Because true dark angels, can never touch the earth.

I would just be Forrest, the dark, fallen angel, who mistreated the lord. I will be able to be around the humans. I will be able to make my wings disappear. I will be given a second chance to live life, with other people. But I will always be an angel. And if I ever tell some one what I am. It could put everyone in anger. But, only the heavenly angels cared about that.

I was the first fallen angel, ever, since a hundred years before. No the humans would not see me, when I first hit the ground, they would not see me untill, I changed, and my wings were gone. After then they would always see me. And my wings if I had them out. But for my first ten minutes on earth, I would be utterly alone.

I felt the cold, air of earth hitting my face, blowing my hair around. I was never able to be cold before. Always warm. But now, I knew. Paybacks a bitch....


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